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Holy Shroud of Turin
13 August 2013
Debka: General Dempsy in Israel and Jordan to tie up last ends before Obama decides finally on US military action in Syria ~ link ~ This is from Debka, the 'posting board' of the Mossad.  So take this with a 'grain of salt'.  If it is true, and the Chief of Staff of the USAF was just recently in Israel for about a week on a 'secret' mission also, it is NOT GOOD!  Syria was/is/will be the backdoor to a war with Iran and that will be a General Middle East War with weapons-of-mass-destruction on all sides.  Further, such a war, regardless if Russia and China enter it immediately or not, will certainly become the Third World War!!!   Stirling   

Saudi Arabia destabilizing Mideast to please its masters says analyst - with video ~ link ~ “They are causing all of these sectarian and religious troubles in the area, the Saudis, and they are doing this, we know, to serve their masters,” Saeb Shaath, an author and Middle East political expert, told Press TV in an exclusive interview on Monday.

He added, “From the very beginning of the establishment of the kingdom, the Saudis have brought bloodshed to the surrounding countries and they are in total alliance with these Zionists and the Americans and some of the other Western powers.

Shaath also took Riyadh to task for the ongoing sectarian violence in Iraq, saying Al Saud regime is pursuing such an objective through collaboration with its regional allies, including Turkey, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

“Saudi Arabia is sponsoring sectarian incitement in Iraq and this has partners such as Turkey and Israel as well, and the Emirates who are financing and training and supporting the terror forces in Iraq,” he added.

“They are planting their car bombs everywhere and attacking everywhere in Iraq, and they are behind the bloodshed, which is taking the country from the north to the south. They are using their money and influence and the media as well in order to promote sectarianism in Iraq,” the analyst pointed out.

Shaath further noted that the Al Saud regime has turned Saudi Arabia into a launch pad for the US military actions.

Israel talks face collapse over settlement expansion on eve of the talks - with video ~ link ~ Netanyahu and the nuts in his government don't want peace, they want war and to steal more Arab land!  Stirling    

Analyst: US and Israeli agenda behind talks with Palestinians must be exposed - with video ~ link  

Dostoevsky... - video ~ link 

Brazil may reject massive US fighter jet deal over NSA spying scandal ~ link ~ People and nations do NOT like to be spied upon!  Stirling    

Police fire on Cairo demonstrators ~ linkThe Muslim Brotherhood said on Tuesday that Egyptian policemen dressed in plain clothes opened fire on one of its marches in Cairo, wounding five people in violence that risks worsening political turmoil.
Backers and foes of ousted Egypt leader battle in Cairo streets ~ link 

Morsi supporters and opponents clash in Cairo ~ link   

US Government targeting Egypt for destabilization and eventual destruction? ~ link ~ Is the US government targeting Egypt for destabilization - and eventual destruction? The recent appointment of death squad organizer Robert Ford as US Ambassador to Egypt suggests as much.

Ford’s appointment sends a clear message: US policymakers want to destroy Egypt in the same way they have destroyed Iraq and Syria - by using death squads and false-flag terror to incite civil war.

According to Global Studies professor Michel Chossudovsky, Robert Ford teamed up with notorious war criminal John Negroponte to apply the “Salvador Option” in Iraq in 2004. Chossudovsky writes: “The ‘Salvador Option’ is a ‘terrorist model’ of mass killings by US sponsored death squads. It was first applied in El Salvador (by Negroponte) in the heyday of resistance against the military dictatorship, resulting in an estimated 75,000 deaths.”

Today’s Egypt, like 1980s El Salvador, is experiencing a heyday of resistance against military dictatorship. And Egypt’s military dictatorship (like El Salvador's 1980s junta) has already resorted to the mass murder of anti-government activists. Will Robert Ford, an expert in organizing political mass murder, help the Egyptian regime slaughter tens of thousands of peaceful protesters?

No - it’s even worse than that!

Monsanto's SmartStax maize 'to be approved for growth in October' in EU ~ link ~ In my opinion, many of the corporate leaders and directors of Monsanto should be facing manslaughter or similar charges!  Stirling     

Exporting jobs make Americans poor ~ link ~ No kidding!   As Ross Perot said of NATFA, "If it passes, the giant sucking sound you will hear will be American jobs leaving the country".  He was right.  We allowed the globalists to rob us of our manufacturing base and we have been paying for it every day.  Same thing has happened to Europe.   Stirling 

FED ready to 'Pull the Big One' on the people this Fall - with video ~ link 

The Political Problem of Evil ~ link ~ Good One.  Stirling    

Engineers only have a 'vague idea' where Fukushima nuclear fuel is after world's first triple meltdown ~ link ~ NOT GOOD!!!   Stirling       

Fukushima: Uncontainable ~ link  


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