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Holy Shroud of Turin
15 August 2013
The Massacre of Cairo 
Reports are now coming in that many hundreds have been massacred in Cairo, including large numbers of women and children.  Some reports, do indicate that the real number is in the THOUSANDS. Additionally, massive numbers have been injured by high vorticity military rounds fired at mostly unarmed civilians. 
Revenge attacks are being made on Christian communities across Egypt as well as on government buildings.
Pray for peace.  
Tim Earl of Stirling      
Muslim Brotherhood claims THOUSANDS KILLED as government shuts protest camps ~ link  ~ The interim Egyptian government has declared a national emergency and killed 149 people, it says, while clearing camps of people protesting its existence. 
The Muslim Brotherhood, which was ousted from power by military coup, says the death toll is more than 2,000.

Volunteer Egyptian doctor tells CNN THOUSANDS DEAD ~ link 

Hundreds slaughtered by Egyptian Army in Massacre of Cairo ~ linkThe country now stands on the  brink of all-out civil war following 24 hours of carnage.

President Morsi’s party, the Muslim Brotherhood, calimed as many as 2,000 had died.

Egypt: Global outcry ~ link ~ A statement issued by the Egypt Anti Coup Alliance said "more than 2,000" had been killed.

Trouble also spread beyond Cairo, with reports of a church set on fire in Sohag, 250 miles south of the capital. 

Cairo Massacre: Scores killed and hundreds more injured as Egyptian government declares war on Islamists ~ link ~ Whatever else the Egyptian state was hoping to achieve by launching its long-awaited crackdown, the hundreds of young children who were cowering inside the besieged sit-in will not likely forget the ferocity of a government which has now declared war on the country's Islamists.

Egypt's leaders have unleashed a chain of unforeseeable consequences. Deadly clashes were reported in provinces around the country, as police stations, government institutions and Coptic churches were attacked in apparent revenge attacks.

Egypt in chaos as military 'guns down hundreds' ~ link ~ Egypt's military was accused of pushing the country towards civil war after hundreds of protesters were believed to have been killed in a “massacre” at two Muslim Brotherhood protest camps. 

In Alexandria, a march of Brotherhood supporters turned into a riot as hundreds went on the rampage with wooden clubs, storming a police station. Brotherhood members also tore down pictures of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the senior military chief who removed Mr Morsi from office. Three Christian churches in central Egypt were also attacked.

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