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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

World War III is close.
18 August 2013
Debka: Centcom underground War Room in Amman ready for US intervention in Syria ~ link ~ This is from Debka, known as the Posting Board for the Mossad on the Internet, so who knows how much truth is in this.   Stirling     

Words Don't Mean What They Meant In 1970 ~ link ~ Very Good take the time to read this one.  Stirling   
Global security threat analyst says Global Governments are No Longer in control ~ link ~ Lucifer is running the show for many nations, but his time is just about up on this planet!!!   Stirling   
Five decades later, JFK files still sealed ~ link ~ link ~ linkThe true story of the murder of President Kennedy must not be told or many still living evil bastards would face trial and the death penalty, including former President Bush I.  JFK was killed by a coalition of interests that included organized crime under Meyer Landsky, Israel, the Global Banking Cartel/FED, oil interests, elements of the CIA/FBI and US intelligence/military.  His death began the downfall of America which continues to accelerate and is nearing its termination point.   Stirling   
Greek privatization boss Stavidis dismissed ~ link ~ He is lucky the Greek people did not get their hands on him or his dismissal may have been of a different type.   Stirling       

JP Morgan is selling the building that houses its gold vault ~ link ~ Bad sign!!!   Stirling   
On the surface, there is nothing spectacular about the weekend news that JPMorgan is seeking to sell its 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza office building. After all, the former headquarters of Chase Manhattan Bank, located deep in the heart of the financial district and which was built by its then chairman David Rockefeller, is a remnant to another time - a time when banking was about providing loans, not about managing and trading assets which has become the realm of Midtown New York, and since JPM already has extensive Midtown exposure with its offices at 270, 270 and 245 Park, the 1 CMP building always stood out as a bit of a sore thumb. Of course, as Zero Hedge readers first learned, the big surprise is literally below the surface, some 90 feet below street level to be exact, where the formerly secret JPM gold vault is located, which also happens to be the biggest commercial gold vault in the world.
It was only a month ago when we learned that JPM was planning to exit the physical commodity business, and today we know that the firm is set on disposing of its one crowning asset in the commercial gold vaulting industry. This begs the question: is JPM set to fully and completely exit the precious metals vertical which it inherited when it was handed Bear Stearns on a $10 platter (together with the now defunct firm's legacy short positions)? If so, is it also in the process of unwinding any and all legacy precious metals exposure including rumored "whale-sized" shorts in the paper silver and/or gold axes, and what happens to the price of silver and gold when a massive stock position becomes "flow" in the other direction (i.e., short covering)?

The Destruction of America's Middle Class - video in under 7 minutes ~ link ~ While hardly news to frequent visitors, especially those who recall the following list, anyone who needs a 7 minute refresher into why the US middle class is on collision course with extinction is urged to watch the following brief video which highlights all the salient facts such as:
  • 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck
  • 27% of American have no savings at all
  • 46% of Americans have less than $800 in savings
  • The conversion of America into a part-time working society and the country's second largest employer - a temp agency.
  • The college trap and the student loan bubble
  • And of course, foodstamps, foodstamps, foodstamps and the nearly 50 million poverty-level Americans who need them to survive
Gibraltar dispute: Spanish fishermen in reef protest - with video ~ link ~ The Rothschilds and their Ilk promoted the Island Kingdom into their tool for conquest in three centuries (17th, 18th, and 19th) but that is all over now.  The UK wants to hold onto Gibraltar (a great natural military position when the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic) and the Falklands (oil resources) and a few other locations.  It is unlikely that the UK will continue to hold these locations for too many more years, even if the World does not blow itself up.   Stirling   
Fukushima: Japanese Government, Big Business, and Corporate Media tried to hide a Grave Threat ~ link ~ A Grave Threat to the entire Human Race.  This is one more example of a 21st Century Population Reduction Program by the satanic global elites.   Stirling   
Russia's Far East hit by biggest floods in 120 years ~ linkUp to 100,000 people may be evacuated from flood-hit regions in Russia’s Far East. Water levels at local reservoirs have already reached historic highs, and officials say the floods raging in the area are expected to continue rising even further. Floods are currently affecting over 32,500 locals living in over 5,000 homes. Over 17,000 residents have already left the area over the disaster.
Flooding prompts state of emergency in east Russia ~ link Five regions in eastern Russia have declared a state of emergency amid flooding assessed by the national weather center as the worst in the country’s history.

With thousands already affected, the flooding in Russia’s Far East is expected to reach its peak next week as emergency workers and local residents step up efforts to tackle the disaster, officials said on Saturday.

Retinal photography may reveal clues to stroke risk ~ link

What is Corn Spiced With?  GMO Genes Revealed ~ link ~ Actually, I think things have gone far beyond this and are a very deliberate Kill Program by the global elites.   Stirling  
New studies proves Bt toxins in GMOs toxic to Mammalian blood ~ link ~ That includes humans!  Stirling   

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