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1 October 2013

Israeli PM calls Iran leader 'wolf in sheep's clothing' ~ link ~ And I call Netanyahu the 'Antichrist in wolf's clothing'...he is a total war mongering jerk!!!  Stirling    

Iran must dismantle nuclear program says Netanyahu - with video ~ link ~ This war whore demands that Iran dismantle a legal civilian nuclear program while his tiny nation has a thousand or so nuclear devices of all types.  This "we can do anything because we are 'God's chosen people' but you have to follow our rules" is such total bullshit.  Only the Israelis would have the chutzpah to push this and the money to bribe/blackmail many politicians in leading countries to agree to such nonsense.   Stirling     

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the 68th session of the UN General Assembly that Iran must dismantle its entire nuclear program, repeating his baseless accusation that Tehran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

"Iran wants to be in a position to rush forward to build nuclear bombs before the international community can detect it and much less prevent it," Netanyahu said in an address to the 68th annual session of the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday.

"Israel will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone," he claimed.

Netanyahu added that a "nuclear-armed" Iran would be a threat to Israel’s future and called on the international community to keep up pressure on Tehran through sanctions.

Netanyahu's salvo of threats and accusations against Iran comes as Tehran has categorically rejected allegations leveled by the US, Israel and some of their allies against its nuclear energy program, arguing that its nuclear energy program is only for peaceful purposes. 

Protesting Israel's aggressive policies Jobbik Party in Hungary 'promotes' anti-Semitic mood in Hungary - with video ~ link ~ Sorry but I have to disagree.  It is Israel that promotes so-called anti-Antisemitism by its actions.  I say so-called because 95% of the Jews in Israel are Ashkenazi and are NOT Semitic; only the minority Sephardi Jews in Israel are Semitic, along with the Palestinians!  Stirling  

Russian FM Lavrov: West may fail to bring Syrian opposition to Geneva talks in time ~ link ~ Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has expressed doubts that the West will be successful in getting the Syrian opposition to take part in the ‘Geneva-2’ peace conference, which he expects to take place in mid-November.

Lavrov, stressing that this needs to happen, suggested that getting “rational members” of the opposition on board is a priority, RIA Novosti reports. 

Woodow Wilson Quote On The Jews ~ link ~ Good one, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling

I have said before that Israel did 911 and killed President Kennedy. The Jews of Wall Street and London are stealing money from the Gentiles by the tens of trillions. We are headed to the worst financial collapse in 500 years according to Professor Steve Keen because the world has the greatest Bubble in history. In the Great Depression between 3 and 4 million Americans died of starvation. In the next Depression more than 10 million Americans will die from starvation. More than half a billion worldwide.

I have warned American Jews that their leaders are psychopaths. They want you to stand between 100 million starving Americans and billions of people overseas and the food they desperately need for themselves and their children...

What do you think will happen to you after the dollar collapses cutting wages in half and riots destroy every city in America? Where will you and your family go for the next 20 years while 7 billion Gentiles are  dying?

It is time for the assimilated Jews of America and the rest of the world to jump off this freight train to Hell.

Robotics revolution to replace most human workers in three generations: Labor Class to be systematically eliminated ~ link ~ This could be a positive thing, but if we still have the evil nuts in power, they will see it as all the more reason to kill off most of the Human Race!  Stirling    

As much as seventy percent of the human race will become obsolete within just three generations. Why? Because robotics technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that highly-capable humanoid robots with advanced vision recognition and motor coordination systems are going to take over most menial labor jobs.

Supporting this conclusion, a new study just released by Oxford scientists concludes that 47% of all jobs are "at risk" of being replaced by automation systems and robots in just one generation (roughly 20 years). But this is just the opening chapter of the robotics revolution that will rapidly make human labor all but obsolete.

Obama and Netanyahu stress War Against Iran "Still On The Table" ~ link ~ Evil beyond any level of sanity!!!   Stirling    

Close Berlusconi allies defy him over Vote of Confidence ~ link ~ So the 'great man' is not so great.  Stirling    

Leading figures in Silvio Berlusconi's own party have defied him by calling on MPs to back the Italian coalition government in a confidence vote. 

Angelino Alfano, Berlusconi's deputy and secretary of People of Freedom, urged the party to unite behind Prime Minister Enrico Letta on Wednesday.

Four MPs from Greece's Golden Dawn brought to court - with video ~ link ~ Many nations have Parliamentary immunity to prevent things like this from happening.  While I do not agree with much of Golden Dawn, they are the only major party in Greece that has the balls to tell the corrupt global banksters to 'go to Hell'.  It is fascist to be charging them, and moving to ban their party, in this way...using fascism to fight fascism is like having sex to prevent fornication!   Stirling     

Four MPs from Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party have been brought to court in Athens to face charges of criminal activity amid a clampdown on the party. 

Other charges against them include murder, assault and money-laundering. 

Outlawing Golden Dawn is no solution: Next they will come for the Left ~ link ~ So true!  Stirling   

But also more fundamentally because I worry that in the context of the dominant but dishonest media and political discourse of “two extremes” of left and right – where the so-called ‘far left’ Syriza, trade-union strike action, and smaller left wing groups are spoken of in the same breath as the Golden Dawn – the moves against the nazis are a precursor to a similar but more thoroughgoing crackdown on sections of the left.

