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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

I am sorry for the late post but I have worked several hours on my main computer and I am still having "issues".  Sorry.  Tim Earl of Stirling  

10 September 2013
There are a host of scenarios that can explain what is happening on the Syria issue.  Since this is a matter of life and death for not just Syria and the Mideast but all of the world, I will continue to focus on this issue.  The spin on the "proposal" to place the Syrian chemical arms under international supervision and then to destroy them is looking more and more like a 'whirling dervish' dance.  The globalist/Zionist controlled West is doing its best to spin this into a UN authorized strike on Syria, to get any UN Security Council resolution to blame the victim (Syria) for the recent chemical war event (if in fact there was even such an event).  The intense desire of the globalist and Zionist forces for a General Middle East War and for a new global war, a Third World War with 21st Century weapons of mass destruction, is very obvious to all now, but the brain dead stupid.  With this strong effort, I suspect that at best, we can only slow down the drive towards Armageddon.  That the evil demonic global banksters and Netanyahu Zionists are determined to get their war and will do so sooner or later.  Do not be surprised if a new major False Flag happens that allows Obama and others to act regardless of what is happening or not happening at the UN.  Time does appear to be short until the End of the Age.  Stirling      

Syria vows to give up chemical weapons, no deal yet at UN ~ link ~ The Russians are making it clear that this deal must include the ruling out of force by Washington and its allies.  That is sticking point number one!  It is so sad to see what America has become, a whore controlled by the Zionists and global bankster scum, even in matters that can and will clearly get most Americans KILLED IN WWIIIStirling  

Syria agrees to dump chemical weapons ~ link ~ Meanwhile envoys from Britain, France and the United States met at the United Nations to draft a resolution to permit enforcement action if Syria fails to give up the arms.

But Russia, despite having floated the disarmament plan itself on Monday, denounced the motion, and President Vladimir Putin said Washington must drop its planned strikes. 

Syria conflict: Disputes flair over UN resolution ~ link ~ "The devil is in the details" is so true in this case!!!  Stirling   

UN Human Rights Council confirms Syria gas attack videos and photos were fake ~ link ~ My viewers may remember me commenting that the "dead" bodies did not show signs that the "deceased" had urinated and defecated at death, even though many were shown in their underwear.  This was/is a strong indication that those in the photos were not dead, or at the very least had not died in the clothes that they were wearing in the photos.  Humans and animals usually urinate and defecate at death, especially in violent or sudden deaths.  That is a fact and the photos and videos did not show this, even though they should have clearly shown this.   Now this finding by the UN Human Rights Council presents the "West", that is the Global Banking Cartel and Zionist controlled western nations and the GCC (Gulf Cooperative Council) puppet nations, with a real major problem.  More and more people will become aware that these evil bastards are lying the world into World War III.  This places everything on a 'short fuse' for another False Flag event that will be designed to trigger immediate military action.  Already they have lost control in the UK Parliament and are in the process of doing so in the US Congress as MPs and Congressmen/Senators are waking up to the fact that they don't want to live in world that has been destroyed by nuclear and biological warfare, even if somehow they can survive the initial battle in government bomb shelters.  The globalist and Zionist feeling is that they must get WWIII going and going soon regardless of what scams they have to pull.  Once the missiles begin to fly, the effects will be so overwhelming and so profound and so global in nature, that the issue of who did what/when/etc. will be forgotten as we all begin to seriously worry about staying alive in World War III.   Stirling   

Syria accepts Russian initiative, frustrates US push for war - with video ~ link ~ In the end, sadly, this Russian initiative will not likely prevent WWIII, but at least it is waking up many many millions to who is driving the world to destruction.  Stirling    

Obama asks Congress to delay a vote on Syria War ~ link ~ He knows that he will NOT win such a vote.  Calls have been coming in at 500 to 1 or higher against the war.  But the real kicker is that the narcissistic congress critters are waking up to the fact that a war is apt to end THEIR LIVES and THEIR WAY OF LIFE AT THE VERY LEAST and they have no intention of supporting that level of insanity, no matter how much money and threats are thrown at them by AIPAC and the banksters!!!   Stirling      

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slim2none said...

Re: UN Human Rights Council determination that videos and photos of CW victims are 'fake'.

Doctors Without Borders, an organization I respect, stated shortly after whatever happened in Damascus on Aug 21 that there were over 300 victims of some sort of violence, 356 I believe. The number of victims has been questionable from the start, but where are the bodies of the victims that were examined by DWB? Are they the same as those shown in the photos? I don't do CNN, so have only seen one still photo, horrifying as it was.
Also, there is this report from two civilians held captive by the insurgents at that time, reporting now an overheard skype conversation between three insurgents, discussing involvement by the insurgents in the chemical attack in Damascus:


I think a CW attack did happen, but so much subterfuge and trickery is afoot. Trying to sort it out is intentionally being made difficult (just like events of 9/11/01, probably by the same agents and for the same reasons).

Thanks for the varied information Stirling, keep it up! It has to be vexing to the agents of secrecy.