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4 September 2013

Syrian President Assad Tells President Obama If America Attacks, All Middle East Could Be At War - videos ~ link 

Russia boosts Mediterranean Flotilla as USA weighs Syria strike ~ linkRussia is sending two destroyers, including the Nastoichivy, the flagship of the Baltic Fleet, and the Moskva missile cruiser to the region, Interfax reported today, citing an unidentified Navy official. That follows last week’s dispatch of a reconnaissance ship to the eastern Mediterranean, four days after the deployment of an anti-submarine ship and a missile cruiser to the area, which were reported by Interfax. 

The buildup is raising the stakes as the U.S. prepares for possible action against Syria, sending warships and submarines to the east Mediterranean armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote today on a resolution that supports the use of force by the U.S. military.  

Obama is planning to commit a War Crime in Syria ~ link ~ Even if Congress grants Obama authorization to strike Syria, actually carrying out the act will be illegal under international law. It will be a war crime, in fact, as there has been no approval from United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Syrian Deputy FM: Syria will NOT give in to attack threats 'even if there is World War III' ~ link ~ Syrian deputy foreign minister has said that Damascus will not give in to threats of a US-led military strike against his country, even if World War III breaks out.

Faisal al-Miqdad said in an exclusive interview with AFP on Wednesday that the Syrian government has taken "every measure" to counter a potential foreign aggression.

How Israel is driving the US to War in Syria ~ link ~ As Jesus said, Israel is a millstone around the necks of us all in these times.  This tiny racist nation is not content with living in peace, they want to continue to expand by stealing Arab lands and dehumanizing their neighbors and using US and Western money and blood to break up various Middle East nations.  Stirling   

Rand Corp: Bombing Syria will be ineffective, and risks greater US involvement in a Regional War ~ link ~ Rand Corp is the long-time outside 'Think Tank' for the USAF; they actually have a Ph.D. degree program for analysts.   Stirling      

The Obama administration’s key selling point to the public for a new war on Syria has been that it will be limited and won’t include boots on the ground. Syria will not become America’s quagmire like Iraq and Afghanistan were, they promise.

But even if these claims are sincere, it’s not something Washington is likely to be able to control following airstrikes that carry unforeseeable consequences. And then, the messier it gets, the more the U.S. will own the problem.

Russia: Top defense official warns Israel on missile launches in Mediterranean ~ link ~ Israel wants to be seen as a dangerous Mad Dog ... they are continuing to succeed at this!  I suspect that the recent twin ballistic missile launches from the mid to eastern Med. was to test the air defense systems in the area, especially those of Syria and Russia.  However, it could have been an attempt to cause the Syrians to respond and then use that as an excuse to go to war.  The Israelis lied about the type of missile used and said that it was a Sparrow missile (which is a air-to-air and ship-to-air missile, not a ballistic missile; the radar signatures are different but the Israelis eventually prefer to lie as a matter of policy than tell the truth)Stirling  

A top Russian defense official has warned the Israeli regime against “playing with arms and missiles” in a volatile region after it admitted to firing ballistic projectiles in the Mediterranean Sea without a prior warning.

Underscoring the current volatility of the Mediterranean and the massive arms build-up in the region, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov told journalists on Tuesday “I don’t completely understand how someone could play with arms and missiles in that region today.”

Although the Russian official did not mention the Zionist regime by name, his remarks came hours after Israeli officials admitted to firing “ballistic targets” that resembled missiles in the growingly tense region, RIA Novosti reported on Wednesday.

“The Mediterranean is a powder keg,” Antonov emphasized. “A match is enough for fire to break out and possibly spread not only to neighboring states but to other world regions as well. I remind you that the Mediterranean is close to the borders of the Russian Federation.”
He further recalled that a meteorological rocket launch by Norway in 1995 was mistaken as a possible rocket attack against Russia.

The Russian then called on “those who launched the so-called missile-like targets” to be more responsible for regional security and “not play with fire,” according to the report.

After the Russian military detected the firing of two ballistic projectiles on Tuesday, the Israeli military announced that it launched the missiles as part of a joint effort with the US to “test” its missile defense system.

