Monday, September 9, 2013

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare


9 September 2013 
It has been quite a day.  First Kerry misspeaks and gives Syria a week to get rid of its chemical weapons.  The Russians see this as a great opportunity to box the lying Obama Administration in using their own words and call on Syria to immediately turn control of all chemical weapons to an international force for destruction.  And the Syrians agree!  Then the Obama Administration says that is NOT enough, that this is about regime change!!!  The bottom line is that this is all about a General Middle East War and beginning the Third World War, regardless of what the people of America or the world or Congress or whatever, want!!!  At least Putin managed to show us the real agenda of the monsters (global banksters and Netanyahu Zionists) behind the Obama Administration.   Get ready for WORLD WAR III, it increasingly looks like it not only will happen but soon!!!  Get right with God and may God have mercy on us all!!!   Tim Earl of Stirling     

Time line: most recent articles first:

US and Russian Naval Deployment Near Syria - update - with map ~ link ~ You need to see this map!  Stirling 


Syria militants ready to target Israel with chemical weapons says Russia Today ~ linkalso see the RT article: Syrian rebels plan chem attack on Israel from Assad-controlled territories ~ linkKnowing the enemy well, the Russians are trying to head off a likely False Flag event that would be used to trigger WWIII.  But they can't cover all False Flag possibilities.  Stirling  

Kerry Tells Lavrov Chemical Disarmament Demand Was 'Rhetorical', Not Meant To Be Proposal ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this crap up!!!   Stirling    

Syria  agrees to put chemical weapons under international control - with video ~ link ~ Also see this article ~ link ~

Give Up Chemical Weapons, Russia Urges Syria ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~


Anonymous said...

I don't think Kerry misspoke. It's just a little weekend setup between Russia and the USA to provide Obama a way out without losing face. Jim Dean from VT thinks the same:

'Kerry, possibly after a White house spanking, appears to have been tasked with putting the deal on the table for the Syrians turning over their WMD to international supervision. Reports are coming in now that Putin has jumped aboard the plan within a few hours.'

This is pure speculation on my part, at this point, but I sense that this deal was worked out over the weekend for a roll out today. Color me suspicious !!!

Anonymous said...

I came across a video by Andrei Fursov which strongly supports your view about the changes in the Gulf. It is titled
"Planetary Adjustment Andrei Fursov"

also there is a video about the Bulgarian Baba Vanga and Syria:
(you will have to hit the CC button to get English subtitles)
She was a Bulgarian psychic who said "to the White House a black man will come. And this president will be the country's last, because then America freezes or falls into the abyss of the largest economic crisis. Possibly even divided into Southern and Northern states."