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World War III is close.

10 August 2013

Israel planning attack against Lebanon's Hezbollah - with video ~ link ~ “We are told by sources with the United States military that Israel is engaged in armed reconnaissance into Lebanon planning an offensive against Hezbollah….This offensive is planning on starting very soon,” a senior editor at Veterans Today, Gordon Duff said in an interview with Press TV on Saturday.

The analyst said Israel’s primary objective would be destroying Hezbollah, to pave the way for attacks against Iraq, Syria and Iran.

“They plan on tying down the Syrian army in the North with an offensives run out of Turkey; and they plan on moving thousands of troops in through Jordan; and catching Hezbollah from inside southern Syria and from Lebanon simultaneously,” he added.

On Wednesday, the Lebanese army said an Israeli patrol had crossed the UN-demarcated Blue Line border near the town of al-Labouneh in southern Lebanon, before being hit by a landmine explosion.

A UN peacekeeper deployed in the area said the Israeli army unit, which was made up of 10 soldiers, withdrew after the explosion. Israeli's army has confirmed that four of its soldiers were wounded in the incident.

Iraqi Kurd leader Barzani issues warning to foreign mercenaries in Syria ~ link ~ Was the horrible massacre of hundreds of Kurd women, old people and children, only a few days ago, designed to expand the war in Syria???  Who would benefit from this?  The answer is those desperately trying to turn the Syrian War into a Middle East Regional War and World War III.   Stirling 
The president of Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region has threatened to intervene to defend the Kurdish population caught up in Syria's unrest.

Massoud Barzani said if Kurds were "under threat of death and terrorism" then Iraqi Kurdistan would be "prepared to defend them".

Iraqi Kurdish leader vows to defend Kurds in Syria ~ link ~ So, if Syria is the 'backdoor' to a war with Iran and WWIII, is Kurdistan the 'backdoor' to Syria???   Stirling    

The president of Iraqi Kurdistan vowed Saturday to defend the large Kurdish population in neighbouring Syria from al-Qaeda-linked rebel fighters, highlighting the potential for Syria’s civil war to morph into a full-blown regional, ethnic and sectarian conflict. 

Iraqi Kurd President says ready to defend Kurds in Syria ~ link 

Iraqi Kurdistan ready to defend Syrian Kurds against "rebels" ~ link ~ On Monday, militants from al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front attacked Tal Abyad district of Raqqa Governorate, killing 330 women and elderly men as well as 120 children.

President of Iraqi Kurdistan ready to defend Kurds in Syria ~ link ~ Masoud Barzani, the president of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, has said that he will use “all capabilities” to defend Kurdish civilians who are under threat by Al-Qaeda-linked fighters involved in the Syrian civil war.
The statement comes days after reports of a possible massacre in Syria.

Serial car bombs kill nearly 70, injure 200 in Iraqi capital - with video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ and also see ~ link ~ Have you noticed how the car bombings, a favorite tactic of the Mossad, have been racking up big time in Iraqi lately.  More efforts to ramp up to a really big General Middle East War and WWIII.   Stirling  

Pro-Independence leader in India-administered Kashmir has called for a complete shutdown strike as a result of Indian security forces human rights violations ~ link ~ Don't for a minute think that this Kashmir thing, which is being developed into a major crisis, is unconnected to what is happening in Israel/Lebanon/Syria/Iran.  Pakistan has said that it will defend Iran if it is attacked by nuclear weapons and Pakistan has a large nuclear stockpile of H-bombs to back up its threat.  It is a classic strategic gambit to threaten Pakistan with a war with its larger neighbor India.  Of course, China is the 'big brother' of Pakistan, however, China faces the danger of being 'tied down' by a war with Japan and America.  This is a complicated strategic game that is being played, however, it is also a way to quickly turn a small problem into a world war (as in how the Great War/World War I began).  Stirling   

New Hindu-Muslim Clashes Erupt in Kashmir ~ link ~ If the Indians and Pakistanis are smart, they will agree between themselves to 'go through the motions' but not let things get 'out of hand'.  If they are not smart, they will allow the globalists and Zionists to bate them into the Third World War which will destroy both of their nations!!!   Stirling  

India-Pakistan forces exchange fire in Kashmir - with video ~ link     

Zimbabwe signs secret deal to supply Iran with uranium to build a nuclear bomb ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ Oh oh ... this is real pre-war propaganda!!!  Iran has its own uranium mines!!!  It does NOT need to import the stuff from Africa!!!   This is a strong indication that a war is planned against Iran soon!!!   It also earns the dreaded Five BS Flag Award!  Stirling 

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