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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

World War III is close.

23 August 2013

Australian military planners in Washington work on Syrian War plans ~ link ~ It is looking more and more like the eve of the First World War, when the at the outbreak of the First World War Viscount Gray said, "The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our time" and the nightmare (which was suppose to last only a few months at worst) began!!!  Stirling     

Obama: Syria chemical weapon claim a 'grave concern' ~ link ~ If Obama allows the globalists and Zionists to begin a General Middle East War and the Third World War there will be a ungodly number of graves to be dug in the days ahead!!!   Stirling    

French Foreign Minister threatens War if UN Security Council fails to act ~ link ~ The hidden hand of the Rothschilds at work!!!   Stirling    

Tripoli, Lebanon rocked by deadly explosions - At least 29 killed and over 350 injured - with video ~ link ~ link ~ Death toll now up to 42 and 500 injured ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Sounds like the 'usual suspects' are playing their False Flag bombing games to spread all the hate that they can between the different factions in Lebanon as we head towards what will be the "GREAT HOLOCAUST OF THE HUMAN RACE"/WORLD WAR III.   Stirling    
British MP: Israel provides terrorists in Syria with chemical weapons ~ link ~ This is an important article because it gives the details of how the "news" of the chemical attack was released by the so-called "rebels" the DAY BEFORE it supposedly took place!!!  No wonder the globalists hate Press TV and George Galloway, MP.  They just can't stand the truth!Also see this story ~ link ~ and this one ~ link  Stirling   
A British lawmaker says he believes the Israeli regime was the main culprit behind killing hundreds of civilians in Syria, because it provided terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda with chemical weapons they used against civilians.

“If there’s been any use of nerve gas, it’s the rebels that used it...If there has been use of chemical weapons, it was Al Qaeda who used the chemical weapons”, said Respect Party MP for Bradford West, George Galloway.

“Who gave Al Qaeda the chemical weapons? Here’s my theory: Israel gave them the chemical weapons”, Galloway MP added.

Meanwhile, media reports had it that Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV and Reuters news agency published the news of massacre in East Ghouta, Damascus “one day” before the massacre happened.

According to the reports tens of videos were uploaded before foreign-backed terrorists announced and accused the Syrian government of conducting chemical attacks on its own people. Those evidences show the terrorists massacred people, including women and children, then recorded and uploaded the scenes to deceive the world’s public opinion, but they did so hurriedly and gave themselves up.

The question here is why the Syrian government and its army should have committed such a heinous mass murder using chemical weapons when the United Nations inspectors are visiting the country to investigate the use of such weapons?

The foreign-backed terrorists and mercenaries hired by certain regional Arab countries are making up those allegations against the popular government of President Bashar al Assad to invoke a foreign armed intervention in Syria the same as what they did in Libya.

Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV published the news of the alleged chemical weapons attack by the Syrian army, citing unknown activists as its source.

A website funded by foreign-backed terrorists also uploaded videos of the alleged attacks and wrote that “Baath Regime used chemical weapons in East Ghouta, Damascus, Jobar, Ain Tarma, Zamalka, Western Ghouta, Muaddamiyah around 03: 30 am.”

At the same time, one of the well-known pro- terrorists’ Youtube account ‘SHAMSNN’ swiftly uploaded tens of videos between 03: 00 and 04: 00 am, 20 August. The same people behind all these scenarios accused the government of Syria and its army of carrying out chemical attacks on 21 August.

Now, even if the chemical attacks had happened at 03:30 on 20 August, it’s not possible to film the scenes and upload tens of videos of these heinous crimes with the best quality pictures.

Therefore, all the evidence shows is that foreign-backed terrorists perpetrated the crimes, filmed and uploaded the scenes and went to their mouthpieces such as al Jazeera, al-Arabiya, Sky News and Reuters to accuse the Syrian government of a massacre the terrorists did.

