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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin 
5 August 2013
Is "al-Qaeda plot" using surgically implanted bombs ... biggest "threat" since 9/11 ... 19 embassies closed amid fears of 'strategically significant' attack ~ link ~ Hahahhahahahahah ... now these lying bastards are telling us that "al-Qaeda" is sewing bombs into their asses and we should be very afraid.  You simply cannot make this stuff up!!!  This comes from the mind of some sick Zionist who thinks all goy are so stupid that they will believe any crap that they make up!  The best way to deal with this nonsense to to laugh at it and at the clowns pushing it.  The entire USA/UK/French embassies closing scam has earned the dreaded Five BS Flag Award for an incredible level of really stupid bullshit.   Stirling
US "Terror" Alert sends allies, embassies scrambling ~ link ~ This terror alert has all the makings of one giant pile of bullshit!   Stirling    
"They want us to believe there's another 9/11 coming?" - CIA agent Baer ~ link 
Surveillance advocates see "Terror" Threat as another secret vindication ~ link ~ Their 'math' goes like this: bullshit + bullshit = bullshit.   Stirling    
"Terror" Intelligence suggested 'Enormous Attack' possibility in United States ~ link ~ So why close embassies abroad???  The BS does not even remotely make any sense.  It is grade school level BS to scare the stupid!  Stirling    

US Government in turmoil over "Big New Al-Qaeda Plot" while Obama Administration fund them ~ link ~ Details ... don't bother us with details ... RIGHT!   Stirling   

22 US Embassies on HIGH ALERT - Here Comes the Boogie Man Again ~ link
US Embassy closures extended over militant "threat" fears - with video ~ link
Is the Government exaggerating the threat of terror for political reasons? ~ link ~ NO KIDDING  Stirling   
Members of Congress denied access to basic information about NSA ~ link ~ Well of course ... those damn congressmen just might be terrorists ... really ... NOT!   None of this is even remotely 'the American way',  none of this is even remotely legal, none of this is even remotely constitutional, none of this should EVER BE TOLERATED by the American people or Congress, however both seem to have a real shortage of 'balls'!   Stirling      
Gleen Greenwald mocks "robust oversight" of NSA spying - video ~ link ~ Good One.   Stirling   
US extends embassy closings: Warnings renew debate over NSA data collection ~ link 
We cannot lose this fight: Defeat the NSA ~ link ~ Actually the NSA is not the enemy, it is the globalist and Zionist forces that seek to enslave us all in a high tech police state that are the enemies of the human race!!!  Stirling    
Reading of Bill before US House of Representatives with many key words "classified" - video ~ link ~ Since when in the hell can bills be passed with key words/etc. blocked out and "classified" inserted???  That is NOT constitutional ... it is NOT democracy ... it is FASCISM pure and simple!!!  You have got to view this short video.   Stirling   
Japan finally admits the truth: "Right now, we have an emergency at Fukushima" ~ link ~ The events at Fukushima, and the response/lack of response to them by the Japanese Government and the governments of much of the World is not only tragic but rather insane.  This is a terrible disaster that continues to get worse and is poisoning the Pacific Ocean and much of the planet for thousands of years.   Stirling       
Global Depression - USA: 50 Million go hungry each day ~ link 
40% of all US workers now make less than what a full-time minimum wage worker made in 1968 ~ link ~ Screwed to the max by the tiny demonic global elite!!!   Stirling   
The "New Economy" is a No Jobs Economy ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling    

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