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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

World War III is close.

28 August 2013
Second Update

US troops mobilized along Jordan-Syrian border ~ link ~ So much for yesterday's 'no ground war' words from Obama!   Stirling    
US troops backed by tanks and fighter jets have been mobilized along the Jordan-Syria border, as the West appears to be moving toward military action against Damascus, reports say. 
US Marine units positioned near Syria ~ link 
SAS hunting Syrian missiles as allies prepare for bombing blitz ~ link ~ British Special Forces were last night hunting Syrian missiles in readiness for Allied strikes which could start as early as tomorrow night. Cruise missile attacks and RAF raids are expected in response to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons. A military source said: “It is vital they find every missile site that could threaten British ships or RAF jets and they will probably be taken out by missiles fired from offshore. The risk of capture to these Special Forces units is off the scale and nobody can be trusted in Syria.” The British hunt for missiles and chemical weapons – which includes the SAS, Special Boat Service, Special Reconnaissance Regiment and MI6 spies – is one of the most hazardous in modern times as they are up against Assad’s forces as well as some rebel elements. At the top of the hit list are the President’s sophisticated long-range mobile missile batteries – some of which could be used against our jets. Special Forces troops will use laser and satellite technology to pinpoint the exact location of the key sites so they can be hit in a way that minimizes the risk to civilians. 
Israel says it won't 'stay on sidelines' if Syria attacks - Israel calls up reserves  ~ link Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is about to get the war that he has wanted and worked for so long.  It will destroy his nation and bring the greatest horror in human history.   Stirling  
Syrians in capital hoard food, seek shelter as strike looms ~ link ~ At grocery stores, shoppers loaded up on bread, dried goods and canned foods, fearing they may face shortages if a strike hits the city. The items most in demand were batteries and water.

Middle East including Israel on High Alert ~ link 
No Apparent endgame Strategy for US War on Syria ~ link ~ Since the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, officials have been insistent that future US wars would have limited goals and well defined endgame strategies. That has been conspicuously absent with respect to Syria.
The “goals,” to the extent they’ve been presented to the public at all, seem to begin and end with lobbing a bunch of missiles at Syria and declaring it “punishment.” That’s where things get complicated. 
World War III: Iranian officials say Israel will be "Set On Fire" if US strikes - with video ~ link ~ Senior Syrian and Iranian officials have again warned that should the US pursue military action in Syria, the state of Israel will find itself firmly and immediately in their crosshairs. “If Damascus comes under attack, Tel Aviv will be targeted too and a full-scale war against Syria will actually issue a license for attacking Israel,” said a Syrian army official in comments to Iran’s Fars News Agency.
Mission all-but-impossible: Destroying Syria's Chemical Weapons from the Air ~ linkTaking out Syria’s chemical-weapons stockpile isn’t easy – and is fraught with perils, including creating plumes of deadly vapors that could kill civilians downwind of such attacks.
That’s why Pentagon officials suggest that any U.S. and allied military strike against Syria will tilt toward military, and command and control, targets —including artillery and missile units that could be used to launch chemical weapons — instead of the bunkers believed to contain them.

Quietly, Israel Drives US Attack on Syria ~ link ~ I fear that many, many Americans will pay with their lives, in World War III, for the insanity of allowing tiny racist Israel to drive American politics and our foreign and military policy!  Stirling  
Israel has clearly been quite comfortable with the idea of the US attacking Syria, but new revelations suggest that behind the scenes they have actually been the driving force on selling the Obama Administration on the narrative behind it.
The US has conspicuously insisted that the rebels’ story is “undeniable” even though they have never presented any proof of it, but the secret “proof” which is never put forth for public scrutiny apparently comes straight from Israeli intelligence.
Syria warns Israel will pay dearly if their county is attacked by USA ~ link 
Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Israel Armed Forces on High Alert ~ link Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad appear to have evacuated most personnel from army and security command headquarters in central Damascus in preparation for a possible Western military strike, residents and opposition sources said on Wednesday.
Showdown looms: Military strike likely only days away ~ link 
Syria: US asks Greece for Military Base Access for War on Syria ~ link ~ The two bases in Peloponnesus and on Crete would be used by the American air force and navy for transportation purposes. The Greek government has given the green light but stated that it will not take part in any direct military action in Syria for fear of reprisals.
According to reports, the US authorities are reluctant to use Turkish military bases because of Ankara's strong support for the Assad opposition.

