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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

World War III is close.

31 August 2013
America begins its three-day long, end of summer, Labor Day weekend (Sat./Sun./Mon.).  Will this be the weekend that World War III begins, or will the wheels continue to come off the globalist/Zionist drive towards war???  Have a good weekend and don't forget to pray for peace.
Tim Earl of Stirling    
Five minutes to self-immolation of the Israeli Empire -updated  ~ link ~ Do go to the link and take the time to read all of this excellent article!   Stirling   

As an exercise, you might calculate what will be left of the Israeli population if the 2,000 most industrialized and most populous square miles in Israel were hit by 1,000 thousand pound fuel air explosives and by 1,000 thousand pound conventional bombs. Hint 1: 42% of Israeli Jews live in 528 square miles of metropolitan Tel Aviv. Hint 2: A fuel air explosive has 4 times the impact of a conventional bomb. Fires and explosives require oxygen. A fuel air explosive burns up all the oxygen in the atmosphere in a radius of half a mile or more so it has more room for explosives in the warhead.

What do you think will happen to that leaky Israeli nuclear power plant at Dimona if it is hit directly by 7, 9 or even 12 missiles with 1,000 pound warheads? Would a nuclear meltdown improve the health of the Israelis who managed to survive those 150,000 incoming missiles and were living in the dark without hospitals?

Might I take this opportunity to point out what the former head of the IDF Gabi Ashkenazi has said about attacking Iran and Syria. He said, “It is STUPID.” Or was that the former head of the MOSSAD Meir Dagan who said people who want war are STUPID. Israel cannot survive. The American Jews who are pushing the Democrats and the Republicans to war are insane.
Iran not Syria is the West's real target ~ link ~ I have been saying this for years.   Stirling    
Iran rejects American deal, asserts support to Syria ~ link ~ Iran knows that any such deal would not be worth the paper that it was written on.   Stirling   
US war plan for Syria is part of Greater Israel Project - with video ~ link  ~ I mean what does that mean in terms of international law, what the US, UK and France in particular are pursuing here?

O’Keefe: Well, we do not operate under international law. What we have is the color of law, the law of the jungle in which the rich and the powerful, basically, determine what goes and what does not go. Iraq is a perfect example of that.

Why is not Tony Blair and George Bush rotting away in prison cell for the rest of their lives? Because the law is not being applied.

These are war criminals and they should be in prison for the rest of their lives, if not executed, if their own rules were adhered to, for their own crimes.

Not only that, but we need to really understand the truth here. First off, all of these players, these politicians are nothing more than puppets. They do not serve the people, there is no real democracy, they really serve the rich and powerful who run the world and that would be the bankers who control the money supply.

The bankers, of course, make huge amounts of money, whether they have made bad investments or not wars are great for them and ultimately they control the politicians and that is why we see these policies.

Obama and Cameron are nothing more than puppets who read the script and the script is: We need another war.

And the reason why we need another war, according to the psychopaths who are running the world, is because more and more people, despite the clueless masses who continue to be entranced by things so ridiculous as the X Factor and the American Idol, there are larger numbers of people around the world who are realizing the truth and beginning to recapture the capacity to think for themselves and they can see that these people who have been put in positions of public trust, are defying that trust and representing an agenda, which they could never speak about openly, because they are nothing more than ... and nothing more than minions for the powers that be.

Press TV: It is very interesting Ken O’Keefe. I do not know if you caught the presser that Bashar al-Jafari, Syria’s envoy to the UN had earlier, a couple of hours back, and he said that this is all because of Israel, Israel is actually responsible behind the uprisings from North Africa throughout the Middle East; and this is a push by Israel onto US to, basically, go and attack Syria.

What is Israel’s role in this, Ken O’Keefe?

