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 29 August 2013
Third Update

The humbling of David Cameron: On a momentous night, Tory rebellion forces Prime Minister to rule out military strike against Syria ... and plunges him into a deep political crisis ~ link ~ He may be forced to resign as Prime Minister or be replaced by the Party over this, and soon.   Stirling    

The result will not only dismay allies in Washington and elsewhere seeking a wide coalition of support for air strikes to punish the regime but also raise serious questions about Mr Cameron's leadership.

It is also a blow for Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who firmly backed the Government's position.

In Stunning Move UK Parliament Rejects Syrian Military Strike - Obama is "Willing To Go It Alone" ~ link ~ Tough talk from the White House but I doubt that the US will act alone on this now.   Stirling   

Moments ago the UK House of Commons, in a razor thin vote, rejected the Cameron proposal for military action in Syria with a vote 285 to 272. Cameron promptly said he would respect the will of the House of Commons and UK Defense Secretary Phillip Hammond confirmed there would be no UK military intervention in Syria. Incidentally, this may have been the best outcome for an already humiliated British premier who will avoid being dragged into an unpopular war having both sided with his greatest ally, the US, and also relented and listened to the voice of the people. More importantly, the "people" in the UK actually had a voice, which is more than can so far be said about developments in the US. And speaking of the US, the NYT reports that even as the Syrian war "option" is slowly being shut out for staunch US allies (except for France of course), that Obama is "willing to move ahead with a limited military strike on Syria even while allies like Britain are debating whether to join the effort [ZH: and have now voted against it] and without an endorsement from the United Nations Security Council" citing senior administration officials.

The ETA for a unilateral move by Obama may be as soon as Saturday:

UK Parliament Rejects Syria Action ~ link ~ British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a preliminary vote on Syria, an early sign of the pushback Western governments may face as they prepare to launch an attack.
Britain will NOT join military strike after shock government defeat ~ link ~ The UK will NOT take part in military action against Syria after David Cameron suffered an earth-shattering Commons defeat tonight.
Cameron defeated on Syria vote ~ link ~ In what is thought to be an unprecedented parliamentary reverse over British military action, Tory rebels joined with Labour to inflict a humiliating defeat on the Prime Minister. A motion backing the use of force "if necessary" in response to last week's deadly chemical weapons attack was rejected by 272 votes to 285, majority 13.
Only 8% of Brits wanted urgent military strikes ~ link 

Stunning blow for Government as they lose vote on military intervention in Syria ~ link ~ A number of Tory and Liberal Democrat MPs - who have spoken out regularly against military intervention in Syria - either supported Labour and voted against the Government or did not cast a vote.

Mr Cameron had been forced to pull back from the brink yesterday and table a motion in the Commons, which said the Government would support military action only if further evidence from the United Nations supported the view that Syrian president Bashar Assad's regime had used chemical weapons.
UK Prime Minister Cameron loses Syria War vote ~ link ~ British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a vote endorsing military action against Syria by 13 votes Thursday, a stunning defeat that will almost guarantee that Britain plays no direct role in any U.S. attack on Bashar Assad's government...
The defeat was as dramatic as it was unexpected. At the start of the week, Cameron had seemed poised to join Washington in possible military action against Assad. The suspected chemical weapons attacks took place Aug. 21 in suburbs east and west of Damascus. The humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders has said the strikes killed 355 people. 
Britain rules out military strike on Syria ~ link Prime Minister David Cameron said that Britain would not participate militarily in any strike against Syria after he lost a parliamentary vote by 13 votes on Thursday on an anodyne motion urging an international response. 
Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary general, told reporters in Vienna that the inspectors would complete their work on Friday and report to him on Saturday. On Thursday, the inspectors traveled in a six-car convoy toward the Ghouta neighborhood for a third day of collecting evidence and samples, activists said, and were focusing on the Zamalka area. 

Obama willing to pursue solo Syria strikes, aides say ~ link ~ Congress needs to be recalled into emergency session NOW.   Stirling   
Washington and London: A study in contrasts over Syria debate ~ link ~ The British Parliament spent Thursday slugging it out over Syria. The U.S. Congress stayed away. For the fourth straight week. 
  If you want a rousing debate over whether the United States should launch a military strike against the Syrian regime, you’ll have to head overseas or surf the Internet and find a British site.

Leaked documents reveal US sees Israel as a Major Spying Threat ~ link ~ The Obama administration views Israel as one of the top spying threats facing its intelligence services, leaked documents reveal.

A secret budget request obtained by The Washington Post from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden lumps Israel alongside U.S. foes Iran and Cuba as “key targets” for U.S. counterintelligence efforts. The document suggests Israel does not believe U.S. assurances that its interests are aligned with Israel's on crucial issues such as Iran and peace talks with the Palestinians.

Israelis hit out over gas mask shortage - with video ~ link ~ Many are waking up to the fact that the nuts that run their government don't really care about them or their families.  What many people don't know is that there are many military gases that a gas mask alone will not protect you ... the gas is skin absorbent and your need a full NBC (nuclear biological chemical warfare) suit with the gas mask and they are NOT giving the Israeli civilians this!!!  Stirling   

Russia and USA send additional warships to Med ~ link ~ Russia and the US have sent further warships to boost their military capacity in the Mediterannean as expectations grow of an imminent strike on Syria.

Syria's ally Russia is sending an anti-submarine ship and a missile cruiser to the Mediterranean, according to Russian news agency Interfax.

French and Russia warships 'head for Syria' ~ link ~ France has sent one of its latest anti-air warfare frigates to the eastern Mediterranean, a French magazine reported on Thursday, while Russian media said that Moscow has despatched two warships to the same area, which is met by Syria’s only coast.


USA deploys fifth warship near Syria - with video ~ link ~ The Pentagon is moving a fifth warship armed with cruise missiles to the eastern Mediterranean Sea, giving the U.S. more firepower for a possible attack on Syria in response to alleged use of chemical weapons, a defense official said.

The guided-missile destroyer Stout is expected to arrive in the area Thursday, joining four other missile-carrying U.S. destroyers within range of Syria.

Read more here:

Fifth US destroyer heads toward Syria ~ link
A fifth US Navy destroyer is on its way to the eastern Mediterranean as international concerns grow over Washington and its allies' intentions to bomb Syria.
The US has already beefed up its military presence in the eastern Mediterranean.
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