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How Armageddon May Begin



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4 September 2013
How Armageddon May Begin 
Day One
The United States, France and perhaps a few other powers launch a number of cruise missiles into Syria.  Syria launches three Isklander hypersonic missiles into the Israel Dioma nuclear reactor.  Large numbers of missiles are launched in the eastern and central Mediterranean Sea.  A French anti-air frigate and three USN guided missile destroyers are hit.  The frigate and two of three destroyers are sunk, the other ship is damaged and the USAF/NATO airbases in Turkey are damaged in a multiple missile strike preceded by a Isklander strike on local based PAC3 Patriot defenses.  The British sovereign base on Cyrpus is also severely damaged, as are several bases in Greece.
A total of 103,578 rockets and guided missiles are launched into Israel by the end of the first 24-hour day of engagement.  Most have either Advanced Conventional (fuel air explosive) warheads or deadly binary nerve gases or contain genetically engineered biotoxins that are highly resistant to being cleaned up but are skin absorbent and highly lethal in most cases.  In some cases, they are not lethal but result in seriously ill "targets".  Most of Israel resembles the worst of the bombed out European cities of the Second World War.
By about 12 hours into the Day One timeline, Iranian and Western/GCC/Israeli air and rocket forces trade their deadly packages against western/GCC/Israeli naval assets and 'take-out' 90% of same.  Iranian naval, air and missile assets take a massive pounding.  The Strait of Hormutz is closed, as is the Suez Canal.  Egypt calls up all reserves, closes its airspace and warns Israel that it will stand for no indignities to its territory or honor.  
Day Two
Israeli rocket forces launch a massive nuclear barrage that destroys all small to medium sized cities in Syria and Iran and parts of Lebanon.  In most hit target areas, there are too few living to bury the dead or attempt to care for the dying or wounded.  As Israeli long-range missiles are fired at select European and Asian cities and Israeli German manufactured nuclear cruise missile armed submarines prepare to surface to launch, they are hit by Russian and Chinese Scalar weapons based in space.  China and Russia both launch one ICBM with multiple independently targeted thermonuclear warheads at Israel, destroying what was still in existence after Day One.   The Middle East is a area of vast death and destruction with insane amounts of radioactive fallout and a number of highly dangerous engineered new viruses.

Day Three
Pakistan and India go "hot" and over a 700 million people die or suffer what will be fatal exposures to NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) weapons die on the Indian sub-continent.  The Northern Hemisphere is doomed to a nuclear winter and massive deaths from spreading radiation.  Something happens in the Pacific, several Japanese and Chinese ships are sunk.  An incident between a Russian sub and a USN P-8 subhunter puts the already highly charged DEFCON up to the second most dangerous setting.  But it is a incident near the Baltic, involving both naval ships and a few aircraft, that is 'the straw that breaks the camel's back'.   The nuclear forces of NATO/Japan and Russia/China launch all-out population killing nuclear attacks ... the nuclear 'knives are out' and this is a battle to the deaths of all.
Day Four
All major nations are either directly hit by atomic warfare or will shortly suffer high to fatally high doses of radiation.  Advanced biological weapons have been released and are beginning to have effect in some areas that were not totally demolished by the nuclear global holocaust.  One-third of the world will end up dying of these genetically engineered Doomsday viruses; another one-third are dead or dying from radiation and nuclear war, the hundreds of nuclear power plants are now future Fukushimas in lands that are already radiologically poisoned.   Then something Divine happens...the Second Coming of Christ Himself............
Tim Earl of Stirling    
News blog EUROPE  
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Anonymous said...

the start seems realistic enough although I think unlikely the syrians will actually be able to launch that amount and accurate at Israel without having specialforces take out the missle batteries first. or the central government, in some cue type power sharing deal where a new western backed dictator is put in place like eqypt. the rest to me seems highly unlikey especially Israel launching attacks at western targets. at the end of the day this whole situation is simply a parlor trick to keep people guessing. the jews and the new world order including world leaders are all on the same side. They want the resources and yes they want a reduced population but full blown nuclear exchange reduces there perceived rightful leadership of the planet to bunkers for the next 100 years. which they obviously can't want. rather carve up the unincorporated areas of the planet for resources. and finally as for the second coming. you loose all credibility when talking about christ, a figure who has been rehatched time and time again through out time from all different cultures. ive followed your blog every single day for years but sometimes you just swing and miss so badly...

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I have found this article about Cyprus on globalresearch.ca:



Interesting monitoring station on Mount Troodos to monitor WWIII.

It will be hit first, if a ME war breaks out.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany

Michael Cecil said...

Sounds like a fairly accurate description of the Vision of the "time of trouble" that I received in January, 1975...

And have been attempting to warn people about for some 37 years.

But you forgot one thing: the Earthquake.

Michael and Elizabeth, as Prophesied in Chapter 12, verses 1 and 13 of the Book of Daniel.

reactor safety pros said...

Frighteningly accurate Professor Stirling! Will share with my circle.

reactor safety pros said...

Frighteningly accurate Professor Stirling! Will share with my groups immediately.