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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

World War III is close.

26 August 2013
Second Update

United Kingdom: No UN mandate needed for Syrian intervention ~ link ~ This demonic puppet speaks of "great humanitarian need and humanitarian distress" as he lies his nation and the planet into the Third World War.  What a evil jerk!!!   Stirling  
British foreign minister Hague has told BBC radio Western forces could intervene in Syria even if they have no UN mandate. "It is possible to take action based on great humanitarian need and humanitarian distress," he said. He added that all other diplomatic efforts "have failed so far."
France and USA say Syria is guilty of chemical attack ~ link ~ Two leading foxes, dripping with blood on their faces, say the chickens in the hen house are guilty of attacking themselves.   This crap sounds like the Nazis blaming Poland for attacking Germany to start World War II.    Stirling     
French President Hollande and US officials in statements on Sunday said Syria is guilty of a large-scale chemical weapons attack in Damascus last week. Syria denies it and has allowed UN inspectors to visit the site. Russia urged the US not to repeat "mistakes of the past" by military intervention.
Debka: UN experts to hunt for chemical shell shrapnel - AS THE WEST IS POSED TO STRIKE SYRIA THIS WEEK  ~ link ~ Wither or not it is this week or next week, it will become the week that WWIII started!!!  Stirling  
The position of the Gulf emirates and Saudi Arabia is less cut and dried. Riyadh doesn’t want a targeted strike but an early all-out offensive for overthrowing the Assad regime once and for all.

This opens up the possibility of a separate Saudi-Qatari-UAE assault in Syria, coordinated with Washington, but conducted in different regions from those targeted by the US-led lineup.

15 Signs that Obama has already made the Decision to Go To War with Syria ~ link ~ It is worthwhile to note that the US Navy is keeping its super-carriers and assault carriers OUT of the Eastern  Mediterranean.  Syria has some very dangerous Russian anti-shipping missiles, such as the Onix hyper-sonic nightmare of a missile.  And the Russian war fleet there is very well armed.  The four USN guided-missile destroyers, however, are "in harms way" and the decision may have been made to sacrifice them.  Stirling  

Syria's Reichstag Moment ~ link ~ Good take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling   
The War Drive Against Syria ~ link ~ Ten years after the US government went to war in Iraq on the basis of lies about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction (WMD), a no less grotesque provocation is being concocted by Paris, London, and Washington to justify a new war of aggression against Syria.  
The allegations that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad carried out mass chemical weapons attacks last Wednesday in Ghouta, near Damascus, lack any credibility.
What now lies ahead is a terrifying panic and collapse ~ link ~ All programmed by the Global Banking Cartel!!!  Stirling    
Obama Administration is spearheading the growth of part-time labor ~ link ~ The super-elite (the .0001%) want much more, so the rest of us can do with much less)!   Stirling   
The growth of part-time and temporary jobs at the expense of full-time positions is not simply the result of “objective” economic forces. It is an essential aspect of an offensive against the living standards and social conditions of the working class that has been intensified since the Wall Street crash of September 2008.
The Obama administration is directing this attack, encouraging wage cutting and the reduction of large sections of workers to the status of casual laborers. Obama’s so-called health care “reform,” the ACA, was designed to facilitate this process by encouraging employers to reduce the hours of employees so as to evade requirements that they provide health insurance to full-time workers. 
Obama's puerile molestation of the Constitution is gruesome and exceptionally dangerous ~ link ~ It has become painfully clear that Barack holds an al a carte theory of American law—to be taken piece by piece, but not by whole. For example, he clearly does not consider the Constitution binding, unless its’ mandates already fit into his plans. For this reason it is inevitable that when Obama taught “constitutional law” as an unpublished, non-professor instructor,  he would have used the theory of evolving “living law.” (see Teaching Law, Testing Ideas, Obama Stood Slightly Apart) Therefore, when we observe Barack as making legal decisions off the cuff, he uses the style of lex animata, or the living law. In effect, an elected office holder becomes the very embodiment of what the Founders fought against—much to their grave-turning horror.

Federal courts are obstructing BP lawsuit: Evidence proven ~ link ~ The US court system, following the rest of the official governmental system, has become very corrupt at a high level.   That is why some are referring to America as the world's first FOURTH WORLD nation...a former FIRST WORLD nation that is undergoing an economic collapse and has high levels of official corruption but not (yet at least) at the petty levels so often seen in THIRD WORLD nations.   Stirling    


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