I would rather the ideas of the Golden Dawn be defeated in open political contest, and its militants sent scurrying, swept from the streets by popular antifascist mobilisation, than they be arrested by the very same men who not days before stood by approvingly while the blackshirts engaged in their pogroms.

What a Way to Run the Country ~ link ~ Americans get the best democracy money can buy. The best, brightest and most honorable are excluded. Rare exceptions prove the rule. Washington is dysfunctional, out-of-control, corrupt, lawless and self-serving. Miscreants infest the nation’s capital. They do so like crabgrass besets lawns. Both parties represent two sides of the same coin.

Fukushima could be 15,000 times worse than Hiroshima with removal of fuel rods ~ link ~ Chris Harris, Dr. Bill Deagal and I have talked about this several times on the Nutrimedical Report Show.  Stirling    

Snowden shortlisted for Sakharov Prize ~ link ~
Whistleblower Edward Snowden has made the shortlist of finalists for this year’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. The other nominees include Pakistani women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai, and three Belarusian dissidents.

Snowden – a former CIA/NSA employee – leaked insider details of America’s domestic and global spy program. The revelations sparked an international diplomatic scandal, as some of America’s key European allies lashed out at Washington for its surveillance foul play. Snowden is wanted in the US on espionage charges. He was granted temporary asylum in Russia, where he currently resides. 

Pope Francis pledges to reform Vatican bureaucracy - with video ~ link ~ Also see this important article ~ link ~ When he ends mandatory celibacy for priests/bishops I will believe him.  Until then, I remain doubtful.   Stirling    

The group, known as the Vatican G8, has been chosen from outside the Holy See's administration to ensure independence.

Made up of eight cardinals picked by Francis from around the world, the group is looking at ways to reshape the Roman Catholic Church's bureaucracy.

Asteroid near-miss ~ link ~ Also see this article ~ link ~ A 15-meter asteroid, similar to the object that exploded above Russia in February, moving at a speed of 16km per second, was detected hours before it narrowly missed Earth over the weekend, according to Russian scientists.  "[The asteroid] was discovered on Friday night by our station near Lake Baikal and nine hours later it flew within 11,300km of the Earth’s surface, below the orbit of geostationary satellites. It was about 15 meters in size,” Vladimir Lipunov of the Moscow State University and the Sternberg Astronomical Institute indicated. 

Woman arrested for drunk driving sues after video shows her being strip searched by four officers (3 males) and tossed naked into a cell with a video camera in the cell ~ link ~ I am sure that the fact that she was a young attractive blond had nothing to do with this outrage...NOT.  Why were the officers not charged with felonies???  Just suing the jerks is not enough.  They need to face criminal charges and dismissal from their jobs, as does their commanding officers who have allowed this to happen without charges or firings.  What has stopped the state authorities from bringing state charges; what has stopped the federal authorities from bringing federal charges??? She needs to begin a private criminal charge against them.   Stirling   

McAfee launches product to prevent government surveillance ~ link ~ Good for him!  Stirling     

Baltic Dry Index drops ~ link ~ Not a good sign.  Stirling    

Up to Euro 2.2 billion of EU funds stolen in eight member states ~ linkThe figures, released on Tuesday (1 October) at a European Parliament conference on corruption, represent the estimated overall direct costs of corruption in EU funded public procurement in five major sectors like construction and water treatment.

Lack of Privacy Destroys the Economy ~ link ~ As I have pointed out before the use of government spy data is a wildly unfair advantage to those forces 'behind the throne' who have access to such data!  Stirling    

Edward Snowden said yesterday:
The success of economies in developed nations relies increasingly on their creative output, and if that success is to continue we must remember that creativity is the product of curiosity, which in turn is the product of privacy.
He’s right. Anonymity and privacy increase innovation.

Banks and EU demand further austerity in Irish budget ~ link ~ The Irish should follow what the Icelanders did...they told the global banksters and the EU to GO TO HELL and it worked.  Now Iceland is doing very well, whereas Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland are NOT!  Stirling    

US Government has shut down 18 times since 1976 ~ link  

Insurance Giants see stocks soar on launch of ObamaCare ~ link ~ Their lobbyists wrote the damn bill!  Stirling     

We are 90 days away from the Total Loss of US Sovereignty ~ linkSome of you are reading these words have no idea what the Trans-Pacific Partnership consists of. Some of you have never heard of it. Some of you have heard or read the term, but fail to realize the extreme danger that the implementation of this so-called trade agreement will mean to America and our way of life. A scant few are coming to realize just how dangerous the TPP truly is. For the record, the TPP is masquerading as a free trade agreement involving the US, Australia, Japan, Canada,Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, Chile,  Mexico, New Zealand, Peru and Singapore.

'Unacceptable Levels' film exposes chemical holocaust now devastating humanity ~ link ~ Also see this important article ~ link ~ This chemical holocaust is NOT an accident but one of several Population Reduction Programs currently running, controlled and established by the Global Banking Cartel satanists!!!   Stirling    

Earliest ever opening of Crystal Mountain Resort in State of Washington ~ link 

Wyoming - After 2nd largest September snowstorm on record, here comes another ~ link  

Antarctic Sea Ice Increases Even More ~ link  

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The most important gift of God to every human being has the right to life.
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