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Second Update
8 July 2013
Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Struggle for Influence in Syria ~ link ~ Evil men struggling to do great evil to have 'influence'.   Stirling     

This week’s resignation of Ghassan Hitto, the so-called “Prime Minister in waiting” of the Syrian Opposition Coalition, coupled with the July 6th election of Ahmed Assi al-Jarba to head the umbrella coalition of US-supported proxy groups attempting to topple the Assad government, has revealed further cracks in the edifice of the imperialist assault on Syria.

From Paul Graig Roberts to Sergeant Raymond Turner ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling  

In a recent interview Paul Craig Roberts, the former Reagan Deputy Treasury Secretary, said he thinks the Federal Reserve is giving Too Big To Jail banks inside information ahead of general press releases and statements in order to help them make money at our expense or as he said to increase their asset value.

The US Treasury and Federal Reserve strategies have added 7 trillion dollars in debt to the federal government in order to protect the assets of the wealthiest 1,000th of 1%. The rest of us have seen the value of our homes and investments decline in value. Working people have seen their wages decline. We have added 31 million people to our population since 2001 without creating any more jobs. With the jobs created paying lower wages and fewer hours worked. Since 2009 the number of Americans on disability has nearly doubled to just under 10 million. Disability is now a serious career path...  

The only US businesses that are growing are in the Security Military Industrial Complex field. We spend 80 billion dollars a year spying on the world. They have violated the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Since these are the only authority for the government to function, the criminals in Washington and New York have lost all legitimate authority over us. The spying steals new inventions, product innovations and bids to give competitive advantage to selected inside corporations to our disadvantage.

The government has been funding Al Qaeda to invade Syria. They have given money to men who videotaped themselves committing acts of cannibalism. These mercenaries have burned down mosques and churches. They have gouged out the eyes of priests. They have massacred Christian villages.  And just recently they beheaded a Catholic priest.

Fake and Faker: Assange and Snowden ~ link ~ The mission of the Global MSM is to steer the peoples’ thoughts and opinions in the direction desired by the ruling class. The MSM would NEVER hype a story, or an individual, that poses a true threat to the ruling class which it serves. Remember the silent treatment given to Ron Paul?   

When all of the MSM start pushing/hyping the same given narrative, of any given issue, all at the same time, understand that the ruling class is selling you something!

Do they really want Snowden? ~ link ~ To paraphrase Churchill, Snowden is an enigma rapped in a mystery.  Stirling    

Two letters that changed the Course of Middle East and World History forever ~ link 

Russian President: Egypt moving towards civil war ~ link ~ Speaking during his visit to Kazakhstan on Sunday, Putin expressed concern over the present situation in Egypt, saying "Syria is already in the grips of a civil war, unfortunately enough, and Egypt is moving in that direction."

"We would like to see the Egyptian people avoid this fate," the Russian president added.
On June 30, the first anniversary of Morsi’s inauguration as president following the 2011 revolution that toppled the Western-backed regime of Hosni Mubarak, the opponents and supporters of Morsi gathered at Cairo’s Liberation Square.

While one side called for the president’s resignation saying the president has reneged on his promises during his first year in office, the other side demanded more time for the fledgling government. On July 1, the Egyptian army gave Morsi a 48-hour ultimatum to resolve the political crisis in the North African country.

Mass protests, clashes continue as Egyptian Army fails to name government ~ linkMass protests continue across Egypt in the wake of Wednesday’s US-backed military coup against Islamist President Mohamed Mursi. While it persists in the crackdown on Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the military junta has failed to assemble a civilian puppet government amid conflicts over posts with those Islamist parties that back the coup.

Weekend protests followed on from the violent clashes that took place throughout Egypt on Friday, in which at least 36 people were killed and over 1,400 wounded. On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of anti-Mursi protesters poured into downtown Cairo’s Tahrir Square, while several thousand MB supporters blocked the Salah Salem Road in Heliopolis, a Cairo suburb, to protest the coup.

Mursi's downfall impacts on US campaign for regime change in Syria ~ link ~ The US cultivation of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist forces as the basis for securing its interest throughout the Middle East now threatens to spread civil war conditions to Egypt itself.

Egypt is now engulfed in a factional conflict between the military junta and supporters of the Brotherhood, playing amid mass mobilisations of the working class that threaten the very foundations of Egyptian capitalism. The Egyptian military has stood fully behind US efforts at regime change—first in Libya and now Syria—reliant as it is upon Washington for its existence. However, the military was concerned with the Brotherhood openly casting the Syrian war as a jihad, particularly amid rising popular opposition to Mursi’s pro-US stance in Egypt, where the Islamists and the army leadership represent powerful rival sections of the capitalist class.

