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Holy Shroud of Turin
8 September 2013
Second Update
Obama intends 'Shock and Awe' Madness on Syria ~ link ~ Why would Syria and Iran allow their enemies to denude Syria of its strategic weapons without using them???  That makes even less sense than the lie that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people when he was winning the war.  The fact is that you only use overwhelming force, such as 'Shock and Awe' to destroy the ability of a nation to defend itself from whatever is coming.  Syria has shown itself to be a nation of very tough fighters.  There is NO WAY that they will sit still for their own destruction when they have the ability to 'return fire' on their enemies.  And that means they, and Iran and Hezbollah will fire most of their 200,000 guided missiles and rockets at Israel, and select GCC states and Western bases/targets.  These missiles will deliver Advanced Conventional warheads (fuel air explosives), Chemical and bio-chemical (biologically produced toxins) warheads, and radiological warhead upon their enemies in a fight to the finish.  Israel will use the opportunity to unleash a barrage of nuclear warheads upon the Middle East, and likely upon Russia, China, Pakistan and other targets (if they do the full Samson Option, it means that they will nuke most major European cities and perhaps some in North America and elsewhere).  This will likely trigger the use of Advanced Biological Doomsday weapons, which will spread throughout the world; and may also trigger a use by the major powers of strategic nuclear weapons.  Once the nightmare has begun it will be almost impossible to contain.  Stirling     
US Deploys Nukes for War ~ link ~  “Solid evidence from within the intelligence community confirms that the US, Britain and France knew of the August 21 Sarin attacks in advance. More evidence, including intercepted emails, show that top Pentagon intelligence officials were actively involved in planning the attacks.” 
We have seen two nuclear bomber wings relocated and put directly under White House command. Over 2000 nuclear weapons have been illegally moved, stored now in an old submarine base.  One wing of B2 bombers has actually “gone missing.” No one knows where they are. 

USA: The Disposable People - video ~ linkWhile the USA goes around the world expounding on the virtues of its way of life, it is obvious that those in charge place little value on human life. They are willing to kill thousands, even millions, for profit, for power, for money, for oil and resources.

Depravity Redefined: Selling US Slaughter in Syria ~ link ~ The headline of CNN's "First on CNN: Videos show glimpse into evidence for Syria intervention," suggests that by watching the grotesque videos, some sort of evidence exists to justify an assault on Syria. Instead, the videos only show yet again, the crime, and only the crime - a crime which no one, including the Syrian government, denies occurred. What is missing, as has been the case since the US leveled accusations against the Syrian government on August 21, 2013, is any evidence at all as to who actually committed this crime.

Exploiting dead children to manipulate the public emotionally enables the US to circumvent not only its absolute lack of evidence, but hopefully the myriad of logical conclusions an otherwise rational, intelligent person might draw.

Obama - "Jewish President" Fighting Israel's Wars With American Lives and Money ~ link ~ It may be even more complex that this article suggests.  Every childhood photo of Obama and his 'family' has been Photoshopped.  Ask yourself, how many of your family photos from the past were Photoshopped?  They are hiding something, something BIG, whatever it is!!!  One theory is that his real mother was Jewish and his real father was Malcolm X!!!  Stirling    

Senators Feinstein and Boxer: Two Israel-First Zionists lady senators from California ignore  constituents on Syria strike ~ link ~ They are only SUPPOSE TO represent the people of California!  In reality they represent the interest of the most rabid extreme Zionists and to hell with the American people!!!   Stirling  

Zionist Plan to Attack Syria - video ~ link ~ Do take the time to view this one!  Stirling    

Four Questions for Supporters of a Strike Against Syria ~ link  

Syria Vote may be delayed in House as leaders fear MAJOR DEFEAT ~ link ~ Sounds like it is "time for another False Flag" event!!!   Stirling    

West's wars of choice target the weak ~ link

Obama's Syria War Is Really About Iran and Israel ~ linkThe dirty little not-so-secret behind President Obama’s much-lobbied-for, illegal and strategically incompetent war against Syria is that it’s not about Syria at all. It’s about Iran—and Israel. And it has been from the start.

By “the start,” I mean 2011, when the Obama administration gradually became convinced that it could deal Iran a mortal blow by toppling President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, a secular, Baathist strongman who is, despite all, an ally of Iran’s. Since then, taking Iran down a peg has been the driving force behind Obama’s Syria policy.

