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15 September 2013
I am sorry that there was no post yesterday.  I had worked several hours putting together the stories and links and had them loaded but Blogger crashed on me and I was not able to save the data to re-post it.  It is very irritating when that happens, which is rare, thank goodness.  
It appears that we have 'dogged the bullet', at least for a while, on a Western attack on Syria/General Mideast War/World War III.  God has given us a 'breather'; time to reconsider where we are at and how we got here and what to do to prevent the 'next time' from happening and going all the way to global destruction.  I hope to write on this in the near future.  The best deals are win-win scenarios; destroying the planet with 21st Century warfare is not a winning move for anyone including the Global Banking Cartel or Israel!!!  Stirling         
Agreeing on Syria, a win-win game ~ link ~ If you look at this as a 'glass half full, instead of as a glass half empty' you can see great potential.  God has given us a chance, it is up to us to take it or not.  Stirling     
On Saturday, Sept 14, 2013, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov along with US Secretary of State John Kerry reviewed the details of their agreement about the future of Syrian chemical weapons and how these weapons would be placed under control of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Lavrov and Kerry after three days of negotiations in Geneva finally reached a midway agreement on a solution acceptable by both sides.

Because of the importance of this issue, the following article will take a look at the effects of this agreement on the future of the Middle East and its effect on the prevention of war in this strategic region.

Kerry Mumbles, Netanyahu is Mute ~ link ~The USA couldn't justify properly its will to conquer another Middle Eastern country. President Obama failed to provide any convincing evidence on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government.

On the contrary, Associated Press reporter Dale Gavlak reported that Syrian rebels armed with chemical agents from Saudi Arabia were responsible for the August 21 chemical weapons attack. Gavlak has also written for the BBC. On August 29, she reported "rebels and local residents in Ghouta accuse Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an al-Qaida linked rebel group." President Obama could speak with his very close allies in Saudi Arabia and stopped the attacks without a ground invasion of Syria. Yet, this was part of the American version of Operation Barbarossa in the Middle East.** 

Mighty USA discovered that it cannot fool the entire world all the time. Russia opposed the attack on Syria, in a modern rehearsal of the Stalingrad Siege. America needed a Way to Canossa,& which it turned out being nowadays in Geneva, Switzerland.

The agreement achieved claims that Syria's chemical weapons must be destroyed or removed by mid-2014. If Syria fails to comply, the deal could be enforced by a UN resolution backed by the threat of sanctions or military force. However, Russia has veto power on such decision and already announced that it would oppose the use of force. Since the USA renounced its intentions to attack Syria without a UN decision, Geneva became Obama's Canossa.

On Syria, Putin is a modern Machiavelli - and that is a good thing ~ link ~ This week, Vladimir Putin outflanked Barack Obama on his home turf. The Russian president's scathing op-ed in the New York Times did more than simply leave the American president looking "rudderless and outplayed at every turn", as Max Hastings wrote in the Daily Mail. What shot the piece to the top of the international conversation was its merciless inversion of a long-standing American truism: that the good guys can do no wrong.

Instead, here is our American hero – the compassionate, liberal former professor of constitutional law who once opposed the war in Iraq – now on the verge of bombing a sovereign country without UN approval while the wily old villain plays the part of peacemaker.

Retreat from Syria attack, only US option says Iranian MP ~ link ~ The only SANE option.  The real danger to the world was that we were very close to taking a very INSANE option!!! Thanks be to God that we did not go there!!!  Stirling    

Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War ~ link ~ And who/what is the 'Media'.  Who controls it.  I always say "Follow the money, follow the power".  There are six companies, in the United States, that control 96% of mainstream news media and similar numbers in most major nations.  This is a dramatic concentration of news media ownership from only a decade and a half ago, when I almost started the fourth national evening half-hour broadcast TV daily newscast (I ended my bid at the last minute when my late wife was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer, in order that I might care for her full time).  Then there were over 20 major firms.  If you look at these six remaining firms, and who controls them, you will see that the globalists control them and that Zionists run them at all key top levels.  That is most important.  Look to who has the control of the levers of power!   Stirling  

Obama says Iran shouldn't misinterpret US response to Syria ~ link ~ Right...NOT...Syria was always about being a 'back door' to a war with Iran.  The world has woken up to the globalist/Zionist drive towards World War III and wants NO PART OF IT!  Stirling      

President Obama declared that the United States is still prepared to act militarily to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons despite the decision to pursue a diplomatic deal and not strike Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons.

He also acknowledged that his approach to the Syria crisis has been uneven, but defended it as producing the right results.

