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28 July 2013

Second Update

I was told around Noon today that approximately 30 MILLION Egyptians were demonstrating in the streets.  The source was a good one, a Christian whose parents live in Egypt.  Before I posted it, however, remembering the one journalism course that I took in my university days and my relatives who were in the newspaper business, I felt I needed to get some confirmation of this high number.  It is about one-third of the entire Egyptian population.  So I read a large number of articles on the day's clashes and I found that almost no one was reporting the number of people in the streets.  Which is itself, rather interesting.  However, I was eventually able to confirm my friend's report, from  creditable journalist sources, that approximately 30 MILLION Egyptians were in the streets throughout Egypt.  That is a truly massive number and this level of demonstrations is simply NOT being reported on by western mainstream news mediaStirling  


Hundreds Killed In Overnight Cairo "Massacre" As 30 MILLION Take To The Streets ~ link ~ Nearly a month after the Egyptian military coup (that wasn't a coup according to the US), the celebrations over the democratic overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood's president Morsi (according to John Kerry) continue with hundreds of protesters killed and injured in the latest overnight violent breakout. The reports are obviously conflicting with the Muslim Brotherhood claiming 120 were killed in violent protests with police near Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque, describing events as a "massacre", alternatively the government's Ministry of Health says only 38 dead arrived at hospitals so far. The tragic deaths were a logical outcome of protests which according to the head of Egypt's Central Statistics Bureau General Abu Bahar Jundi, saw as many as 35 million people taking to the streets Friday on both sides of the ideological divide. Egyptian army officials put the number at around 30 million.
With the army opposition facing an imminent political crackdown on rallies and protests, even as public sentiment is about as polarized as the US Congress, it is unlikely that the country which is merely the latest indicator of "successful" US foreign policy will return to a peaceful state any time soon and those tens of millions will disperse.

Official sources confirm 30-35 MILLION PEOPLE have taken to the streets this weekend in Egypt ~ link ~ Meanwhile, the head of Egypt's Central Statistics Bureau General Abu Bahar Jundi spoke with Egypt's Al Ahram website and said that around 35 million people took to the streets Friday. Egyptian army officials put the number at around 30 million. 


Massacre in Egypt: US-backed junta kills scores, wounds thousands of people ~ link ~ [27 July 2013] There are widespread fears of an even bloodier crackdown to come, after the army issued the MB an ultimatum to join negotiations with the new military junta by today. On Thursday, July 3 coup leader General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi told the MB that the next 48 hours were a “final chance” to “join the nation in preparation to launch the future.” 

Will Egypt Burn? ~ link ~ A good article, do take the time to review it.  I am of the opinion that current events are being influenced by Israel and the globalists to establish a Civil War environment in Egypt on the eve of a General Middle East War.   Stirling   

Ron Paul: Quit funding Egypt and other nations - video ~ linkThe funding of $1 1/2 to 3 billion per year by the American taxpayer was designed as a bribe to take Egypt out of the local military opposition to Israel.  Of course that created a fat and very corrupt Egyptian general staff that cared little about the average Egyptian.  This was exploited by the CIA/Mossad backed Muslim Brotherhood when they used the CIA/Mossad created "Arab Spring" to overthrow the military backed government and win elections.  The recent counter-coup re-established military rule but the driving force behind the demonstrations in the street is that the Egyptian governments (both military and MB) due to globalist pressure are/have been applying Austerity Fascism and making the lives of the average Egyptian much harder.  That little detail is not being covered by the mainstream news media.  So this crisis/revolution-counter-revolution-counter-counter-revolution is mostly about the average Egyptian getting screwed economically.   Something that the Egyptian masses have in common with the European, American, etc., masses and that - and the massive 30-35 MILLION person response in the streets (the equivalent of well over 100 MILLION in America or well over 125 MILLION in the European Union) - is something that the globalists DO NOT want you to understand!!!   Stirling   

US wants Israel safety with Egypt unrest ~ link ~  A senior Iranian lawmaker says the United States seeks to ignite civil unrest in Egypt in an attempt to ensure the Israeli regime™s safe existence. 

Morsi supporters pledge to stand firm after massacre ~ link ~ The set-up for a very bloody and perhaps protracted civil war is operational.   Stirling   

Egypt Unrest: Death toll rising in weekend clashes between security forces and Morsi supporters - video ~ link 

Egypt After Morsi ~ linkBut there is a third and new factor now in play, one that does not measure power in the same way as the military and the Brotherhood. Through their leadership of the protests for two years, urban middle-class youth have gained their own legitimacy, and, with their technological and linguistic capacities, are able to dominate global debate about Egypt.

These young people want progress, not power; they want the future to resemble the life that they see on the Internet and in the West. If this movement were channeled into institutional politics, it would significantly affect Egypt’s internal distribution of power.  Egypt’s unfolding drama will be framed by the triangle of contradictions and demands among these three groups. And it should not be forgotten that, along with young people’s sense that they lacked a future under the nationalistic military dictatorships of the past, mass poverty was the second trigger of the 2011 revolution.

Egypt at brink of civil war - with photos ~ link 

Egypt: Scores killed as Army launches offensive against Muslim Brotherhood - with video ~ link  

EU's Baroness Ashton heads to Egypt as crisis deepens ~ link  ~ link 



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