Russia, meanwhile, placed its General Staff’s Central Command Center on high alert following the two Israeli launches, the report noted, citing remarks by Antonov.

According to a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Russia detected the missile launch by radar at 10:16 a.m. Moscow time (6:16 a.m. GMT) in the southern Russian city of Armavir.

Michael Savage blasts the New World Order: "We're living in a dictatorship, it's a one-party system" - video ~ link ~ When the Global Banking Cartel overthrew the monarchs of Europe they made sure that the democracies that replaced them were structured to fall to their efforts at bribing the new political classes.  In America, they had to change the Constitution a bit (eliminated in all but name the Electoral College, ended election of US Senators by the states as representatives of the states) and eventually have gotten to the point, now, where they just ignore the Constitution.   Stirling     

Obama went to the Congress in order to gain Political Cover for a War that he knows is Reckless in the Extreme ~ link ~ You might call a Regional War that is almost certain to begin the Third World War as "reckless"!!!   Stirling    

William G. Howell at Foreign Policy explains that Obama’s decision to go to Congress was not out of respect for the Constitution but to gain political cover for an action he knows is reckless. Or, as Howell puts it, “to force members of Congress to go on the record today in order to mute their criticisms tomorrow.” 

Syria strikes: Draft Senate resolution allows Obama 90 days for military campaign ~ link ~ I suspect that the Senators who vote for this will be assigning themselves to an eternity in Hell, but them most are already headed there anyway.   Stirling     

Glenn Beck Shocking Video - THIS IS WHO WE ARE BACKING - video ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling     

Shame?  Are we capable of it? ~ link ~ The American people are, but they are so lied to that they are not fully aware of what is being done in their name.  The monsters who control America and much of the world today are not amoral but totally immoral and hence have no shame, only delight in war, deaths, horror and destruction.   Stirling   

DHS plans commercial 'real time data feed' that monitors disease outbreak worldwide on 24/7 basis ~ linkDHS does something useful for once!  If we get into World War III, we are going to need a data feed that taps into every hospital and doctor's office in the nation, and as much as possible, in the world to spot the beginning of biowar agents being used.  This is as big a thing, in terms of global strategic warfare, as nuclear weapons, and is apt to kill as many people as nuclear weapons and radiation.  Stirling   

Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria in the Cross-hairs ~ link ~ Iraq and Libya have been taken out, and Iran has been heavily boycotted. Syria is now in the cross-hairs. Why? Here is one overlooked scenario. 

In an August 2013 article titled “Larry Summers and the Secret ‘End-game’ Memo,” Greg Palast posted evidence of a secret late-1990s plan devised by Wall Street and U.S. Treasury officials to open banking to the lucrative derivatives business. To pull this off required the relaxation of banking regulations not just in the US but globally. The vehicle to be used was the Financial Services Agreement of the World Trade Organization.

The “end-game” would require not just coercing support among WTO members but taking down those countries refusing to join. Some key countries remained holdouts from the WTO, including Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria. In these Islamic countries, banks are largely state-owned; and “usury” – charging rent for the “use” of money – is viewed as a sin, if not a crime. That puts them at odds with the Western model of rent extraction by private middlemen. Publicly-owned banks are also a threat to the mushrooming derivatives business, since governments with their own banks don’t need interest rate swaps, credit default swaps, or investment-grade ratings by private rating agencies in order to finance their operations.

David Cameron rules out any future military action in Syria - with video ~ link ~ Which reinforces my suspicion that the vote was secretly engineered to have its outcome by the coalition government itself.  Stirling  

David Cameron has publicly ruled out the prospect of British military action in Syria following days of speculation that MPs could be allowed to reconsider the case for intervention because of events in America. 

US war on Syria a prelude to a Third World War scenario ~ link ~ Michel Chossudovsky, renowned Canadian professor and award-winning author, argues that a US plan for military intervention in Syria is aimed at integrating its “four distinct war theaters”-- Afghanistan-Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine and Libya-- setting the stage for “a World War III scenario.”
“An attack on Syria would lead to the integration of these separate war theaters, eventually leading towards a broader Middle East-Central Asian war,” the professor writes in an opinion piece for Global Research.