Pro-Israel groups mix Iran into Syria debate ~ link ~ As I have said many times, Syria is the backdoor to a war with Iran.  And both are a backdoor to World War III.   Stirling    

Obama might defy Congressional NO vote and attack Syria anyhow ~ link ~ Maybe, but I doubt it as it could get him Impeached!  Stirling    

Poll: Potential US military strike in Syria most unpopular in 20 years ~ link ~ Actually, I would say longer than that.  Stirling  

Illuminati Showdown in Middle East ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling    

This week’s US Congressional vote on Syrian missile strikes will prove a watershed event in the battle to wrest global control from the Illuminati banksters.

Russian warships continue to stream into the Eastern Mediterranean. reports that Chinese warships are doing the same. Hezbollah fighters cross the Syrian border with Lebanon en masse.
Now, more than ever, it is important to know your Middle East history.  Battle lines are being drawn between Islamist Western puppets and leftist nationalist movements that attempt to free their people from the Rockefeller/Rothschild oil axis.  There may well be a bigger showdown between Iran and Israel. The outcome will decide whether the world remains wrapped in the oil-addiction stranglehold of Illuminati bondage, or is able to progress beyond colonialism and its monopoly capitalist offspring.

Worldwide protests held against war on Syria ~ link ~ In the Lebanese capital, Beirut, hundreds of anti-war protesters gathered outside the US Embassy for the second consecutive day.

The demonstrators condemned Washington’s efforts to gain domestic and international approval for a strike on Syria.

In the Pakistani port city of Karachi, Shia Muslims demonstrated against threats of war on Damascus.

Similar protests were also held in the Philippines capital, Manila, where anti-war demonstrators took to the streets.

In Canada, protesters gathered in Toronto and Ottawa.

Anti-war rallies were also held across the United States including in the US states of California, Washington, New York, Louisiana, and Michigan.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis on Sunday slammed a possible war on Sy
ria led by the US as a "commercial war to sell arms."  

Morris: Syria and the Wars are NOT about money and pipelines - video ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling  

Obama is going on a furious media push to sell a Syria strike ~ link  

EU wants to wait until after UN report to attack Syria ~ link  

Direct link between Assad and gas attack elusive for US ~ link ~ No kidding...that is because THERE IS NO LINK...the damn "rebels" did it!!!   Stirling   

Ralph Nader tells Obama to rethink military option in Syria ~ link ~ A prominent American lawyer has called on Barack Obama to think twice before going on with his planned military action against Syria, saying the US president has not learnt lessons from the experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan. 

“Now, as if having learned nothing from the devastating and costly aftermaths of the military invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, you're beating the combustible drums to attack Syria,” Ralph Nader wrote in a letter addressed to Obama, which was carried by, emphasizing that Syria poses “no threat to the US.”

Nader expressed surprise at the extent of violation of the law by Obama whom he said was even outperforming his predecessor George W. Bush in violating “the Constitution, federal statutes, international treaties and the separation of power.”

He noted that Obama’s war plan is already opposed by “public opinion and sizable numbers of members of both parties in Congress.”

“These lawmakers oppose bombing Syria in spite of your corralling the cowardly leaders of both parties in the Congress,” wrote Nader in his article titled “Stopping Barry O'Bomber's Rush to War” using Obama’s school-time nickname.

Nader called into question the validity of Obama’s allegations for war on Syria, noting that the UN Charter “prohibits unilateral bombing” in such cases as Syria.

“Your argument for shelling Syria is to maintain 'international credibility' in drawing that 'red line' regardless ... [of] the red line of observing international law and the UN Charter,” he wrote, adding, “... Mr. Obama you have shaped the State Department into a belligerent 'force projector'.”
Criticizing US Secretary of State John Kerry for his absurd effort to justify war on Syria, the author said, “Secretary John Kerry descended to gibberish when, under questioning this week by a House Committee member, he asserted that your proposed attack was 'not war' because there would be 'no boots on the ground'. In Kerry's view, bombing a country with missiles and air force bombers is not an act of war.”

Nader also implied that Obama’s war plan was actually meant to divert attention from US domestic problems, describing the plan as camouflaging sheer madness.

