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Holy Shroud of Turin
12 September 2013
Second Update
Lord Stirling was on the Nutrimedical Report Show today with Dr. Bill Deagle and Chris Harris.  We will link this as soon as it is available.   
Syrian Crisis: Tense US-Russia talks on chemicals deal - with videos ~ linkMr Assad said that Russia's proposal was "not unilateral", adding: "Syria will accept it if America stops military threats and if other countries supplying the rebels with chemical weapons also abide by the agreement."
The main Syrian armed rebel group has already refused to co-operate on the plan. Gen Salim Idriss of the Free Syrian Army said he categorically rejected it, and insisted that the most important thing was to punish the perpetrators of chemical attacks.
If the talks in Geneva are successful, the US hopes the disarmament process will be agreed in a UN Security Council resolution. However, Russia regards as unacceptable any resolution backed by military force, or a resolution that blames the Syrian government for chemical attacks. 

Assad: Syria to hand over chemical arms in one month ONLY IF US DROPS STRIKE PLAN ~ link ~ Good Luck with that one...the globalist/Zionist axis intends to get its new global war and SOON!   Stirling     

“It doesn’t mean that Syria will sign the documents, fulfill the obligations and that’s it. It’s a bilateral process aimed, first of all, at making the US stop pursuing its policy of threats against Syria,” Assad said, adding that a lot would also depend on the extent to which Russia’s proposal is accepted.  “Terrorists are trying to provoke American strike against Syria,” Assad said. Rebel forces are receiving chemical weapons from abroad, he added.  Countries that provide “terrorists” with chemical weapons should be held accountable, Assad said. “We should thoroughly investigate the [chemical weapons used in the attack] to discover their components and which side used them,” Assad said. 

No country in the Middle East, including Israel, should possess weapons of mass destruction, Assad said. That would protect the region and the world from devastating and expensive wars in future, he said. “If we want stability in the Middle East, all the countries in the region should stick to [international] agreements," Assad said. “And Israel is the first state that should do so, since Israel possessed nuclear, chemical, biological and all other kinds of weapons of mass destruction.”  The president recalled that a project on the elimination of WMD had been proposed, but the US opposed it “to allow Israel” to have such weapons.   

Iran and China stress bilateral cooperation to resolve Syrian Crisis - with video ~ link ~  China is making itself more visible as the world approaches the Final Battle!!!   Stirling     

Putin: Syrian chemical arms handover will ONLY WORK IF US CALLS OFF STRIKE - with video ~ link "Of course, all of this will only mean anything if the United States and other nations supporting it tell us that they're giving up their plan to use force against Syria. You can’t really ask Syria, or any other country, to disarm unilaterally while military action against it is being contemplated," President Putin said 

CIA Document: Israel stockpiled chemical weapons decades ago - with video ~ link ~ To hear the mainstream news media tell it, "Israel's shit doesn't stink, but everyone else does".  This two-faced nonsense has to stop.  Stirling   

Israel is believed to have secretly built up its own stockpile of chemical and biological weapons decades ago, reports Foreign Policy, citing a recently unearthed CIA document.
American surveillance satellites uncovered in 1982 “a probable CW [chemical weapon] nerve agent production facility and a storage facility... at the Dimona Sensitive Storage Area in the Negev Desert,” states the secret 1983 CIA intelligence estimate obtained by Foreign Policy (FP). “Other CW production is believed to exist within a well-developed Israeli chemical industry,” the document adds. 

According to FP, US intelligence agencies are almost certain that Israel possesses a stockpile of nuclear weapons that the Middle Eastern country developed in the 1960s and 1970s as part of its defense against a possible attack from Arab neighbors. 

For years, arms control analysts have speculated that Israel built up a range of chemical and biological weapons to complement its alleged nuclear arsenal. 

No Change in Obama's War Plans ~ link ~ War plans remain on track. They're delayed. They're not deterred. They're prioritized. Obama wants another country ravaged and destroyed.

He hides behind a shield of humanitarian intervention. He does so through cruise missile diplomacy.

