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     End of Days  
Time Is Running Out 

8 July 2013

Do NOT fear the Elite, for they fear you ~ link ~ link ~ It’s difficult to see what TPTB (the powers that be) will do next. But I think we shouldn’t be reactionaries; instead we should lead the curve. Too much does the introvert personalities think they have to anticipate the next moves on this grand, moving chess board.
While it’s great to call moves ahead of time, like a master financial analyst, or a fighting champion, few people ever consider taking the lead, making the game, making the rules as you go, and making your own universe.  

Watch as your own enemies look in awe, as they see that you’ve realized all the power you have…. is truly inside you. Their system can not move forward without us. The more minds we wake up, the less minds they have to feed and perpetuate their machine.

Rothschilds Want Iran's Banks ~ link ~ Why do we allow this to go on???   Stirling    

In Secret, court vastly broadens powers of Government ~ link ~ Totally fascist and anti-American and in violation of the US Constitution and the entire American way of life...all this crap about secret courts, secret judges, secret trials, secret rulings, etc.  It is all crap from the usual suspects, the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists.  Stirling    

Instanbul witnesses protest festival ~ link ~ The pressure on the pro-war Turkish Government continues.   Stirling   
Hundreds of thousands of people have staged a festival in Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul to protest against the police crackdown on anti-government demonstrations across the country.

On Sunday, Turkish citizens from all walks of life including a group of artists participated in the festival called Man Made of Tear Gas, Xinhua reported.

The weekend festival was held in Kadikoy district of the coastal city's Asian side.

"This is just a beginning. (We will) keep up the struggle," the protesters shouted during the festival, waving a large banner reading "For an independent and democratic Turkey."

Organizers of the event said that the resistance movement against the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has now taken the form of festivals. 

Breaking News: Security forces kill at least 34 pro-Morsi protesters in Cairo ~ link 

Egypt's pro- and anti-Morsi protesters take to streets ~ link ~
Tens of thousands of demonstrators are on the streets of Egyptian cities in rival shows of force by supporters and opponents of Mohammed Morsi, ousted as president by the military last week.
Mr Morsi's supporters have gathered outside a mosque and a barracks in Cairo to demand his reinstatement. 

Anti-Morsi protesters are rallying in the capital's Tahrir Square.

It's Here: The stealth collapse of the American economy ~ link ~ All programmed by the global banksters!!!   Good article, do take the time to read it at the link.   Stirling   

Banks rigged 10 TRILLION EURO derivatives market, Brussels says ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Yep, and I bet NO ONE goes to jail ... or hangs, which is what really should happen to the bastards!!!   Stirling   

British Government urged to act as food poverty hits 18% of UK ~ link ~ Sorry, but most of the British political class is WAY too bought off and narcissistic to give a crap.  Oh they may BS about doing something, but it is just that, bullshit.  They really don't care!   Stirling    

11 Signs that Italy is descending into a full-blown economic depression ~ link ~ When you get into too much debt, really bad things start to happen.  Sadly, that is exactly what is happening to Italy right now.  Harsh austerity measures are causing the Italian economy to slow down even more than it was previously.  And yet even with all of the austerity measures, the Italian government just continues to rack up even more debt.  This is the exact same path that we watched Greece go down.  Austerity causes government revenues to drop which causes deficit reduction targets to be missed which causes even more austerity measures to become necessary.  But if Italy collapses economically, it is going to be a far bigger deal than what happened in Greece.  Italy is the ninth largest economy on the entire planet.  Actually, Italy used to be number eight, but now Russia has passed it.  If Italy continues to stumble, India and Canada will soon pass it as well.  It really is a tragedy to watch what is happening in Italy, because it really is a wonderful place.  When I was a child, my father was in the navy, and I got the opportunity to live there for a while.  It is a land of great weather, great food and great soccer.  The people are friendly and the culture is absolutely fascinating.  But now the nation is falling apart.  The following are 11 signs that Italy is descending into a full-blown economic depression...

