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30 July 2013

Syria Army continues mop-up operations across the country  ~ linkThis makes it a very dangerous time for the Middle East and the entire world.  Why, well Syria is a back door to war with Iran, and the western/Mosssad/GCC foreign mercenaries are NOT up to the task of winning or coming close to winning a war against Assad's Syria, which was suppose to trigger a broader war with with Iran and Lebanon.  If the western/Israeli/GCC alliance is to trigger a General Middle East War by using Syria, they need to act soon while they still have forces inside of Syria.  Stirling   

Waging the Battle of Syria ~ link Western-sponsored death squads invaded Syria. Assad's wrongfully blamed for their crimes. He's battling to save his country. He doing so responsibly. He's doing what every leader would do. Defeating foreign invaders matters most. The vast majority of Syrians support him. He's their last line of defense
Obama "must now decide very quickly whether Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers should be allowed to win the Syrian 'civil' war or" jump in to stop him.

Breaking News: Bradley Manning is found NOT GUILTY of Aiding The Enemy but GUILTY on other charges ~ link ~ link ~ link 

America: A country in its final death throes ~ linkWhat was once a great country has turned in to a maggot infested, unrecognizable carcass of its former self.

Leading economist says US National Debt is actually $86.8 TRILLION ~ link ~ Do keep in mind that such debt is actually PROFIT to the global banksters who own the Federal Reserve System!  That is why their bought-and-paid-for political whores get us in countless wars and dream up social welfare systems that make matters worst while costing untold billions or trillions in the process.  Our Federal Government is a giant scam to feed the 8 families who own the Fed!   Stirling   

Greece has already spent 75% of its bank bailout cash ~ link ~ Money down a banksters rathole while destroying the Greek nation.   The people of Greece should not allow this crap to continue.   Stirling    
Eurozone taxpayers and the IMF are left wondering what their bailout funds have been spent on in Greece. The Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) has spent EUR38bn (or 75% of its total) bolstering the capital of Greece's four biggest banks (and winding down eight small lenders). The EUR50bn fund looks set to be drained further  - despite the banks comments that costs have been cut, funds raised, and assets sold - as non-performing loans continue to surge. About a quarter of all loans are non-performing and that share is likely to increase as the country's six-year recession, which has wiped out over a quarter of the economy, shows little sign of abating. Have no fear though, since stress tests will be carried out later this year to establish whether Greek banks have more capital needs. Of course the key question is - just where were these rescue funds diverted within the bank shells.

Largest Fast Food Walkout begins in 7 US cities ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  People are getting desperate.  They can't find jobs except low paying part time jobs that they simply cannot survive on.  Stirling     

Ireland: No More Austerity (and Dump the Euro) ~ link ~ Austerity is simply Rothschild poison administered to an entire nation.   Stirling    

The Important Things that we don't have money for, and the Crazy Things we do have money for ~ linkIn an age of "belt tightening" and "budget cuts", you would think that government officials would be trying to spend our money wisely.  Unfortunately, when it comes time to cut spending our politicians tend to do everything that they can to protect their own interests and their own pet projects, but they don't seem to mind implementing cuts that deeply hurt military families, the poor and the elderly.  The facts that you are about to read will likely upset you very much.  The federal government and our state governments are wasting money in some of the most ridiculous ways imaginable.  Meanwhile, we are being told that we don't have any money for a lot of really important things.  Our hard-earned tax dollars are being horribly mismanaged, and the American people deserve to hear the truth about this gross negligence.

US Senate Majority Whip: FISA Court is 'Fixed' and 'Loaded' ~ link It is also unconstitutional and opposed to everything that America is suppose to be about.   The very idea of a secret court with secret judges and secret trials is anti-American to the MAX!!!   Stirling   

Detroit Cops arrested for robbing drivers at gunpoint - with video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ American is becoming a dangerous violent lawless Third World nation!!!  Stirling     

Society poisoning itself ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one at the link.   Stirling    

Entire Pacific Ocean Radioactive - Getting Worse - video ~ link  

Water (H2O) powered car ~ link ~ Don't hold your breath.  The same families who own the central banks own Big Oil and have no intention of allowing free or near free energy.  I personally know of one case where such a technology was bought off at a great sum of money in order to bury the technology.  There are many such cases where the people are either bought off, scared off, or killed off.   Stirling    

 12 year old girl discovers ALL US Presidents related except one ~ link ~ This is an old story that I found on a current site, so I decided to link it again.  This girl has done a good job of research.  Generally, most stories about US Presidential ancestry come from Burke's Peerage in London, the firm that I was Scottish Editor of years ago.   Stirling    

Wikipedia increasingly being recognized as source of disinformation and propaganda ~ link ~ I do NOT trust Wikipedia or the so-called "experts" that oversee it.   Stirling     

There are a number of links that I have wanted to post about the continuing global weather changes and also about the rise in volcanic activity.  The following are some of these links: 

Siberia Heat: Did the Arctic Region break a heat record? ~ link

Black Sunday: 7 Killed as powerful winds lash coastal beaches of France ~ link   

Is this July? Sioux City breaks low temp record for 2nd day in a row ~ link  

Antarctic Sea Ice headed for new all-time record ~ link

Cold claims fourth victim in Paraguay ~ link   

US temperatures to drop 20 degrees below July averages ~ link ~ I was out on the Ohio River the other day and I was cold ... something that just doesn't happen in southwestern Indiana in July!  Stirling    

Brazil - Snow in over 80 cities - Roads and schools closed ~ link

Record low temperatures in Chile as fresh snow falls in the Andes ~ link  

South America in massive deep freeze ~ link  

Merapi erupts  - Ash column reaches 13,000 feet (3,962 m) ~ link

Frost Advisory for Minnesota ~ link 
Kentucky - Record low temps on the menu ~ link 

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