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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


Holy Shroud of Turin
19 August 2013

Syrians rally in support of Army in Homs - with video ~ link ~ Unlike the foreigners who make up almost all of the so-called "Free Syrian Army" mercenaries, the actual Syrian Army is made up of Syrian young men fighting for their families, their land, their nation.  And the Syrian people support their own!   Stirling     

Israel uses talks with Palestinian Authority for expansionism - with video ~ link ~ The Israelis think that they are so clever, always pulling some crap like this.  What they are really doing is ensuring that their nation is always at war/near war with its neighbors and sooner or later it will reap a sad harvest from this arrogant behavior.   Stirling     

What the USA and Russia are really fighting over: Pipelines ~ link ~ It is NOT that simple.  The revenue from the pipelines is a part of the mix, as is the control of a international reserve currency.  But beyond that it is a struggle for world dominance, especially by the global banksters.  Beyond even that, it is a plot by the fallen Lucifer to destroy this planet and the Human Race while he, and his 'demonic dimensional' empire still has power on this world.   Stirling      

Commodities: Egyptian bloodbath threatens crucial routes for oil and gas supplies ~ link ~ Some have speculated that the near civil war crisis in Egypt is designed to afford Israel the opportunity to seize the Suez Chanel and put themselves in a key position over the flow of oil and natural gas to a large part of the world's population.  This could be, but I am not sure even the Israelis are that insane!!!  Who knows, however, just how great the scope of their greed and global ambitions really are!   Stirling    

Israel's booming secretive arms trade ~ link ~ This leads many to ask if Israel is a nation with a large criminal class or a criminal class with a nation!  Stirling     

The EPA lies for frackers and tar sands producers ~ link ~ Fracking is VERY DANGEROUS and tar sands result in massive environmental damages.   Stirling  

Biting our tongues doesn't keep us safe - It only INCREASES danger in the long run ~ link ~ If you really know the history of the 20th Century, you know that the largest and most dangerous criminal states were fascist and communist and that BOTH were funded and organized and ultimately controlled by the Global Banking Cartel families.  You will also know that Europe and North America are the primary targets in their next great bloodbaths.   Stirling     

9/11 Lawyer to challenge conditions in secret Gitmo camp ~ link ~ Gitmo is a very dark spot on America.  It is designed to cover up the False Flag reality of 9/11 and to provide cover for countless wars for the banksters and Zionists and to introduce the legal concept of imprisonment without trial or appeal for Americans.   Stirling     

Chomsky: The US behaves nothing like a democracy ~ link ~ Sadly that is true and is basely what former President Carter said a few weeks ago.   Stirling     

Biologist: 'Pacific herring in Canada bleeding from eyeballs, faces, fins, tails - I've never seen fish looking this bad - All 100 examined were bloody' ~ link ~ The governments of this world and the globalist's news media have largely ignored the Fukushima nightmare threat to the Human Race, but lies, omissions and bullshit do NOT change things.  The terrible nuclear effects of the on-going mega-disaster at Fukushima are very real and are expanding in their scope.   Stirling    

Bioterrorism and Superbugs: Does the US play a 'shell game' with its Georgian bioweapons labs?  ~ link The growth of Advanced Biological Warfare Technology, based on recombination DNA genetic engineering, is a massive and most grave danger to the entire planet.  This technology, especially when applied to self-replicating super killer viruses, is a new global strategic form of warfare that is roughly equal to global thermonuclear warfare technology in its 'kill potential'.  Many nations have this technology including tiny Israel and Iran (which has much of the Soviet program that the Iranians acquired at 'fire sale' prices over twenty years ago when the USSR imploded.  Do keep in mind, that the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, talks about a third of the human race dying from "plague" in the Final Battle and another third dying from "wormwood" (the translation of the name of a village in the Ukraine, Chernobyl; in other words a third dying from nuclear war and the effects of multiple Fukushima meltdowns globally).   Stirling  

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