New Egyptian War: Americans Lose Again by Dr. Ron Paul ~ link ~ Looking at the banners in the massive Egyptian protests last week, we saw many anti-American slogans. Likewise, the Muslim Brotherhood-led government that was deposed by the military last week was very critical of what it saw as US support for the coup. Why is it that all sides in this Egyptian civil war seem so angry with the United States? Because the United States has at one point or another supported each side, which means also that at some point the US has also opposed each side. It is the constant meddling in Egyptian affairs that has turned Egyptians against us, as we would resent foreign intervention in our own affairs.

For more than 30 years, since the US-brokered Camp David Accord between Israel and Egypt, the US supported Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Over that period the US sent more than $60 billion to prop up Mubarak and, importantly, to train and seek control over the Egyptian military. Those who opposed Mubarak’s unelected reign became more and more resentful of the US, which they rightly saw as aiding and abetting a dictator and denying them their political aspirations.

Egypt's PM battle reflects internal strife among junta backers ~ link ~ Mohammed ElBaradei was seen as the obvious choice for Egypt’s interim prime minister as both an outspoken supporter of last week’s military coup and someone Western nations could embrace as a figurehead for the new junta. The announcement of his appointment was premature however, and has been scrapped. 

ElBaradei faced major opposition from the al-Nour Party, a Salafist faction which was second place in previous parliamentary elections (behind the ousted Freedom and Justice Party) and retains a lot of influence.

WHO forms MERS Emergency Committee ~ link 

For only second time, WHO calls an emergency meeting about a virus ~ link ~ While the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS CoV) hasn't yet reached pandemic potential, the World Health Organization (WHO) is worried enough about the virus to call its second-ever emergency meeting.

Abortion activists caught on camera, possessed by spooky 'Hail Satan' chant at Texas State Capitol ~ link ~ Pay attention to this says a lot about who/what is really behind abortion and the murdering of babies.   Stirling    

You may have heard that Texas is seeking to outlaw late-term abortions -- the kind of abortions that kill a nearly full-grown baby who has eyes, ears, hands, a beating heart and can experience pain. The idea that such pre-born human beings cannot be murdered at will infuriates "pro-choice" abortion activists, and the true inspiration for their desire to kill babies has finally emerged.

A truly bizarre, almost "creepy" video has just surfaced, revealing pro-abortion activists chanting "Hail Satan" in unison at the Texas State Capitol building. As you can hear for yourself in the video below, people in the background begin chanting, "Hail Satan!" during the speech of a woman who opposes late-term abortions. It appears at 5:12 in the video and continues for many seconds.  

But killing babies just before they're born isn't quite enough for these Satan worshippers. As has already been revealed, abortion activists want babies to be aborted even after they are born. The practice is called "post-birth abortion" (or simply "infanticide") and abortion activists want women to have the "right" to kill their children up to age three!

Portuguese Government continues austerity following ministerial resignations ~ link ~ Government by and for the banksters!!!  Stirling   

15 Signs that the Quality of Jobs in America Is Going Downhill Really Fast ~ link ~ Wake up sheeple, the enemy is INSIDE THE GATES and they ARE DESTROYING OUR LIVES!!!   Stirling    

Trying to find a job in America today can be an incredibly frustrating experience.  Most of the jobs that are available seem to pay very little, and there is intense competition for just about any job that is open.  But it wasn't always like this.  When I was in high school, I was immediately hired when I applied for a job at McDonalds because they were so desperate for workers that they would hire just about anyone that could flip a burger.  But in this economic environment, a single nationwide hiring event conducted by McDonalds resulted in a million job applications, and only a small percentage of those applicants were actually hired.  Our economy simply does not produce enough jobs for everyone anymore, and the percentage of "good jobs" continues to decline.  That means that it is getting really hard to find a job that will enable you to support a family, and a lot of people end up doing jobs that they are massively overqualified for.  But when times are tough, people are going to do what they have to do in order to survive.
One thing that we have seen in recent years is an explosion in the number of "temp workers" in America.  Even some of the largest companies in America are using them.  They like the flexibility of being able to bring in workers when they need them and of being able to dump them the moment they don't need them anymore.  Sadly, those that work in the "temp industry" often work in deplorable conditions for very little pay.  The following is a brief excerpt from an absolutely outstanding Pro Publica article...

US borrowing costs now running right around $360 million per year ~ link ~ Great money for the global banksters~!   Stirling    

Subliminal Sex Messages and Pornography in Advertising and Cartoons - video ~ link ~ How the Illuminati works to degrade society.   Stirling    

Popes who pushed interfaith dialogue with Jews to be made saints ~ link ~ All this saint stuff is just make up crap.  Either one makes it to Heaven, and by definition you are a saint, or you don't.  We, on Earth, do not know what has transpired on the 'other side'.   Stirling   

New Zealand: Winter makes chilly comeback ~ link ~
The entire country will be hit by a cold snap this week - sending temperatures down again after last week's mild respite.
A severe weather warning applies until 3pm today for Wellington and Wairarapa with severe gales up to 130km/h forecast.

WeatherWatch analyst Philip Duncan said warm weather in winter was often followed by a cold spell.
"Winter is hitting the reset button," he said.

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