Turkish airbase Injirlik can be used in military campaign against Syria ~ link ~ If Western countries start a military campaign against Syria, possibly, Turkish military base Injilik will be used, "Hurriyet" newspaper reported on Monday.

According to the publication, the use of base Injirlik will be discussed in Jordan on August 30, during the meeting of senior military commanders from 11 countries.

2+2= Israel nuked the WTC on 9/11 ~ link ~ Unlike WTC-7, which was destroyed by a classic controlled demolition where all the floors fell at the same time, none of the floors were blown apart, and there was a stack of debris equal to 12% of the original height of the 47-story building, the Twin Towers were blow apart from the top down, they were converted into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust, each floor remained stationary until its turn came and, when it was over, the buildings had been destroyed belong ground level: there was no stack of around 12 floors of debris. They did not collapse. They were blown apart using mini or micro nukes, which too many have continued to deny for too long.
Indeed, if we assume that it was done by blowing one ten-floor cube per second, then the time for the destruction of the 110-floor North Tower would have been approximately 11 seconds, which is the time estimate of NIST. And when we note that the top three floors of the South Tower had begun to tilt and were blown as one, then the time for its destruction would have been approximately 9 seconds, which is also in agreement withe the time estimate of NIST. This appears to have been roughly how it was done, where we will continue to fine-tune the sequence as we continue. 
Henry Kissinger implicated in 9/11 attacks ~ link ~ Christopher Bollyn has pointed out that Ehud Barak, chief of the Israeli military’s special operations force, apparently spent several months in the US in 2001 helping organize the 9/11 attacks. Barak was in the BBC’s London studies just minutes after the World Trade Center was struck, blaming “al-Qaeda” and calling on the US to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Barak’s foreknowledge of 9/11, and his scripting the desired global response, makes him a prime suspect in the attacks.

But Ehud Barak wasn’t the only one with that kind of foreknowledge. Henry Kissinger also popped up on TV before the World Trade Center dust had settled, reading from exactly the same script.

US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chemical attack - video ~ link ~ Investigative journalists inside Georgia and the region have traced shipments of chemical weapons to American controlled sources in the region.

Here, the weapons from Georgia are being deployed by US backed Al Qaeda terrorists.

Prince Bandar and the Zionist Lobby ~ link ~ Maneuvering Obama Into a Prolonged Syrian War

Obama set for "Holy Tomahawk War" ~ link
On Sunday, the White House said it had ''very little doubt'' that the Bashar al-Assad government used chemical weapons against its own citizens. On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry ramped it up to ''undeniable'' - and accused Assad of ''moral obscenity''.

So when the US bombed Fallujah with white phosphorus in late 2004 it was just taking the moral high ground. And when the US helped Saddam Hussein to gas Iranians in 1988 it was also taking the moral high ground. 
VP Biden in 2007 video threatening to Impeach Bush if he launches an attack without Congressional authority - video ~ link  
The Perverse Core of Christian Zionism (Part II) ~ link ~ Premillennialist George Eldon Ladd says, “The basic watershed between a dispensational and a nondispensational theology” is that dispensationalism “forms its eschatology by a literal interpretation of the Old Testament and then fits the New Testament into it. A nondispensational eschatology forms its theology from the explicit teaching of the New Testament.”
For a dispensationalist or a Judaizer, many of the teachings in the Old Testament must take precedence over the teachings in New Testament—and sometimes even the teachings of Christ.

Video: Enzymes, Cancer and Healthy Blood Pressure - with videos ~ link ~ Save this one, copy it to friends, and live by will save your life.  Stirling  

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