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Holy Shroud of Turin
5 July 2013
Syrian President is jubilant at Morsi's fall ~ link ~ Of course he is.  Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were always CIA/Mossad fronts.  About two weeks before his overthrow, Morsi began calling for a Jihad against Syria.  That is when the Egyptian generals said enough is enough and gave the green light for massive street demonstrations leading up to their military coup.  This is really a failure for the globalist/Zionist Alliance in their march to a General Middle East War and World War III.  Good!!!   Stirling       

Assad says opponents have 'used up all tools' to oust regime ~ linkSyrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview published Thursday that his government had fended off everything his enemies had thrown at him and that the only remaining threat to his rule was a far-off — and improbable — foreign intervention.
In comments to the state-run Al-Thawra newspaper, Assad rejected the idea that what has transpired in Syria for more than two years is a revolution. Instead, he reiterated his past claims that it is a conspiracy by Western and some Arab states to destabilize his country.

Gun-Free Chicago: 5 Shot Dead - 27 Wounded to start holiday weekend ~ link ~ When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!!!   Stirling    

No manufacturing jobs but more waiters and bartenders than ever ~ link ~ The real question is where/when is the tipping point.  The point that even a majority of brain dead sheeple will wake up and realize just how badly the Global Banksters and Zionists are screwing them and take to the streets!  The propaganda matrix is very very powerful in America but eventually even the best TV bullshit does not cut it when your kids are hungry and so are you and you realize that the police state outside your door is killing you and your family.  Then the hard and harsh light of true reality hits you in the face.   Stirling    

The New Abnormal is turning out to be quite an embarrassment for Obama's "manufacturing renaissance" agenda not to mention high paying, manufacturing jobs but at least it explains why Bernanke doesn't mind sending the USD surging when all other central banks are now talking their currencies down (especially if it means fresh S&P records benefiting the 0.1%): after all, if you have nothing to export, who cares what the relative value of your currency is.

There is good news however. Even as the manufacturing jobs continue to collapse, posting their fourth consecutive monthly drop in June to 11.964 million jobs, minimum wage waiters and bartenders have never been happier. In June Restaurant and Bar employees just hit a new all time high of 10,339,800 workers, increasing by a whopping 51,700 in one month.


No hope on the jobs front ~ link ~ Do you remember the promise of the New Economy that was going to replace the lost “dirty fingernail” manufacturing jobs with innovative highly paid New Economy jobs? Well, the promise was just another deception from the elites who have stolen Americans’ future.

For the umpteenth consecutive month and year, the June BLS payroll jobs report (released on July 5) shows that the US economy has created no such jobs. The same old tired categories account for the same old lowly paid new domestic service jobs.

Of the 195,000 new private sector jobs alleged to have been created, 75,000 or 38% are accounted for by the category “leisure and hospitality.” Within this category there were 52,000 new waitresses and bartenders, and 19,000 jobs in “amusements gambling, and recreation.”

Retail trade added 37,000 employees. Is your local shopping center that busy?

Wholesale trade added 11,000.

Zero Hedge points out that the retail and wholesale jobs numbers seem inconsistent with the latest report from the Institute of Supply Management, which shows a sharp drop in new order components and business activity. Perhaps the New Economy’s inefficiency requires more people to sell less.

Do germs make you sick?  Some researchers say NO ~ linkEnergy is healing and the lack of it is what makes you ill.  There is no matter at the Quantum Level ... only energy.  Rife and others were on the right track, but their work was suppressed by the monsters behind Big Pharma so that they could make money killing hundreds of millions of us.  Stirling     

You may be aware of the dire prediction by the medical establishment that the likelihood of developing cancer is rising to 1 in every 2 people; that is to say that either you or your partner will have cancer in your lifetime.
However, this appalling rise in the incidence of cancer, as well as heart disease, strokes and many other devastating illnesses, is due to misinformation about health promulgated by an incorrectly-trained medical establishment and disseminated by an uncritical media. Does this scare you? It should.

You have probably been taught that ‘illness’ is caused by ‘germs’ of one sort or another and that your only recourse for a remedy is to the medical establishment and their drugs, whether prescribed by a doctor or bought over-the-counter.
Although most people believe this idea is correct, including the majority of the medical establishment, there is no sound scientific proof for this fundamental principle upon which the whole of modern medicine is based.
Are you shocked?
You should be.

Are we really Free when Big Brother is systematically turning America into a Giant Prison? ~ link ~ Every year on July 4th we celebrate our "independence", but is America really free?  How could we possibly be free when "Big Brother" is constantly intruding in our lives in hundreds of different ways?  And I am not just talking about NSA snooping.  Sadly, the truth is that the United States is beginning to fully embrace a "police state" culture.  We have learned that the government monitors and keeps a record of all of our cell phone calls, emails, Internet searches, credit card transactions, and every piece of mail that we send.  But most Americans don't seem to care.  We are "encouraged" to report the "suspicious activity" of our neighbors to the authorities, we are told that having security thugs touch the private areas of our women and children at our airports is necessary "for our security", and 80,000 SWAT team raids are conducted each year in the United States.  But the American people don't seem to care.  America was once a great country, but now it is being turned into a giant prison, and only a small minority of the citizens are raising their voices in objection.
When I was a child, I was taught that totalitarian societies such as North Korea, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were the bad guys.
So why in the world would we want to become more like them?
Do we actually believe that these ridiculous security measures are keeping us safer?
At this point, we have already given up so much privacy that we barely have any left.

For example, up until recently I actually believed that our mail was private.  But now we have learned that the government is monitoring every piece of mail that the American people send.  And according to the New York Times, the government has flagged the mail of thousands of problem citizens for special attention... But even if you are not on the list of those that get special attention, your mail is still photographed.  In fact, 160 billion photographs of our mail were sent to the government last year...

Nickola Tesla: Calling all freethinkers: Part 3 ~ link ~ Regarding the 90% figure: In 1983, fifty corporations owned 90% of Corporate Mainstream Media (CMM), controlling 90% of virtually every commercial thing Americans watched, heard, or read. By 2011, only six corporations controlled CMM—six monstrosities with a 90% monopoly. Those six corporations (and their primary instruments of brainwashing):
TIME WARNER (HBO, CNN, Warner Brothers, Time)
DISNEY (Miramax, ABC, ESPN, Marvel Studios, Pixar)
GE (NBC, Universal Pictures, Comcast, Focus Features)
VIACOM (MTV, CMT, Nick Jr., Paramount Pictures)
CBS (, Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, 60 Minutes, Jeopardy)
NEWS-CORP (Fox, New York Post, Wall Street Journal)
PSQ tendrils wind through television and movies, books, newspapers and magazines, radio, music….

Less than 250 media executives control what is fed to vulnerable American minds. That’s a ratio of about one million minds for every one media executive. Perhaps the scariest aspect of this absolutely dehumanizing concentration of media power: The vulnerable can’t seem to get enough.

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About the portuguese political crisis:

Conservative party (Mr. Portas) as the vice president took over the coalition government. If the Republic's president approves the blow, we'll have promises of stability.