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World War III is close.

24 August 2013
Fifth Update 
US prepares military assault on
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US officials have outlined a series of options that are being considered for a direct assault by American and allied military forces against Syria, using Wednesday’s alleged chemical weapons attack as the pretext. The stepped-up military preparations make clear that the events on Wednesday are part of a provocation to justify yet another neo-colonial war in the Middle East.

The growing threat of direct US intervention in the war for regime-change against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was also underscored Friday by President Obama, who used an interview on CNN to indicate he was seeking to marshal international support and some form of legal cover for a US-led attack.

Syrian Army finds chemicals in militants tunnels - with video ~ link ~ Don't hold your breath waiting for the globalist owned - Zionist ran mainstream news media to report this!   Stirling    

US considers air war in Kosovo as precedent for Syria strike ~ link ~ Back then Russia had just undergone the breakup of the USSR.  Now it has rebuilt a large part of its military and it is NOT willing to allow NATO to destroy Syria, Iran and Lebanon!!!  Nor is China and several other nations!!!  And that means WWIII is near!!!  Stirling   

In an effort to bypass the United Nations, national security aides to President Barack Obama are looking at the war in Kosovo in the late 1990s as a possible blueprint for military action against Syria.

Faced with the possibility of a Russian veto at the UN Security Council, President Obama is considering whether to order military strikes against Syria without a UN mandate, according to The New York Times.

In 1999, former president Bill Clinton used the endorsement of NATO and the pretext of protecting a vulnerable population to justify 78 days of airstrikes against Kosovo without seeking approval from the UN.

Obama indicated on Friday that doing so in Syria would require a robust international coalition.

“If the US goes in and attacks another country without a UN mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented, then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it, do we have the coalition to make it work?” Obama said in an interview with CNN.

In ongoing White House meetings, President Obama and senior officials from the Pentagon and the State Department are discussing a range of options, including airstrikes, for Syria after allegations emerged that the Syrian government was behind a recent chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs.

The Syrian government and the army categorically denied any role in Wednesday’s alleged chemical attack.

A senior administration official told the Times on condition of anonymity that the Kosovo precedent was one of many options being discussed in White House meetings on Syria.

“It’s a step too far to say we’re drawing up legal justifications for an action, given that the president hasn’t made a decision,” said the official. “But Kosovo, of course, is a precedent of something that is perhaps similar.”

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Friday that Obama had asked the Pentagon to prepare military options for Syria. He added that naval forces were being positioned closer to Syria in anticipation of a possible order for attack by the president.

Meanwhile, in a statement released on Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry said evidence was mounting that the chemical attack was "clearly provocative in nature" and that footage posted online seeking to incriminate the Syrian government had been posted before the chemical attack actually took place.

It also accused the insurgents of "directly impeding an objective investigation" of the incident.  

Syrian rebels use toxic chemicals against Syrian government troops near Damascus ~ link ~ Just one more use of weapons-of-mass-destruction against Syria to try to provoke them into responding.  Israel and the globalists are desperate to widen the war before their mercenaries are wiped off the map by Syrian forces.   Stirling    

False Flag chemical weapons attack on Syria ~ link ~ Good one Steve!  Stirling   

Propaganda Overdrive Suggests Syria War Coming Soon ~ link ~ This is a detailed article that is well worth your read.  Stirling    

Multiple reports say that USA is preparing for possible strike on Syria ~ link 

Go Time: "Pentagon is making the initial preparations for a Cruise Missile Attack" ~ link ~ I suspect that this is beyond "initial preparations" at this point!   Stirling     

Syria chemical Mayhem: Another Israeli False-Flag? ~ link ~ Do bears shit in the woods?   Stirling   

To answer that question, we must ask: How could Israel immediately know who was behind the Syrian chemical attack?
Israeli leaders have amazing powers of clairvoyance. Whenever a huge, history-steering terror attack happens, the Israelis immediately know who did it. Before the dust settles, they stand up and tell the world exactly what it all means – and provide the script for the way they want the world to react.
Christopher Bollyn reminds us: “Within minutes of the airplane crashes on 9/11, Ehud Barak (the founder and master of the Israeli military’s covert operation force, the Sayeret Matkal) was in the London studio of the BBC World ready to provide a plausible (and political) explanation to the world. Barak, the real mastermind of 9/11, was the first person to call for a ‘War on Terror’ – and US intervention in Afghanistan and the Middle East.” Like Ehud Barak minutes after 9/11, Moshe Yaalon stood up just hours after the Syrian chemical weapons tragedy and provided an apparently pre-scripted narrative.

US Navy to reinforce Marine taskforce in Australia ~ link ~ Don't for a minute think that Australia and New Zealand will be safe in WWIII, they are included the the war plans for the China - Japan War Theater.   Stirling    

The centrality of Australia to US war plans against China was underscored by President Obama’s decision to formally announce his “pivot” in the Australian parliament in November 2011. At the same time, he announced an agreement with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to base US Marines in Darwin. The number of Marines is due to expand from 250 to 1,150 next year and 2,500 in 2016.

Washington and Canberra have both been at pains to disguise the purpose of the deployment of US Marines, suggesting they could be used for humanitarian and other non-military purposes. However, US Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, bluntly declared in his just-released “Navigation Plan 2014-2018” that his basic tenets were “warfighting first, operate forward and be ready.”

The End Is Near: The War will cover up the economic collapse ~ link ~ A Perfect Cornucopia From Hell is about to dump its rotten fruits on us all!!!   Stirling    

Nuclear experts: Portion of Fukushima's molten fuel believed to have 'moved into Earth' - Melted cores contacting groundwater may be cause of recent spike in radiation levels ~ link ~ Fukushima is a rather large example of the global elites creation of multiple Population Reduction Programs.  There is NO EXCUSE for the lack of meaningful action there in two and a half years!!!   Stirling      

Lawmaker: Declare 'State of Emergency' right away and intervene at Fukushima ~ link ~ This should have been done 2 1/2 years ago!  Stirling    

Tepco radioactive flow raises alarm over seafood safety ~ link ~ Between the radiation dangers in seafood in the Pacific Ocean and the oil/Corexit dangers in seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, and the lying about their seafood from the seafood industry, it is really best to avoid all seafood now unless you are certain from where it comes from.  Stirling    

13 Mass Public Poisons ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this highly important article!  Stirling   

Aspartame: Putting the Die into dieting since 1981 ~ link ~ One of several Population Reduction Programs running.   Stirling   

Will you be ready if the Grid goes down? ~ link ~ In WWIII you can expect that the Grid WILL BE TAKEN DOWN!  Just one more nightmare.  Oh yes, and when the Grid is down, you can eventually expect a rash of nuclear powerplant disasters ... as in Fukushima here, Fukushima there, Fukushima everywhere!!!  Stirling    
It is a fact that our country is more reliant on electrical power today than at any time in its history. Our way of life – from everyday conveniences and the security of local emergency services to commerce and communications – is contingent upon an always on, always available flow of electricity. But an aging infrastructure coupled with a rise in natural and man-made disasters threatens our entire modern day digital infrastructure. According to many experts from the private and public sector, we’re just one major catastrophic event away from a complete meltdown of life in America as we know it today. 

New Chinese Bird Flu may be worse than H7N9 ~ link ~ If you believe that all these new viruses have nothing to do with the recent (25 or so year old) DNA recombination genetic engineering technology, you need to re-screw you head on!!!  Stirling     

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