“Crowding out attention to America's serious domestic problems by yet another military adventure (opposed by many military officials), yet another attack on another small, non-threatening Muslim country by the powerful Christian nation (as many Muslims see it) is aggression camouflaging sheer madness.”
The war rhetoric against Syria intensified after foreign-backed opposition forces accused the government of President Bashar al-Assad of launching the chemical attack on militant strongholds in the suburbs of Damascus on August 21.

Damascus has denied the accusations, saying the attack was carried out by militants themselves as a false-flag operation.

Vatican: 100,000 attend Syria peace vigil ~ link  

Jihaddist re-take historic Syrian Christian village as stand-off continues - with video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ This is one of the very few places that still speaks the ancient language, Aramaic,  that Jesus used in everyday speech.   Stirling  

Islamist Nusra Front forces have re-captured Syria’s oldest Christian community from government troops in a night of fighting. The small village of Maaloula, once a peaceful spiritual place, became a battlefield on Wednesday.

The rebels captured the symbolically important village after forcing out government troops, who had previously pushed the insurgents to the mountainous outskirts of the village, reports AFP citing local sources. 

British Typhoon fighters and Turkish F-16s scrambled to chase after Syrian Syu-24 fighter-bombers that crossed into international airspace ~ link ~ Some pre-war probing from the looks of it.  Stirling    

Congressional veterans line up against military intervention in Syria ~ link ~ The majority of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans serving in Congress are lining up against President Obama's plan for military action in Syria.

Who really wins the Upcoming War in Syria ~ link ~ This article assumes that Syria will be much like the last several wars in the Middle East.  However, there are very real indications that it will be anything but that.  That it will begin a General Regional Middle East War with weapons-of-mass-destruction and will quickly become the Third World War and Armageddon!!!   Stirling   

So here's who wins a war in Syria: Bernanke and the Fed doves. NSA/Homeland Security.  Russia – oh yes, most assuredly Russia, which may perversely come out looking like the voice of reason in the court of world opinion. The flag wavers from both political crime syndicates in Congress. K Street. The sock puppet media. The arms merchants. The energy traders. Qatar. Saudi Arabia. But the BIG WINNER IS: a couple of dozen jumbo insolvent (CRIMINAL but still unindicted) Wall Street and European banks that are about to get their hands on hundreds of billions more in monetized Treasury debt which YOU dear reader will, as always, be on the hook for.

And who loses? Why YOU of course. The United States Constitution as we enter into another undeclared war. The real US economy (not that fairy tale one that the Federal Reserve, the Labor Dept, the Commerce Dept, and a couple dozen other bureaucratic civilian and government dream weavers fabricate every month for the benefit of the sock puppet media). And, of course, the perhaps millions of innocents who are caught in the crossfire. Oh, and there’s one more big loser– Barack Obama - for he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt where his true loyalties lie, and history, if mankind is to have one much longer - will most assuredly not be kind to him for that.

Syria's President al-Assad interviewed by Charlie Rose ~ link 

Syria Crisis: USA orders all non-emergency personnel out of Lebanon ~ link ~ Getting ready for the 'Big One' and soon!!!  Stirling    

Kerry insists the number of nations supporting Syrian military action is in double digits - but won't say Who they are ~ link ~ It is a double super duper top us...would we lie????? Stirling    

Three more die of MERS in Saudi Arabia ~ link ~ Why Now???   Stirling     

Tony Abbott is new Australian Prime Minister ~ link  

More Americans live in poverty than the population of Spain ~ linkAnd while it is understandable why the media has been obsessed with Syria: after all the administration is in dire need of distractions from so many things having gone wrong, it is also understandable why no mainstream media outlet will show the following chart: the change of Americans on foodstamps and disability vs jobs since the start of the Depression in December 2007. The reason is that while over that time period the US still needs to generate an additional 2.2 million jobs to get back to breakeven (ignoring for a minute that the jobs created are mostly part-time or low paying jobs), the number of foodstamp and disability recipients has risen by 22 million!  

The Men Who Stole $16 Trillion from America - video ~ link ~ Oh yes, do take the time to view this one!!!   Stirling     

Interstellar Winds buffeting our Solar System have shifted direction ~ link  

Six Healing Spices that should be in every kitchen ~ link  

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