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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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11 August 2013

Saudi Arabia sponsoring violence in Iraq says former US Ambassador to Iraq - with video ~ link ~ The US and its allies are up to nothing but demonic madness in the Middle East!!!   Stirling     

Fury as Israel approves plan to build 1,200 new West Bank settler homes just days before "peace talks" resume ~ link ~ Same old crap from the Israelis, they intend to continue to steal land from the Arabs until they manage to blow up the whole world!!!   Stirling     

Proof that the Government spies on ALL AMERICANS ~ link ~ This is totally illegal because it is totally unconstitutional.  That it is being done, even now that it has been exposed, is reflective that the hidden powers controlling the political whores in Washington are totally trashing the US Constitution and the Rights of every American.  Stirling     

NSA is turning the Internet into a Total Surveillance System ~ link ~ WHY do the people of America and the World allow this to go on???   Stirling   

Snakebite victim is billed a staggering $55,000 for 18 hour treatment in hospital ~ link ~ The outright 'robbery' of patients by hospitals and the medical community has gotten totally out-of-hand in America and elsewhere.  There is no justification for the outrageous fees that are charged to people.  I had a bill of several thousand dollars for a CT Scan and my friend in Texas paid under $30 for the same procedure across the border in Mexico.   I am considering a special blog on medical ripoffs where people can give details of how they were exploited and ripped off by the medical community.   Stirling  

Egyptian Army prepares for crackdown on pro-Morsi protests ~ link 

Morsi loyalists call for fresh protests as crackdown looms ~ link 

Morsi loyalists rally in Cairo ~ link

Police likely to act against pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo - with video ~ link

Annual Perseid meteor shower tonight ~ link   

Surgihoney - Super honey kills superbug infections ~ link 

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