Classified US military document: SYRIAN "REBELS" DO HAVE CHEMICAL WEAPONS ~ link ~ What else is new!   Stirling    

Council of European Human Rights chief urges full probe of CIA rendition ~ link “By allowing unlawful detentions and interrogation techniques amounting to torture, this response caused further suffering and violated human rights law,” Mui┼żnieks said.

He added that governments had thus far been unable to establish the truth or “ensure accountability for their complicity in the unlawful program of ‘extraordinary renditions’ – involving abduction, detention and ill-treatment of suspected terrorists – carried out by the CIA in Europe between 2002 and 2006.”

Although the human rights commissioner accepted the necessity of secrecy to protest state interests, he said it should never be used as an excuse to cover up human rights abuses.


Too many holes in official accounts of 9/11 says analyst - with video ~ link ~ That's an understatement.  The Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 has so many holes it looks more like Swiss Cheese than a real theory!   Stirling     

More Americans struggle to afford to eat ~ link ~ But the global banksters are doing well, thank you!  Stirling     

5 Years Later: Wall Street still Sucking Life Out of America like vampires at a blood drive ~ link ~ It is them or us folks!!!   Stirling    

Pope Francis tells atheists to abide by their own consciences, in other words he is preaching salvation by works not by Christ ~ link ~ Way way beyond shameful.  I am so glad I left the Roman Church and became a Eastern Orthodox Christian.  Stirling  
Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here

In July, Francis signalled a more progressive attitude on sexuality, asking: “If someone is gay and is looking for the Lord, who am I to judge him?”. we thought you were the Pope.
is the bible wrong and pope francis right?
note the catholic church has never taught that man is saved by works alone. It has always preached man is saved through faith and that works are needed for salvation because works are a sign or proof of our faith, that works without faith is dead and faith without works is worthless.  James 2:14-26

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Anonymous said...

Pope Francis’ teaching is on the MERCY OF GOD……
NOT an advocacy for atheism.

He is teaching that which is found in Holy Scripture, specifically that the mercy of Almighty God is incomprehensible to the human mind. Indeed, God is as merciful as He is almighty. God’s mercy is incomprehensible to the human mind. He is just as merciful as he is omnipotent!

“For according to his greatness, so also is his mercy with him.” (Sir 2:23)

God is looking for every reason to accept a person into paradise, not condemn him!

He is a God of love!

Baptism By Desire

Baptism is required for salvation is it not? How then was St. Dismas saved as he was not baptized by water?

“And he [St. Dismas, the good thief] said to Jesus: Lord, remember me when thou shalt come into thy kingdom. And Jesus said to him: Amen I say to thee: This day thou shalt be with me in paradise.” (Lk 23:42-43)

The answer lies in the doctrine of Baptism by Desire. St. Dismas was not baptized by water, but he accepted Jesus in his heart……and he accepted the teachings of Jesus in his heart…..Hence, he was baptized by desire.

Indeed, God works through our conscience.

Pope Francis is teaching that the mercy of God is so great that He can and will accept an atheist into heaven IF he accepts God working through his conscience even though he does not proclaim his belief in God, per se.

God looks to the heart of man.

Refer to the Theological Works of Fr. Most:

Paragraph in Context:
[P.15] Baptism is necessary in the sense that one who knows of the obligation imposed by Christ and refuses to accept it could not be saved. However those who through no fault of their own do not know the Church, but yet keep the moral law as they know it, with the help of the grace God freely provides, can be saved (cf. Vatican II, LG §16). We call this situation that of baptism of desire, since the will to do what God wills implicitly includes the desire for Baptism and the Church. num=15#P15

Refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

1260 "Since Christ died for all, and since all men are in fact called to one and the same destiny, which is divine, we must hold that the Holy Spirit offers to all the possibility of being made partakers, in a way known to God, of the Paschal mystery." 63 Every man who is ignorant of the Gospel of Christ and of his Church, but seeks the truth and does the will of God in accordance with his understanding of it, can be saved. It may be supposed that such persons would have desired Baptism explicitly if they had known its necessity.

Who is closer to God, he that honors His word in his heart, or he that utters it with his lips:

"But he answering, said to them: Well did Isaias prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written: This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me." (Mar 7:6)

“Judge not, that you may not be judged.” (Mt 7:1)