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Holy Shroud of Turin 
6 August 2013

Western backed foreign mercenaries SLAUGHTER 120 Syrian CHILDREN ~ link ~ There once was a time when the West stood for values that we could be proud of...no more!!!   This is beyond despicable, yet the globalist/Zionist news media will NOT even cover the story.  That tells you something!  God help us, we are being led by satanists who are paying monsters to murder children in cold blood!!!   Stirling     
Terrorists affiliated to the al-Nusra Front massacred 120 children and 330 men and women in Syria's Northern district of Tal Abyad, media reports said on Monday. According to al-Alam, terrorists attacked villages in Tal Abyad, near al-Hasakah governorate, killing civilians including women and children. 
Lest we forget - with photo ~ link ~ Caution, I think that this is the most horrible photograph that I have ever seen!!!  Stirling   
CIA preparing for Occupation of Darra, Syria ~ link   
Syrian foreign mercenaries capture Aleppo airbase ~ link 

Greenwald: Embassy closings looks like a conspiracy to silence the NSA debate ~ link ~ Yep!
US extends global "terror" alert ~ link ~ The BS is 'deeper than whale shit'!   Stirling  

The US State Department announced Sunday that 19 foreign embassies will remain closed all week in accordance with the ongoing global terror alert announced Friday. The alert was launched, according to a White House statement, in response to a threat “possibly occurring in or emanating from the Arabian Peninsula.” Britain and a number of other European countries moved to close their facilities in Yemen as well.
Guantanamo hunger strike hits 6 month mark ~ link ~ Indefinite detention without trial or right to consul, torture and the like...that is NOT the American way but the way of mobsters and that is who is ruling America!   Stirling     
Japan launches a aircraft carrier - Which they are calling a "destroyer" ~ link ~ Also seelink ~ Also seelinkAlso see ~ link ~ Japan on Tuesday unveiled its new 250-meter-long destroyer, the country’s biggest warship since World War II. The warship, called Izumo, enters service as Tokyo confronts Beijing over a long-standing island sovereignty dispute.
  The Izumo is designed to carry up to 14 helicopters, and Japan says the warship’s anti-submarine and surveillance capabilities will bolster its national defense. Tokyo is also showcasing the vessel’s potential role in disaster relief, transporting aid workers and transporting emergency supplies to affected areas. 

Japan calls its new aircraft carrier a "flat-topped destroyer" ~ link ~ Yep, and I am a "mature" 29-year-old...sure!  Stirling      
US Drug Enforcement Agency conceals use of information from NSA mass surveillance programs ~ link ~ This is evidence that the US Government's spying on anything and everything all American citizens and foreign citizens say/do/write on-line or over the phone is NOT just about national security!!! And that IS A BIG DEAL as it shows, even under the US Government's most liberal interpretation of what they can do in national security matters, is bogus because it is being used for non-national security matters; and that makes the massive wiretapping program criminal for the government even under the government's own constitutional view!!!   Stirling    
A report by Reuters published over the weekend reveals that the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) utilizes information in criminal investigations that is culled from the National Security Agency (NSA) mass surveillance programs, other intelligence spying operations and a massive telephone records database, and conceals the source of evidence so obtained from judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers.

We have the basics of a Police State - How much farther should we go? ~ link ~ I do so hope that this generation of Americans and Europeans grow the balls to put a stop to this horror before it morphs into the Nazi and Communist type of concentration and death camp hell, that the same forces that are behind the 21st Century version, created in the mid/late 20th centuries.  Stirling   
Gun Confiscation Has Begun ~ link ~ Inch by inch it is a cinch. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Many planners realize that nothing monumental is quickly achieved and dogged persistence over time is needed to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of a valued goal. Nobody has utilized the principle of incrementalism better than the globalists in the pursuit of their goals related to the establishment of the New World Order.
Gun Confiscation has begun. In two different geographical locations in two differing countries, the authorities have confiscated guns without probable cause or the exigent circumstances required by constitutional law. But alas, I almost forgot, there is no rule of law in the United States. There is not one amendment in the Constitution that has been left intact.
Radioactive contamination 'soaring' in Fukushima groundwater - Strontium and other beta emitters up 4,500 %; Cesium rises nearly 1,500 % - Tepco says it doesn't know why levels spiked ~ link ~ Tepco could not find its collective ass with both hands or pore 'piss out of a boot' with the toe cut off and directions printed on the bottom!   Stirling      
Tepco in press conference: "Situation at Fukushima is Bleak" - No idea how to stop it ~ link ~ This is way beyond even criminal incompetence!  This entire event smells of blackmail (re: the manufacturing of Japanese nuclear weapons on-site) and a Illuminati globalist 'population reduction operation'.   Stirling        
Richard Russell - the godfather of newsletter writers - I haven't seen anything like this in 60 years ~ link ~

… The markets are now trading on manipulated information (CPI and GDP) about the economy, and manipulated stimulus from the Federal Reserve.  I will say that in the 60 years I've been studying markets, I've never, ever seen anything like the situation the markets and the economy now find themselves in.  I have only one comment and prediction -- It will not end in a good way. 
Obama intends to collapse US economy - Exclusive - Ann Barnhardt - video ~ link  
Report: Disaster Looms: FEMA scrambles to stockpile food reserves ~ link  
USA has enough empty houses to hold all of Britain ~ link 
Russia bets big on improved Trans-Siberian Railway ~ link 
Looming weak solar max may herald mini-Ice Age ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Calling Al Gore ... 

NASA confirms Sun's magnetic field is about to flip ~ link ~ It does this about every 11 years.   Stirling  
North Pole temperatures BELOW NORMAL for 100 days ~ link  

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