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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
2 August 2013 
Second Update
USA Escalates: Issues worldwide travel alert following embassy closures ~ link ~ With US leaks about Israeli air strike on Syria, John Kerry stirring the civil war pot in Egypt, and the closure of US embassies across the Muslim world (Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, UAE, Algeria, Mauritania, Sudan, Israel (Tel Aviv) and Jordan), it appears something is afoot. To add to the intrigue, the US State Department just issued a worldwide travel alert for US citizens.
USA in worldwide travel alert after "al-Qaeda" threat ~ link ~ Yep, old al-Qaeda is going to get you!  Run...hide...crap your pants...look under the bed...the dreaded al-Qaeda is after you!!!   Stirling     
USA issues a global travel alert and embassies across the Muslim world to close amid threats of a terrorist attack ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ I'm scared ... NOT!  The only real danger here is of a False Flag Attack to be blamed on the mythical "al-Qaeda".   Stirling      
Revealed: CIA had 21 agents on the ground during Benghazi ...  ~ link ~ I am not sure what really was going on at Benghazi.  I suspect that it was an attempt to make Obama look good before the election, an attempt that somehow went wrong.  I am told that the US Ambassador was not only killed, but he and some other Americans were castrated, raped and murdered!  Now, I suspect, what is happening is that this terrible event is being used to put pressure on Obama to follow the Netanyahu line on what to do to Syria and Iran.  Stirling   
Obama dispensing Benghazi survivors around US and changing their names - video ~ link 
4 Out of 5 Americans face joblessness and poverty ~ link ~ OK, dumbass sheeple, it's time to turn off the 'reality television' and do something to take back your nation and lives, while you still can.  Or is that simply too much to ask???   Stirling        

Millennial Moochers: Record 21.6 million young adults still living with mom and dad ~ link ~ Yes, let's blame the young adults who can't find livable wages/jobs.  It must be their fault not the fault of the tiny super-elite global banksters who have engineered this Global Depression so that they can bring in their demonic New World Order.  The violence in the streets in Egypt has MUCH MORE TO DO WITH ECONOMICS THAN ANY SUPPORT OR LACK THEREOF FOR THE ARMY OR MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, OF COURSE THE MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA WILL NEVER MENTION THIS.  When/if the people of the world really wake up and understand who/how such a tiny minority is screwing them, there will be real hell to pay.   Stirling     
Ten times more waiter and bartender jobs than manufacturing jobs added in 2013 ~ link ~ Yet, those are great can really raise a family and have a life on the income from such a "good job"...NOT!!!   Stirling   
Why the $500 TRILLION rich Rothschilds are NOT on the Forbes richest people list? - video ~ link 
Ten Atrocities that would NOT EXIST without Usury ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling     
Obama creates twice as many food stamp dependents than new jobs ~ link  
Uruguay's common sense on cannabis ~ link ~ Why send young people to prison for nothing???  Why not tax weed and control it instead of allowing the criminal class to profit from it???   Stirling       

The Mind of David Dees Illustrations - video ~ link ~ Dees does great illustrations and Morris does great interviews.   Stirling    

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