Another best evidence of such brutality by the terrorists, who are regularly coming close to their end of life, is that they had gathered innocent civilians including women and children into certain places, killed them by nerve gas and filmed the brutal murder scenes, then they did what they were ordered to accuse the Syrian government.

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi highlighted certain countries’ hostile stance towards his country telling the world that a media and political campaign of lies is being circulated by certain Arab and foreign media outlets including al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya, Sky News and others which are involved in the shedding of Syrian blood and supporting terrorism, with the objective of distracting the UN committee of inspectors of its mission to investigate which party to the conflict has used chemical weapons.

“The cries of terrorists and their calls for aid accompany the fact that the Armed Forces are advancing on the ground, and also accompany the fabricated campaign waged by some channels in desperate bid to imbue false morale in the armed terrorist groups,” he said. 
Russia slams 'unacceptable' calls to use force in Syria ~ link ~ In a statement released on Friday by the country’s Foreign Ministry, it said Moscow is against further propaganda targeting the Syrian regime.

"Against the background of another anti-Syrian wave of propaganda, we believe calls from some European countries to apply pressure on the UN Security Council and already now take a decision on the use of force are unacceptable," Russian Foreign Ministry said in the statement.
In addition, Russian Foreign Ministry said evidence was mounting that the attack was "clearly provocative in nature" and that footage posted online claiming to incriminate the Syrian regime had been posted before the chemical attack took place. It also accused the insurgents of "directly impeding an objective investigation" of the incident.

There were also calls by the Ministry earlier on Friday for Takfiri militants operating in Syria to “ensure safe access” for the UN investigation team to the area where chemical weapons were allegedly used. 

Report: CIA commandos and US Special Forces entered Syria several days ago, shortly before the chemical warfare attack ~ link ~ DEBKA tried to spin this ~ link ~ as "the reason Assad used chemical weapons"  (I would award the dreaded Five BS Flag Award on this but it melted from all the hot air BS.)  These reports are important however, because generally before a large scale military action takes place they send in the Special Forces and long-range recon teams to locate hidden vital military sites.  We did this in the Gulf War and the Iraqi War as well as in the Afghan War.  This is a strong indication that US/NATO/Israeli military action is very near!!!  Stirling  
US special operations and CIA teams, along with Israeli and Jordanian troops, have entered Syria to command members of the militant groups fighting against the Syrian government, according to a French newspaper.

“According to our information, Le Figaro reported on Thursday, “The regime's opponents, supervised by Jordanian, Israeli and American commandos have been moving towards Damascus since mid-August.”

US and Jordanian teams have set up a training camp in Jordan where special operations units are training members of the militant groups in Syria.

According to Le Figaro, the first group of these specially trained militant fighters, commanded by American special forces, crossed the border into Syria on August 17 along with a number of CIA operatives. A second group joined them two days later, the report said.

The newspaper cites military sources saying the operation began in the southern Syrian region of Deraa.

DEBKAfile, an Israeli newspaper, also reported that up to 250 US-trained rebels entered an area of Syria near the Israeli border this past Saturday and were joined by an additional 300 on Monday.

The US troops and intelligence officers reportedly made their way into Syria a few days before reports emerged that hundreds of men, women and children were killed by an alleged chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus.

The alleged chemical attack, which some experts argue was suspicious, prompted the United States and other Western courtiers to call for a military response.

US officials said Thursday that the Pentagon was refining its military options for possible strikes on a number of government and military installations in Syria, the Wall Street Journal reported. 
War Looms: Report: Hundreds of American Troops and CIA Operatives have entered Syria ~ link 
Obama officials weight response to "Syrian" assault ~ link ~ Notice how the Zionist NY Times labels this an "Syrian Assault"!!!  Also see ~ link  Stirling     
Materials "implicating" Syrian government in chemical attack prepared BEFORE incident says Russia ~ link ~ The Russians are NOT letting this crap go without calling the 'West' for the obvious lies.  Not this time.  They did not call out the tactical nuke strikes by Israel, so as not to inflame matters, but this they are not allowing to go down unchallenged .  Stirling  

Materials implicating the forces of Syrian president Bashar Assad in chemical weapons use near Damascus were prepared prior to the alleged incident on August 21, the Russian foreign ministry said.  

