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27 September 2013
The Truth About Israel - What Americans Need To Know ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this article at the link!  Stirling    
The American people are confused about the morality of modern-day Israel, because our schools and churches leave out essential Jewish history. The European people who were shipped in to occupy Palestine as a Jewish homeland in 1948 are not related to the biblical Hebrews of Jesus’ time.
The biblical Hebrews are symbolized by the Cain and Abel story, brothers who fell out with each other and whose lineage became the two factions we know as Jews and Arabs. But Jews and Arabs are both biologically Semitic people – they are cousins — and despite their “family feud, they are anciently related by blood and culture.

Later on, Jews and Arabs became even more seemingly disparate due to the introduction of Islam.  One tribe kept their Judaism, while the other became Muslim, and there is what we’ve perceived as the warring factions of today.

But what has been purposely obscured is a third element that entered and has inflamed the Middle East ever since.  It was European Jewish people who were brought in after WWII for the purpose of occupying much of Palestine and resurrecting the ancient name of Israel. This was a political agenda, not a humanitarian intention.

These Europeans had long ago emerged from Khazaria (southern Russia), where their king – for the purpose of greater, unified control – converted them to the Babylonian schools of Judaism in the 8th century. Thus, not only their DNA, but their perspectives are a different reality from the Judean teachings in Jesus’ world.

What we have in modern Israel, then, is an artificially created state dominated by Jews who have no geographic, genetic, nor spiritual connections to biblical Israel or the time of Jesus.
Osama Bin Laden raid exposed as a COMPLETE LIE by Pakistani National TV ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkSome day the American people will realize just how badly they were played for fools by the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists.  On that day I would not want to be a globalist or Zionist!   Stirling    
Before you believe “your” government’s lies about Syria, remember “your” government’s lies about Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction.” Remember Washington’s lies about the Gulf of Tonkin that unleashed the Vietnam war. Remember the lies about Gaddafi and Libya. Remember the lies about 9/11, the lies about the murders of JFK, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. Remember the Northwoods Project that the Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted President John F. Kennedy to embrace. 
AIPAC sets out to defeat Obama on Iran ~ link ~ AIPAC is an agent of a foreign power and as such it should be barred from donating money to candidates or lobbying!!!   Stirling    
British MPs renew allegiance to Israel ~ link ~ The unnecessary foreign wars will stop as soon as the global banksters are in prison and the Zionists are prohibited from bribing and blackmailing MPs and Congressmen!!!   Stirling   
The Iran End Game ~ link ~ It will be the End Game for the Human Race if the demonic globalists and Zionists get their way/war.   Stirling   
USA views Kenya attack "direct threat" to US National Security ~ link ~ What utter bullcrap!!!  Stirling      
Major new poll: Americans Are Sick of War ~ link ~ Yep, but the American public don't run their own nation anymore...time to take it back from the global banksters and Zionists and end the multi-Trillion dollar wars.   Stirling    
Senator Feinstein: Press must stop calling NSA Spying "Surveillance" ~ link ~ This evil old Zionist witch.  I bet if computer voting were not the norm in California she would never had been elected.  She is a monster first class and very typical of Jewish senators and congressmen, everything for the tiny foreign state of Israel and to hell with America and Americans!!!   Stirling    
Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman and outspoken surveillance enthusiast Dianne Feinstein (D – CA) has demanded today during the committee hearing that the American press stop referring to the NSA surveillance programs as “surveillance programs.”
The Ugly Face of Tyranny: Feinstein comes for your Right to Speak Freely Online ~ link ~ This FASCIST Zionist Witch from Hell!!!   Stirling  
Obama pushes World Government - video ~ link 
But because freedom of speech, as interpreted by Feinstein, is nothing more than a privilege granted to us by her and her ilk in Congress, she has taken steps to ensure that only those journalists sanctioned by the government will be protected by the new shield laws. - See more at:
Prominent Critics of Vietnam War Targeted by NSA: Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali, Art Buchwald, Frank Church, etc. ~ link  
The World Community must now take charge at Fukushima ~ link ~ Yes, but this should have happened way over a year ago!!!  Now it is so late, I am not sure what can be done!  Stirling   
Flesh eating drug "Krokodil' in America - with photos ~ link  

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Syrian Children Kidnapped By Rebels Identified As Gas Victims

August 11, 2013 a report discussed the rebels attacking the Latakia village and Sheikh Mohammed Reda Hatem, an Alawite religious leader in Latakia said ”Until now 150 Alawites from the villages have been kidnapped. There are women and children among them. We have lost all contact with them.”

According to Voltairenet some of those children were found less than two weeks later, in Ghouta

The wide distribution of satellite channel images of victims allowed Alawite families near Latakia to recognize their children who had been abducted two weeks prior by the “rebels.” This identification was long in coming because there are few survivors of the massacre by the allies of the United States, the United Kingdom and France in loyalist villages where more than a thousand bodies of civilians were discovered in mass graves

vid here

guess u wont see this mainstream eh??