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Chernobyl = Wormwood from Armageddon = Fukushima


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31 October 2013
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Chernobyl = "Wormwood" from Armageddon = Fukushima 
Dr. Bill Deagle, Chris Harris (one of the world's top nuclear safety engineers) and myself talked today, on the last half hour of Hour 3 of the NutriMedical Report Show, of the terrible short term dangers from the fuel storage pools (there are 7 of them) at Fukushima.  Even though three reactor cores have gone "China Syndrome" and melted into the ground, the greatest danger to the entire planet is from the stored used fuel.  Some of the fuel rods are believed to be damaged making the danger of a nuclear fire very high. 
There are indications that the Japanese, who have the only satellite in orbit with imaging technology that can indicate that earthquakes are coming, are moving very fast now to remove the fuel from Reactor #4 Storage Facility.  Just removing the newest fuel, which is in good condition, is a major technological feat.  Moving that which is damaged is extremely dangerous and has never been done before in history!  That they are suddenly moving so fast - they will begin the process NEXT WEEK - is an indication that they know something that they are withholding from the public. 
The chances are that moving the fuel, especially the damaged rods, WILL RESULT in a nuclear fire that cannot be put out.  The radiation from that event, could will trigger a similar event at the Fuel Storage Unit of Reactor #3 (which is a MOX fuel plant!) and in fact could SPREAD TO ADDITIONAL FUEL STORAGE  UNITS, PERHAPS EVEN TO ALL SEVEN FUEL STORAGE UNITS!
If this happens, or even partly happens, it will be a ARMAGEDDON EVENT (a Doomsday Event) for life on planet Earth!  In fact, the last book of the Christian Bible, the Book of Revelation, speaks of Armageddon killing one-third of the world via plague (which I always think of as Advanced Biological Warfare induced; however, one has to remember that one of the effects of massive radiation coverage of the planet will be the spread of diseases as the ability of humans to fight disease will be severely compromised by the effects of the radiation on the human body).  The Book of Revelation also says that Armageddon WILL KILL ONE-THIRD OF THE POPULATION BY WORMWOOD ... we now know what "wormwood" was referring to.  It was referring to a city in the Urkiane, which we call Chernobyl.  Chernobyl translates to "wormwood"!!!  This was the ancient warning in the Bible of events to come in the End Time.  Our scientific understanding of time, in the field of quantum physics, now supports the view that future events are fixed and linked to the past and present, giving support to the predictive nature of the Bible and making the events taking place at Fukushima very important. 
Tim Alexander, Earl of Stirling  
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Warning from Japan’s Top Nuclear Official: I am “much more worried” about fuel in Fukushima Unit 4 — Rods may break open and release highly radioactive material — Beware risks from debris, a disaster if damaged — Removal may start Nov. 8 ~ link

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