Moscow continues to monitor closely the event surrounding the “alleged”  chemical attack near Damascus, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Aleksandr Lukashevich, said in a statement.  “We’re getting more new evidence that this criminal act was of a provocative nature,” he stressed. “In particular, there are reports circulating on the Internet, in particular that the materials of the incident and accusations against government troops had been posted for several hours before the so-called attack. Thus, it was a pre-planned action.”
Pentagon considering strikes on Syria ~ link ~ Insanity driven by demonic forces at work here!!!  Stirling    
In response to recent allegations of chemical attacks in Syria, the Pentagon has begun refining its military options for possible strikes in the Middle Eastern country, US officials said.

Officers at the Pentagon said they were updating target lists for potential airstrikes on a number of government and military installations in Syria, should President Barack Obama give the green-light to a military assault, officials said Thursday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The military options being revised at the Pentagon range from possible strikes on Syrian military "delivery capabilities and systems" to command-and-control facilities and artillery batteries, officials said. 
US refines 'Military Options' ahead of Syrian airstrikes ~ link ~ Now that the US has made up its mind once more and "knows" that Wednesday's chemical attack in Syria was conducted by the government and targeting the "rebels", even as the "developed" west calls for a UN investigation to determine just that, and as the US (including the CIA), Israel and Jordan have already sent an advance military force into Syria to conduct more false flag provocations and blame it on the regime, the only next step is to soften and prepare popular opinion for what comes next. And what comes next is on the front page of the WSJ this morning: "The U.S. began refining its military options for possible strikes in Syria, officials said... Officers at the Pentagon on Thursday were updating target lists for possible airstrikes on a range of Syrian government and military installations." Then again we have seen all this before. Surely, one of these times the administration will actually go ahead and push the button instead of just talking about it.
Syrian chemical warfare claims aim to provoke West intervention ~ link ~ Yep and that means World War III is very near now!!!  Stirling    
RT report on chemical 'attack' - video ~ link  
UN Sec-Gen: Use of chemical weapons in Syria would be 'a crime against humanity' ~ link ~ Yes, and it is high time that the real guilty parties get punished not the victims!!!   Stirling     


Anti-government demos going on in several Egyptian cities ~ link ~ Things continue to boil throughout the Middle East, and this is by design.  Stirling   


slim2none said...

Very few Americans read to heed Russia's 'calling out' the West on the false flags, lies and propaganda. Saying the words is a good start, but alone, it is insufficient to shortstop the machinations already in motion. I keep remembering the Edgar Cayce reading that 'Russia becomes the hope of the world'. Wasn't hope the last of mankind's potential ills to be released from Pandora's box? Hope is a double edged sword, a positive force when it leads to action, a negative when it leads to passivity. Wishin' and hopin' alone won't affect much.

Perhaps Russia is indeed a paper tiger: all show, no blow. Somewhat mystifying, considering that Putin is a pretty sharp dude, and surely recognizes that Russia herself is in that sequence of dots that eventually ends with Western worldwide hegemony.

Not that I'm hankering for war, quite the opposite. But, eventually there's gonna be a showdown. I've found that standing up to the bully is better done sooner, than later. Look at the USA, if only...well.

Sincere thanks to you, Stirling, for the wide variety of informational sources you bring to this blog, and the good work you do here.

May Creator help us all to fulfill with courage and honor the actions and deeds we have chosen to participate in here in this place, at this time.



Anonymous said...

BREAKING. @CBSNews has learned that the Pentagon is making the initial preparations for a Cruise missile attack on Syrian government forces

— Charlie Kaye (@CharlieKayeCBS) August 23, 2013

get ready