Do Walmart, Target and Home Depot Hurt the Economy? ~ link ~ Do bears shit in the woods?  Really now, these giants, funded by Wall Street money, purchase products and often retail them cheaper than the small time, locally owned store can even purchase them wholesale.  In the not too distant past, small business were the real backbone of the economy and nation.  Allowing countless people to have a share in the capitalism and boundless expansion of America.  But no more, now only the store manage makes a decent living, and often the turnover and pressures are horrible, and the remainder of the employees are either eligible for Food Stamps and near destitute or making very little.  These 'big box' stores are simply giant vacuum cleaners sucking money out of local economies all over America/etc. and lining the pockets of Wall Street and a lucky few.  They are poison to America and any nation that allows them.   Stirling     

Clare Daly, MP rebukes bootlicking Irish PM on Snowden - video ~ link 

Large Increases in Arctic Ice this summer ~ link ~ Paging Al Gore...Now even the dumb asses that fell for your lies, 'hook line and sinker', know you are full of crap!   Stirling    

Missouri having coldest July on record ~ link ~ All due to the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the BP Oil Disaster and the use of Corexit to sink the oil.  Stirling     

Texas having coldest July on record ~ link ~ Etc./etc.

Pope tells priests to buy 'humble' cars ~ link ~ This new pope is good at the 'image thing' but hype only goes so far.   John Paul II was great at the image thing also, and well loved by Israel and the Zionist media also, but he led the Roman Catholic Church down a very destructive path, one it has not even begun to recover from.  End priestly celibacy for a start, and do something REAL instead of just 'looking good'!!!   Stirling     

Courts rule vaccines containing MMR and Thimerosal caused autism and brain damage ~ link ~ Millions of people have had their lives ruined by this example of Big Pharma corporate greed and a globalist 'population reduction' program.   Stirling   

All information containing new and unprecedented conclusions begins by being violently opposed by those who create the prior information and those who subscribe heavily to it. This is very much the case with the link between Autism Spectrum Disorder and vaccines; mainly the MMR vaccine and other thimerosal-containing vaccines.

Lake Vostok mysteries: Biologists find over 3,500 life forms in isolated Antarctic basin ~ link ~ This is highly indicative that life is to be found throughout the Universe and that any manned trips to Mars run the serious risk of encountering dangerous life forms (perhaps only microscopic but still potentially dangerous).   Stirling     

Michael Tellinger on true nature of pre-historic African complexes - video ~ link ~ This is a most interesting video.  While I do not necessarily agree with all of his conclusions, the information presented on a vast and technologically advanced mining operations and civilization in south Africa is something that you should be aware of.  We only know a little of the last 5,000 or so years of human civilization.   This is a real eye-opener for what may have happened during the previous 200,000+ years!  Do take the time to listen to this video.   Stirling     

The Economic Collapse….people envision bank runs, life WROL (without rule of law), piles of worthless currency, rampant homelessness, and breathless news reports on CNN and the network channels (if you happen to still have access to a television, that is). They imagine a grim, gray world, devoid of entertainment, with unwashed citizens digging desperately through the trash.
Because of this apocalyptic image, the idea of an economic collapse seems pretty far-fetched to most people. After all, we still see cars in every driveway, lights in every window at night, children going to school and parents going to work.  Everything’s fine, right?  The economic collapse is only a conspiracy theory, cooked up by those crazy libertarians and right-wingers, right?
Sadly, no. It’s a fact and it’s all around us, right now.  The economic collapse has occurred quietly and stealthily.  In fact, many people probably think that it has only happened to them, as job losses occur, utilities get cut off, and the pantry gets more sparse.  They don’t talk about it because poverty is a humiliating state – they suffer quietly, not realizing that the next-door neighbor is probably in the exact same situation.  They don’t realize that they aren’t alone.
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