O’Keefe: Well, the greater Israel Project is all about destabilizing, surrounding nations, ultimately in pursuit of this dream of greater Israel from the Euphrates down to the Nile, all the way over to the Eastern Mediterranean. This is the dream of these psychopaths and so destabilizing governments, creating sectarian strife, is all part of that menu and all part of the design to create a greater Israel. So that goes ..., it is self-evident. 
Who benefits from a War between the United States and Syria? ~ link ~ Israel's leadership and the Global Banking Cartel believe that they do.  But in reality, no human can benefit from the destruction of this planet in World War III.  This is a totally demonically driven war, one that Satan wants!!!   Stirling   
Ava Maria - prayer song ~ link ~ Right now, this minute, is a good time to say a prayer for peace!!!  Stirling    
Erdogan: Turkey wants regime change in Syria - with video ~ link  ~ What a globalist/Zionist puppet!!!   Stirling  
Russia trying to prevent possible military action against Syria ~ link ~ As Western governments are considering a possible military strike on Syria, an information battle is also being waged against Damascus. Russian officials say the information reported by the Western mainstream media on Syria is misleading.
Mitrofanov says the Syrian government has invited Russian State Duma deputies and Russian journalists to visit Syria to see the real situation. But this has to be agreed with the Russian leadership first. Mitrofanov also says that foreign governments are pursuing their own agenda in Syria.

Meanwhile, Russian political analysts believe that a strike could be avoided, or at least not take place prior to the G20 leaders' summit in St Petersburg next week. They say the US should be cautious to avoid a further tragedy in the region.

Experts say that there are plenty of voices in the West against an attack on Syria. The US is now treading on thin ice as even the public is against a military interference.
Russia: Washington's threats to attack Syria unacceptable ~ link ~ Washington’s statements threatening to use military force against Syria unilaterally are unacceptable, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said in a statement. Given the lack of evidence, any unilateral military action bypassing the UN Security Council – “no matter how limited it is” – would be a direct violation of international law and would undermine the prospects for a political and diplomatic solution to the conflict in Syria and will lead to a new round of confrontation and victims, Lukashevich concludes.  
NATO says Obama on his own ~ linkThey are falling like flies... following the British vote not to join Obama in his latest crusade, it s now NATO's turn as Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen tells Dutch TV2 that "NATO will have no role in any military action in Syria." Of course, there's still the French; and as Rasmussen notes, should any retaliatory action take place to endanger NATO member Turkey then the situation may well change. Quoted as urging a political resolution rather than military, and supportive of the UN inspectors, Rasmussen added "A sustainable solution is a political solution. But an international reaction is necessary."
Ron Paul: Chemical Weapons In Syria Is a False Flag - video ~ link 
As Kerry makes Obama's flimsy case for war, Where Is Congress???  ~ link ~ Back home counting their "donations" from the globalists and AIPAC!!!  Stirling    
The Triumph of Parliament ~ link ~ What a momentous day for British democracy. The era of presidential rule is over. Parliament has reclaimed the powers chipped away by successive prime ministers, culminating with Tony Blair and the hegemony of spin. It has even snatched some powers it never had, beyond control of the purse.

There can be no going to war on executive authority alone, or by Royal Prerogative. Britain's living Constitution has been refashioned before our eyes, in seven hours of exhilarating debate. Much of world's political class watched the debate unfold, riveted by the clash of moral argument. Has anything quite like it been seen since the Bulgarian Atrocities of 1876?
Germany will NOT take part in Syria attack ~ link ~ One more nation that is showing a bit of sense and guts opposing the globalist banksters and Zionists.  Stirling     
God Rot Our King by Stuart Wilde - music video ~ link ~  Good have got to take a minute to view this.   Stirling   
America wants to take a break ~ link ~ Really?  Or is this just pre-war disinformation/psyops???  Stirling    
Arab allies withhold public support for US strike on Syria ~ link ~ Interesting, most interesting!  Stirling   

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slim2none said...

Folks, if ever there was a time for 'pushback' from WeThePeople, it is NOW. Where is our Congress? Specifically, where is any representation of the Will of the People?
Call your Congressional representatives, make known your opposition to this military action as immoral, illegal, dangerous and contrary to our nation's best longterm interests. Do this for the good of your own spirit if no other reason.
In addition to this, I've respectfully requested my 'representatives' to submit bills in both houses of Congress to REPEAL the War Powers Act and return the power to declare war to Congress as delineated in the US Constitution, ArticleI, section 8: The Congress shall have Power...To declare war.
Comment from one Senatorial Aid was "wow".
Let them know we mean business.
Do it. Do it TODAY.