Obama: Decision not to strike Syria does NOT mean Iran is 'off the hook' ~ link ~ One can only wonder if this is more 'war whore' talk or if he is just shoveling some BS to make Netanyahu look good among his militaristic supporters inside of Israel.   Stirling   

He added, however, that Iran shouldn't assume that his preference for diplomacy means the U.S. won't strike Tehran. "My suspicion is that the Iranians recognize they shouldn’t draw a lesson that we haven’t struck [Syria] to think we won’t strike Iran," he said.

Obama told ABC's "This Week" that Iranians understand that their pursuit of a nuclear weapon is "a far larger issue for us" than the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Iran is the main concern of US and Israel - NOT Syria ~ link ~ Yep, I have been saying that for a long time now.  However, to the globalists, the Middle East is just a good place to jump start their next global war, World War III.  Stirling    

Syrian "rebels" furious at US-Russian deal ~ link ~ Now these paid foreign thugs/mercenaries will feel the full weight of the Syrian Armed Forces, who are apt to 'finish the job' of kicking their butts out of Syria.   Stirling     

Syria says agreement between US and Russia is 'Victory' for Damascus - Praises Russian allies ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ and this ~ link ~ and this ~ link ~ I would say, so far anyway, that this is at the least a short term victory for the Human Race as we have at least temporary avoided World War III.  Stirling     

Over the weekend, the administration's damage control spin over Syria continued in full force. As Reuters reports, Obama, in an interview on ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopolous," defended his handling of the Syria crisis and dismissed criticism of his zig-zag approach to the issue as an argument about style. Obama also said he and new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had exchanged letters about the situation in Syria and that the Iranians understand the U.S. concern about a potential nuclear-armed Iran "is a far larger issue" for the United States. Obama dismissed Putin's charge that it was the Syrian rebels who launched the chemical weapons attack, instead of forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as Washington believes. "Well, nobody around the world takes seriously the idea that the rebels were the perpetrators of this," Obama said. Nobody perhaps, except for 9 out of 20 G-20 nations, including all of the BRIC and a major portion of America's population who have seen this exact same movie in the past.

But while Obama and Kerry were both backpedalling furiously even as they were taking full credit for pulling Syria from the brink of war where they took it, it was Syria who was rejoicing: Syria's Minister for National Reconciliation said on Sunday that the chemical weapons agreement between Russia and the United States was a "victory" for Damascus, won by its Russian allies, and had taken away the pretext for war. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on Saturday in Geneva on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to account for his chemical weapons within a week. The deal may avert U.S. military strikes.

'Invisible, invincible in caves': Syria's army battles "rebels" in ancient Christian town ~ link ~ Those caves saved many generations of Christians over many hundreds of years.  Now the enemies of Christianity, the western supported mercenaries, are using them to kill those who support the right of Christians to practice their faith.   Stirling   

Merkel wins Bellwether Vote as coalition partner founders - Anti-Euro party ascent COULD DERAIL COALITION ~ link ~ Europeans are waking up, more and more, to the fact that the Rothschilds stacked the deck in organizing the European Union and the Euro and that really major changes need to be made and made soon!  Stirling    

But the surprise of the day was the strong showing of the The Free Voters, who want Greece to exit the euro, oppose euro-area bailouts and want to trim the power of the European Union, won 8.5 percent, the ZDF projection showed. It is precisely the ascent of anti-Euro powers that could upset the final election "arithmetic" in jeopardy. 

As Reuters reports, "a new anti-euro party could enter Germany's national parliament after an election next week, pollsters said on Sunday, potentially upsetting Chancellor Angela Merkel's hopes of returning to power with her current coalition partner." The Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD), which calls for an "orderly dismantling" of the euro zone, gained one point to 4 percent in an Emnid poll published on Sunday, taking it close to the 5 percent threshold needed to enter parliament. If the AfD, which has quickly gained momentum after being founded in February, won seats in parliament, Merkel would struggle to get a centre-right majority with the liberal FDP, making a 'grand coalition' with the Social Democrats (SPD) the more likely scenario.

Exit polls show Merkel allies winning state election - with video ~ link ~ Exit polls from Germany show that the conservative allies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel have triumphed in Bavaria's state election.

The polls by ARD and ZDF television channels on Sunday showed the Christian Social Union (CSU), allied with Merkel, has won 49-percent support.



Hiei said...

"It appears that we have 'dogged the bullet', at least for a while, on a Western attack on Syria/General Mideast War/World War III."

And at the end of today's episode, the world is saved again!

This has become totally ridiculous...every few weeks it's the end of the world and all of a sudden "LoL, JK!", see ya next time.

Actually, all the battleship of the nation involved are still there and China is sending more I hear...until they leave the area, I won't call it off.

And if they do even THIS time, it's clear that it's a big fat bluff, the new and improved cold war where the world is always one step from destruction and while people wait in feat the elites do as the please: business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Egypt's Al-Sisi is a jew. Oh, the Mossad just loves it when a evil plan comes together.