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“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. He rots the soul of a nation – he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city – he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.” – Cicero, 42 BC


Pearl Harbor was a limited attack with no boots on the ground.

6 September 2013

Second Update

China sends warships and 1,000 Marines to Syria - Russia sends another amphibious assault ship - Turkey sands more troops to Syria border ~ link ~ Getting closer to WWIII day by day!!!  Stirling    

Zionists push America into World War III ~ link ~ This is what happens when a nation allows a tiny minority to bribe and blackmail its leaders for a foreign power and control its news media; when that minority is racist and determined to rule the world.   Stirling   

Russia sends 4 more warships near Syria with another one coming soon ~ link ~ The Russian navy has sent four more ships to the eastern Mediterranean, near the Syrian coast, as the United States considers launching a military offensive against the Arab country.

The SSV-201 Priazovye reconnaissance ship, escorted by two landing ships, Minsk and Novocherkassk, had already passed through Turkey's Bosphorus Strait, Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted a source from the Saint Petersburg-based central naval command as saying on Friday.

A third landing ship was just making a short stop to lift “special cargo” in Novorossiysk in the Black Sea, the report added without elaborating on the cargo.

"The ship will make call in Novorossiisk, where it will take on board special cargo and set off for the designated area of its combat duty in the eastern Mediterranean," the source said.

The news agency also said that Moscow will also send destroyer Smetlivy to the eastern Mediterranean soon.
Russia’s anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleyev, the Neustrashimyy-class frigate and three landing ships, Alexander Shabalin, the Admiral Nevelsky, and the Peresvet, are already in the eastern Mediterranean, the report revealed.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who hosted a G20 summit in St. Petersburg, said on Friday that Moscow will help Syria if it comes under attack.

“Will we help Syria? We will. We are already helping, we’re sending arms [and] cooperating in the economic sphere,” Putin stated.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Russian president said that a great majority of the world leaders gathered in St. Petersburg opposed unilateral military offensive against Syria.

“I can tell you who favored military action. It is the US, Turkey, Canada, Saudi Arabia and France, while the British prime minister’s support for the US was not shared by his citizens,” Putin said. “Now, who were categorically against: Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and Italy.

Last week, the British parliament voted against a military intervention in the Arab state despite calls by Prime Minister David Cameron. 

USAF will bomb Syria with B-2s, B-1s, and B-52s ~ link ~ At what cost in human lives???   Stirling   

Is Syria Conflict latest sign of Armageddon ~ link ~ It will be if the bastards manage to start WWIII.  Stirling   

Obama and WWIII - video ~ link 

Americans remain VERY SKEPTICAL about ANOTHER WAR - with video ~ link ~  No kidding!!!  Stirling    

Troubled Waters: Naval forces line Syrian shores ~ linkMounting pressure for a Western strike on Syria has seen naval forces both friendly and hostile to Damascus build up off the embattled country’s coastline. The potential of a US strike against Syria in response to an August 21 chemical weapons attack in a Damascus suburb gained steam on Wednesday, when a resolution backing the use of force against President Bashar Assad's government cleared the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on a 10-7 vote. 

President Obama has decided to put off military action until at least September 9, when the seemingly recalcitrant US House of Representatives reconvenes to vote on the measure.
Following the August 21 Ghouta Attack, which killed anywhere between 355 to 1,729 people, the diplomatic scramble to launch or stave off a military strike on Syria was mirrored by the movement of naval forces in the Eastern Mediterranean, off the coast of Syria.
The deployment of US and allied naval warships in the region has been matched by the deployment of Russian naval warships in the region.

 Syria War: On the rotten rope of Zionists ~ link ~
While opposition to an unwarranted war against Syria for an alleged use of chemical weapons in the Middle Eastern country is by slow gradations gaining momentum in the world as well as in the United States, some 250 Jewish leaders and the so-called activists affiliated to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) will be reportedly flocking into the halls on Capitol Hill early next week in order to “persuade lawmakers that Congress must adopt the resolution or risk emboldening Iran’s efforts to build a nuclear weapon.”

According to the report, they will be lobbying virtually every member of Congress to persuade them into believing that if they launched an attack against the “barbaric Assad regime,” they would practically hold Iran back from treading on the path of producing nukes.

Basically viewed as a backdoor to Iran by many political pundits, an invasion of Syria can safeguard the interests of the Zionists in strangling all the routes that in one way or another lead to Iran and consequently function to bolster a snowballing political power in the region. In a recent article titled “Iran, not Syria, is the West's real target” which was published by The Independent, Robert Fisk adroitly revealed that “they are intended to harm Iran. They are intended to strike at the Islamic republic now that it has a new and vibrant president… Iran is Israel’s enemy. Iran is therefore, naturally, America’s enemy. So fire the missiles at Iran’s only Arab ally.”

An AIPAC source who asked not to be named told Politico that, “History tells us that ambiguity [in US actions] invites aggression, adding the group will now be engaged in a major mobilization over the issue.”

It should be noted however that the AIPAC is not the only functioning Zionist lobbying organization in the US and that which is spearheading a military strike against Syria but there are others such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) actively involved in the crisis.

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