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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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As we are headed into the four-day Fourth of July holiday weekend, here in America, please take note that postings will be limited this weekend.  Thanks, Tim Earl of Stirling   

BREAKING NEWS  ~  3 July 2013

Egypt's Army overthrows Morsi and suspends the Constitution ~ link ~ The globalist/Zionist scam of placing a "Arab Brotherhood" front organization in power did not work out so well.   Stirling   
Egypt's army chief has ousted President Mohamed Morsi and dissolved the country's constitution in a move at resolving the country’s debilitating political crisis.

General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi made the announcement on state television on Wednesday.

Sisi also said that new parliamentary elections will be held and declared head of Supreme Constitutional Court Adli Mansour as a caretaker leader. 

Army ousts Egypt's President Morsi - with video ~ link 

Belgium's King Albert II announces his abdication ~ linkIn a national televised address, the 79-year-old monarch said he would step down in favour of his son Crown Prince Philippe, 53, on 21 July, Belgium's national day. He said his health was no longer good enough to fulfil his duties, and he would step down after nearly 20 years on the throne.

King Albert was sworn in as the sixth king of the Belgians on 9 August 1993.

Snowden case: Bolivia condemns Presidential Jet 'aggression' - with video ~ link ~ This was a shocking violation of diplomatic rights of a Head of State; a clear violation of International Law by several EU nations.   Stirling     
"We have no doubt that it was an order from the White House... For no reason whatsoever should a diplomatic plane with a president [inside] be diverted from its route and forced to land in another country."
Austrian officials said the airport authorities had searched the plane, but with Mr Morales's permission.  

Snowden search: Morales plane 'was not searched' - Bolivia accuses Austria of kidnapping its President  ~ link ~ A diplomatic row is brewing after Bolivian President Evo Morales's jet is grounded in Vienna to be searched, presumably for Ed Snowden. But Bolivia says officials were refused entry to the plane. 
Bolivia's foreign minister said that the presidential plane was denied airspace permits by France, Portugal, Italy and Spain on its way back from an energy conference in Moscow.
It was originally thought that President Morales's plane was searched in Vienna, But the country's defence minister later said that this was not the case. Ruben Saavedra said no one boarded the presidential aircraft because President Morales refused them entry. Bolivia's vice president did say that officials had made their way up to the door of the aircraft.

The Bolivian party was reportedly stranded at the city's airport for 12 hours before leaving at around 11.30am on Wednesday morning after the countries opened up their airspace.

Snowden still in Moscow despite bolivian plane drama ~ link ~ The Bolivian "Air Force One" is a French build Falcon 900 EX, which is a large long-range business aircraft with three jet engines.  It is a very nice aircraft but would need to refuel once between Moscow and Bolivia.  If the Russians really want to facilitate the movement out of Russia fo Snowden, to wherever he wants to go, they can use one of their very long range jets and fly from Russia to wherever ... such as Bolivia, if necessary via the Pacific and Vladivostok in the Pacific Siberia.   Stirling       

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