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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
6 July 2013
It is the 4th of July holiday weekend and I am doing a reduced version of the blog this weekend.   Stirling     

Petrochemical train explodes in Quebec's Lac-Megantic - with video ~ link ~
A train carrying petrochemicals has exploded in a Canadian town, forcing the evacuation of up to 1,000 people.
The blast sent a fireball and black smoke into the air, destroying dozens of buildings in Lac-Megantic, some 155 miles (250 km) east of Montreal.

The train derailed early on Saturday; police who worked through the night said several people were missing, but no casualties had yet been confirmed.

Canadian Explosion: Oil train derails in Quebec - with impressive video ~ link ~
A fireball has engulfed a Canadian town after a train carrying crude oil derailed and damaged dozens of buildings.
The crash happened as the unmanned freight train travelled through the Quebec town of Lac-Megantic, a lakeside town with a population of 6,000, on Saturday morning.
The train's operator confirmed it had been parked out of town, but they are unsure how it "got released".

60 Reported missing as runaway Canadian oil train explodes and forces town evacuation ~ with video and photos ~ link ~ The train "somehow got released," and had no conductor on board, according to the rail company. The convoy of crude oil left the station of its own accord during a shift change in Nantes, west of the affected region. 

"We're not sure what happened, but the engineer did everything by the book. He had parked the train and was waiting for his relief," Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway, Inc Vice President Joseph McGonigle said on Saturday.

Runaway freight train explodes, levels center of Canadian town ~ link ~ This number of railway tankers, 73, is about normal for a 'unit train', which is the minimum needed to obtain significant discounts from the railways and its own engine and routing.   Stirling    

A driverless freight train carrying tankers of crude oil derailed at high speed and exploded into a giant fireball in the middle of a small Canadian town early on Saturday, destroying dozens of buildings and leaving an unknown number of people feared missing.

The disaster occurred shortly after 1 a.m. (0500 GMT) when the runaway train with 73 cars sped into Lac-Megantic, a picturesque lakeside town of about 6,000 people near the border with Maine, and came off the rails. Witnesses said the town centre was crowded at the time.

Train pulling 70+ crude oil tankers derails and explodes in Canada ~ link
At a press conference on Saturday morning mayor Colette Roy-LaRoche was near tears as she addressed media.
"When you see the downtown of your city almost destroyed you think, how are we going to get through this? But I can assure everyone here that all the authorities and ministries have been very supportive," she said. "We've deployed all the resources possible."

60 Missing and scores feared dead ... ~ link

The center of a Quebec town has been wiped out, according to the mayor, after a runaway freight train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in a fireball at 1am on Saturday.
About 30 buildings were destroyed and 60 people are believed to be missing, but the force of the fire has prevented rescue workers from searching for survivors.

Egypt crisis: Mansour appoints ElBaradei as intern Prime Minister ~ link

He was appointed following crisis talks led by President Adly Mahmud Mansour - three days after the army removed Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi amid growing nationwide unrest.

The move has in turn triggered mass unrest by supporters of Mr Morsi.

Mr ElBaradei - a former head of the UN's nuclear watchdog - is expected to be sworn in later on Saturday.

36 Dead, over 1,000 injured in clashes between Egyptian protesters - with video ~ link

Egypt braces for fresh pro- and anti-Morsi demonstrations ~ link ~ On Saturday, Morsi opponents gathered in Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square, and chanted slogans against the ex-Egyptian leader and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Pro-Morsi protesters, on the other hand, held their demonstrations in Cairo's largest residential district of Nasr City. They waved national Egyptian flags and brandished pictures of Morsi.

The rallies in favor of Morsi came after the 62-year-old former Egyptian president called on his supporters to protect his elected “legitimacy.”

International concern over Egypt clashes - with video ~ link
The United States and United Nations have expressed concern about Friday's violence in Egypt following the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi, in which more than 30 people died.

The US state department urged Egypt's leaders to put a stop to the violence. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for demonstrators to be protected.

Chossudovsky: USA controlling both sides of Egyptian coup d'etat - with video ~ link ~ One to take the time to read or listen to.   Stirling     

Egypt: Coptic Christian priest shot dead ~ link ~ The tax dollars of Christians in America/France/UK at work!!!   Stirling  
The priest, Mina Aboud Sharween, was attacked in the early afternoon while walking in the Masaeed area in El Arish.
The shooting in the coastal city was one of several attacks believed to be by Islamist insurgents that included firing at four military checkpoints in the region, the sources said.

Turkish police fire tear gas at protesters in Istanbul ~ link ~ Turkish police have fired tear gas to disperse thousands of anti-government protesters demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul.

Police on Saturday fired volleys of tear gas at protesters gathered at the city's landmark Taksim Square who were trying to enter the nearby Gezi Park, which has been cordoned off.

Talifiri cannibal militant threatens to commit worse crimes in Syria ~ link ~ This is what your hard earned tax dollars (if you are a citizen of a NATO nation, especially US/France/UK) are going to support!!!   Stirling    

Syrian Army advances in Homs - video ~ link  

China reports H7N9-H3N2 coinfection, more deaths ~ link 

WHO to set up Emergency Committee on MERS-CoV ~ link 

Municipal workers protest in Greece over government layoff plans ~ link ~ Government for and by the global banksters!   Stirling     

The protests were held for a second day in the Greek capital, Athens.

On July 5, the municipal workers protested in front of the Administrative Reform Ministry in Athens.

The demonstration was held after Greek officials reportedly approved that some 4,000 municipal officers be transferred to the police force.
The job cuts are part of the conservative-led government’s effort to enable it to receive rescue loans, as Athens is in talks with the troika of the country’s international lenders. 

America: Only 47% of adults have full-time jobs ~ link ~ And the lying political/media whores call it a "recovery" or a "recession".  The truth is, it is a global depression that is headed for something far worse!   Stirling     

 Our galaxy could contain 60 BILLION alien planets capable of supporting life - Double the number thought before ~ link ~ And our galaxy, the Milky Way, is just one of BILLIONS of galaxies in the Universe!!!  God is great.  I also suspect that higher life forms are avoiding us, because we are quarantined until and unless we grow out of the evil that engulfs us in war/etc.   Stirling     

Rock with odd coating - petrified wood? - on Mars ~ link   

The Miracle Matrix ~ link ~ Good One!   Stirling    

Toxic ingredients in soft serve ice cream ~ link


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