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Holy Shroud of Turin
21 July 2013 
Strategic Sewage - German firm building vast underground nuclear war structure in Israel in secret ~ link ~ If asked, he probably would claim that it was derived by duplicating the first two letters of his name in Hebrew, “Binyamin” became “Bibi.”
Having grown up in the USA and being more Republican than Israeli, he probably failed to see that most Hebrew speakers would analyze the word differently. “Bib” is a hole in the ground, “bib shofchin” is a sewage hole, though the second word is usually skipped. “Bibi” can be understood as “my sewage.”
Germany provided Israel not only with state-of-the-art submarines enabling Israel’s second strike option. Now it has become clear that it has provided Israel also with more than suspected state-of-the-art boring machines. Their secret number is harder to find than details on the submarines and their nuclear weapons.

Beyond the open excavations below Jerusalem, we discovered now that also Tel Aviv is being hollowed. This excavation was secret. One must ask how many other underground paths and nuclear shelters are being built.
NSA is a Waste of Money - video ~ link ~ I have mixed feelings about the NSA.  It does have a legitimate row but it, along with other agencies, has now grown so big and so intrusive that it is trashing the US Constitution and basic human rights to privacy.   I suspect that the globalists and Zionists are using it as their private snooping tool paid for by the taxpayers.   Stirling      

Israel hit with EU War Crimes Sanctions ~ link ~ Israel has, and continues to, dig its own grave.  It cannot continue to steal Arab land and to treat over a million people as sub-humans and to use America and other key NATO nations to bring war and destruction to Israel's neighbors so that tiny Israel can 'lord it over' all in the Middle East, without a ever growing backlash from decent people all over the world.   Stirling   
Senior UK Tories urge PM Cameron to break up coalition with LibDems ~ link ~ The masses of British people have found that all the main parties are war parties spending vast sums on unnecessary wars for the Zionists and globalists while imposing Austerity Fascism on the people.  If an election were held where the voters could vote "None of the above" I suspect that choice would win and win big.   Stirling    
Japan election: Abe set to win key upper house vote ~ link ~ He heads the "war party", so expect conditions with China to get even worse in the future.   Stirling     

Alarm as steam rises from Fukushima No. 3 Reactor - Concern about uncontrolled chain reaction - Contains lethal MOX fuel ~ link ~ The MOX fuel is a mixture of enriched Uranium and Plutonium.  Keep in mind that even one atom of Plutonium in a human body will end up killing the person!  I suspect that the site, and most especially Reactor No. 3, was being used for nuclear weapons production.  This is one reason why the Japanese were so slow in responding to the crisis.  What they have going on at Fukushima now, is a uncontrolled nightmare that will not go away, at least not for thousands of years.  We talked about this during the last half hour of Hour 3 on the Nutrimedical Report Show last Thursday with top nuclear safety expert Chris Harris.  Dr. Deagle feels that there is a danger that the glob/s of fuel, now below the reactors could explode in the greatest explosion in history.  Who knows, this is uncharted territory and very dangerous and the Japanese and their global partners in the nuclear industry have had their heads up their butts for over two years and have NOT made conditions any better.   Time will tell what happens, and that time could go on for many centuries.   Stirling   

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Portuguese President Backs Coalition
Silva Says There Won't Be an Early Election, Ending Weeks of Political uncertainty

After a 3 weeks crisis we are returning to the same shit.