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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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22 September 2013
Russia offers troops to help remove Syrian chemical arms ~ link ~ Russian armed forces on the ground will ensure that any General Middle East War quickly becomes World War III.  This should be a positive thing, helping to ensure against such a war.  However, since the globalists desire WWIII, it could act to ensure that such a war happens!  Stirling   
Russian FM Lavrov blasts USA 'blackmail' over Syrian resolution ~ link ~ The 'Syrian thing' could still blow up!!!  Stirling 
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday accused Washington of blackmailing Moscow over a tough UN resolution against Syria, and said the West is blinded by a desire for regime change in the war-torn country. 
  “Our American partners are beginning to blackmail us,” threatening to stop work on implementing Syria's chemical disarmament deal unless Russia supports a Security Council resolution allowing military intervention, Lavrov told state television.
Lavrov: US is pressuring Russia into passing UN resolution on Syria allowing military force - with video ~ link ~ Russia is NOT going to allow another BS Security Council resolution like the one that killed Libya.   Stirling    
Russia says West exploiting Syrian deal to threaten force ~ link ~  It's one of the things that the globalists war whores do best!  Stirling  
Russia accused the West on Sunday of trying to exploit a chemical weapons deal with Syria to push through a U.N. resolution threatening force against President Bashar al-Assad.
Assad's government has handed over information about its chemical arsenal to a U.N.-backed weapons watchdog, meeting the first deadline of the ambitious U.S.-Russia accord which the U.N. Security Council is due to endorse in the coming days.

Russia accuses US of blackmail over Syria ~ link ~ Normally diplomatic discussions remain private, thus allowing the diplomats to be open and frank with one another.  Russia is not putting up with any crap and going public early on to alert the world as to what is happening.  If World War III happens, they want the truth to be known.   Stirling    

“Our American partners are beginning to blackmail us,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Russia's Channel one television.

Lavrov added that “right now Western partners are trying to unceremoniously push through a resolution under (UN) Chapter 7” adding that if they were successful, Washington would “move the (chemical weapons) convention aside to advance individual, personal or geopolitical, state ambitions.”

Lavrov said “It is an absolute deviation from what we have agreed on with (US Secretary of State) John Kerry -- to have an OPCW decision first and then to adopt a UN Security Council resolution supporting this decision but not based on Chapter 7.”

According to the UN charter, Chapter VII authorizes the use of force with respect to threats to the peace, breaches of the peace, and acts of aggression.

The US accepted a Russia plan to bring Syria's chemical weapons under international control to avert growing US threats of military intervention there. Syria agreed to the Russia-US plan under which it has to destroy its chemical weapons stockpile until mid-2014. As the first phase of the deal, Damascus had until Saturday to submit a full list to OPCW of its chemical weapons and production facilities so they can be secured and destroyed. The OPCW has confirmed that the Syrian government handed over the list.


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