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3 September - 4 September 2013
Israel to face Iran's wrath if America attacks Syria: COULD MIDDLE EAST BE ENGULFED IN APOCALYPTIC CONFLICT? ~ link ~ Yes ... that is what is planned for!!!  Stirling  
Marc Faber Warns: "Western Imperial Arrogance WILL IGNITE Middle East POWDER KEG" - with video   ~ linkAs usual, Gloom, Boom, and Doom's Marc Faber pulls no punches in this brief interview on CNBC's Futures Now. When asked what is the catalyst for the crash he expects in US equity markets (following crashes in various markets around the world), he shocks a stunned anchor looking at equity markets near all-time highs with some ugly truths - "interest rates are no longer a tail-wind, earnings growth is not there, and emerging economies are collapsing (so no global growth)." However, with asset allocators "swimming in the pool of liquidity" it is hard to say 'when' it will occur especially as money floods out of EM markets. Critically though, it is Syria (and the spillover) that has Faber most concerned; as he concludes that Western governments "meddling" is "going to be a disaster."
Russia sends two 'Marine' (Naval Infantry) carrying warships to the Mediterranean ~ link ~  The total numbers of warships in the eastern Mediterranean are much greater than the numbers in this article.  The USN has five guided-missile destroyers in the eastern Med and assorted other ships in the western Med including some in the more or less central Med with USMC amphibious warfare  forces.  The super-carrier battle fleet has, besides the super-carrier itself, four or five guided-missile destroyers and cruisers, one or two hunter-killer nuclear powered submarines and a couple of large support ships.  The Russians already have some large warships in the area including what should be called a 'battle cruiser' or 'pocket battleship' guided missile warship, the Moskva.  Stirling   
If the direct result of today's surprising and unannounced Israeli missile test was to provoke a response by Russia, the Allies have succeeded. ITAR TASS reports that Russia’s Black and Baltic Sea Fleets’ Ropucha-class landing ships Novocherkassk (150 marines on board) and Minsk (225 marines) have sailed off for the Mediterranean Sea. What was not reported is that the destination of the two marine carrying ships is the sensitive area around Syria already staked out by the US navy. It is implied.

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The israelis wanted an syrian response!!! If the syrians detecting the missiles from the mediteraneean see would have launched an counterattack against americans warships right now we'd be in full war!!!!