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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
17 August 2013
Syrian Army has made more gains - with video ~ linkThe Syrian Army says it has made more gains against foreign-backed militants during operations in the west of the country, killing a top militant commander.

On Friday, the army said its units regained control of more areas in the Latakia Governorate and killed several militants, including militant commander Walid Oweissi of Libyan nationality, in the operations.  There were also Qatari and Tunisian nationals among the killed militants. 
China's military flexes muscles in East China Sea amid Japan War Shrine tensions ~ link ~ Day by day, we take many small (and sometimes large) steps towards WWIII.   Stirling    
Manila and Tokyo - Brothers in Arms ~ link  
Gunbattle fought in Cairo mosque as Egypt mulls Brotherhood ban ~ link 
Protesters dragged from Cairo Al-Fath Mosque amid plans to ban Muslim Brotherhood after 'Day of Rage' - video ~ link ~ Notice the M-60 Abrams main battle tanks (MBT).  They are manufacturing this slightly obsolete US MBT in large numbers in Egypt. Stirling  
Egyptian security forces clear Cairo mosque after long and tense stand-off lasting most of the day ~ link ~ So far, the Egyptian Army is showing that it has solid control of its personal in difficult conditions.  So far, no noticeable military unit has joined the Muslim Brotherhood side, which is a good sign for the Army High Command.   Stirling   
List of Christian churches and institutions attacked in Egypt by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood since Wednesday will astonish you ~ link  

Egypt considers dissolving Muslim Brotherhood as Friday's death toll reaches 173 - with video ~ link
Pharaoh al-Sisi sits tight ~ link  

Hi, I'm your new Axis of Evil ~ link
Fukushima apocalypse: Years of 'duck tape fixes' could result in 'millions of deaths' ~ link ~ Yep, and they are still more interested in feeding the public BS than in really doing something to improve things there!!!   Stirling  
Fukushima scientists brace for riskiest nuclear fuel clean-up yet ~ link ~ Too little, too late!   Stirling  
Why isn't there a demonstrably correct economic theory? ~ link ~ Because it would tell too much of the truth about what the super-elite global banksters are doing and they don't want that, so they fund economists who feed us BS.   Stirling    
Why our cities are writhing in death grip of crime and bankruptcy ~ link ~ A bit too much on liberal/Democratic vs. conservative/Republican simple analysis, but this still has some good points.  Stirling    
Your future: We are not far from the point where the Crisis will happen almost overnight ~ link 

An absolutely stunning must see list: 252 well-sourced Obama 'issues' ~ link ~ Obama, like most senior globalist/Zionist bought-and-paid-for political whores is full of crap and has morals lower than whale shit!!!   Stirling    
How the corrupt establishment is selling moral bankruptcy to America ~ link ~  Why are they doing this?  Because their "god" is Satan!!!   Stirling   
Bloomberg wants to fingerprint all public housing residents ~ link ~ Mayor Bloomberg is a fascist jerk!  Stirling         
HRH Princess of Wales death: New information being assessed by Scotland Yard ~ link ~ link ~ I believe that she was murdered but not by anyone connected to the British Royal Family as some have theorized.   I believe that the 'usual suspects', the Mossad, were involved, as she was involved with a Arab Muslim of a very wealthy and connected family.  Had she expanded her international PR efforts against 'land mines' to include fairness for the Palestinian people, all the years of media attention focused on her would have become a danger to the Israeli public image.   That is why she was killed!   Stirling   
Romanian Princess Irina and her American husband have been arrested for hosting cockfighting 'derbies' at their ranch in America ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ HRH Princess Irina is the daughter of the exiled King Michael and a descendent of Queen Victoria.  She did not show good sense in her behavior.  Stirling    
'Zombie pigeon epidemic' in Moscow sparks fears of transmission to humans ~ link 
Nepal to cull 500,000 chickens to end major Bird Flu outbreak ~ link  ~ Amazing the new viruses that are springing up, now that we have recombination DNA genetic engineering technology, isn't it!!!  Stirling   
McDonalds Chicken McNuggets found to contain mysterious fibers, hair-like structures ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkThey remind me of the Morgellons fibers!!!   Stirling    
Hearing of former Ukrainian PM Tymashenko postponed ~ link 

The JFK assassination 'war' ~ link ~ With the 50th observance of the death of John Kennedy rapidly approaching, the government is spending millions — probably tens of millions — of US taxpayer dollars to keep the public unaware of the facts of the case as we have established them to be, including that the home movies of the assassination, including especially the Zapruder film, were reworked to more closely support the “official account”. If the public caught on, the people would be furious that their government has so massively deceived them.

The second most carefully guarded secret is Lee Oswald was caught in the background of a famous photograph taken by AP photographer James “Ike” Altgens. For the government to so grossly frame an innocent man requires a special kind of depravity. And the third is that Oliver Stone’s “JFK” inadvertently appears to have minimized the shooters and the shot sequence, where there appear to have been at least six rather than three. But many Americans still do not realize how close Oliver was to the truth.
Coercing homosexual consensus ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling   
Commissioner urges probe into Scottish Catholic school abuse ~ link ~ End celibacy and the abuse of children Pope Francis!!!    Stirling    
Philippines ferry sinks, many missing ~ link   

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