Chossudovsky says that the United States is fueling “civil wars” in multiple countries namely Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Mali and Niger through sponsoring al-Qaeda affiliated groups, essentially preparing the ground for US military intervention often in the forms of counter-terrorism operations.

“Public opinion is largely unaware of the grave implications of these war plans which could potentially lead humanity into a World War III scenario,” he warns.

The Obama administration has claimed the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind a recent deadly chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus, even though there is no evidence linking the attack to the government forces. The White House is gearing up for military strikes on Syrian targets.

Citing an August 2012 Los Angeles Times report, Chossudovsky says preparations for “a false flag chemical weapons attack” in Syria began more than a year ago when the Pentagon dispatched “small teams of special operations troops” to the Arab country to destroy its alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

“These initial US sponsored WMD special team operations had established the likely scenario of a staged false flag chemical weapons attack.”

US, NATO and Israeli military planners have laid the groundwork for a “humanitarian” military involvement in Syria for years, Chossudovsky says.

He asserts that the US and its regional allies, namely Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have been sponsoring and arming the militant groups in Syria, some of which have been responsible for gruesome terrorist attacks against the civilian population, as “mass civilian casualty events” play a central role in US military doctrine.

“Civilian casualties are triggered with a view to drumming up public support for war on humanitarian grounds.”

“MI6, CIA and Mossad operatives as well as Western Special Forces had integrated rebel forces from the very outset. The high profile terrorist attacks were coordinated by highly trained military contractors and intelligence operatives,” the professor adds.

Another “integral” component of US military agenda, according to Chossudovsky, is “escalation.”

“Were a US-NATO military operation to be launched against Syria, the broader Middle East Central Asian region extending from North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border with China would be engulfed in the turmoil of an extended regional war.”

Israel and Turkey would also cooperate with the US in both the air campaign and the deployment of ground forces, Chossudovsky argues.

A US-led military attack against Syria, the professor warns, will have serious repercussions in other parts of the world especially South East Asia and the Far East where the US is countering China and Russia as part of its “pivot to Asia” strategy.

Putin presses US Congress over Syria - Says Kerry lied ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ and this ~ link ~   The hope of most Americans: That the US Congress listens to Putin instead of Obama!!!  Stirling    

Liberals reject Obama's case for war, believe Obama and Kerry lied ~ link ~ The wheels are coming off the Obama political base as he pushes for World War III.   Stirling     

Cabalist 'creative destruction' behind Syrian War ~ link  

Experts warn molten fuel may be underground beneath Fukushima reactor buildings and doubt that it can ever be extricated ~ link 

You're a sucker to believe Wall Street ~ link ~ Wall Street is a game to remove wealth from the investors and it works!   Stirling     

You’re a sucker to believe Wall Street’s current mantra that another Lehman Brothers-like collapse is not in the cards. I say that not because I think such a collapse is imminent, though I am less sanguine than many right now. The reason I say we shouldn’t believe Wall Street is that they were also telling us not to worry five years ago, right before Lehman declared  bankruptcy. 

South African gold miners strike over 'slave wages in white man's economy' ~ link ~ They have every reason to strike.  They are treated terrible and paid 'slave wages' for very dangerous and hard labor.  Stirling    

The million US middle-class families who can't afford to buy a home ~ link ~ Of course they can't afford to purchase a decent house.  We are in a global depression engineered by the global banksters as part of their drive towards their satanic New World Order slave state!!!   Stirling     

Over 20% of Americans regularly taking prescribed mind-altering "medication" ~ link ~ As a general rule, the less you have to do with prescription medicine the better off you are.  The Internet is the 'largest library in history' and a great source of natural foods and medicine information...use it if you want to live and live well.   Stirling      

The Twins Who Share A Body - video ~ link

Some of the Best Shots you'll ever see - photos ~ link 

Mystery deepens over ancient African coins discovered in Northern Australia ~ link 

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