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     End of Days  
Time Is Running Out
28 July 2013

Towards the Perfect Storm from the Deepest Bowels of Hell
As the strange month of July 2013 is headed towards an end, I thought it best to do a review of where we are at now and where we humans on this beautiful planet seem to be headed.
The growing concentration of power in the hands of a tiny, mostly Ashkenazi Jewish, cabal of global bankers continues throughout the world.  The news media has an interesting contraction, as fewer and fewer firms control almost all of the mainstream news media (in American it is so bad that only six globalist owned/Zionist ran firms control 96% of all news companies), the alternative news media, centered on low-profit or no-profit blogs and assorted news sites on the Internet, some using video and audio (including broadcast radio stations in some cases) are growing in impact by leaps and bounds as the public increasingly clasps that the mainstream news media is nothing but cheap lying propaganda.
The globalist/Zionist drive towards the Third World War via a direct western intervention in the on-going Syrian War continues to drive towards its goal in spite of major and serious opposition by senior military and intelligence people in many nations including even hyper-aggressive Israel.  Fighting a new Global War with early 21st Century weapons-of-mass destruction is simply INSANE from a human perspective.   However, as the current global struggles have a spiritual overcap that ultimately determines the 'game', it is not rational logical sane policies that are driving events. 

The World is headed to the 'Perfect Storm from the Deepest Bowels of Hell' as globalist forces prepare to unload their Cornucopia of Totally Demonic Fruits: The Second Stage of the Greatest Depression with a global currency/economic collapse in the very near future; the outbreak of at least two "natural" diseases globally that will require dramatic and massive curtailment of Rights to travel, assemble, worship, work, etc., all in the name of containing the deadly viruses; continuing climate chaos throughout the world with ever increasing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes; increasing pressure on food production; increasing the usage of outright Austerity Fascism to denude the masses of what wealth they still maintain; ever expanding militarization of civilian police forces and curtailment of basic human rights with the use of drones and other high-tech repression measures; the outbreak of first a General Middle East War with weapons-of-mass destruction followed quickly by this war's spread to a truly global Third World War.
The globalists intend to build their satanic New World Order on the corpses of six billion or more human beings out of the seven billion currently alive.  The intention is to fully enslave the remaining population, save for the super-elite which will form a very tiny percentage of those still alive in underground bunkers surviving the nuclear - advanced biological - scalier warfare.  Of course, the real goal, of the lying demonic forces of Lucifer, is the total destruction of the planet and all life thereupon.  
As I write of this evolving nightmare, I must remind myself that all of this has been foretold almost two thousand years ago in the last book of the Christian Bible, the Book of Revelation.  In that Book, we are clearly told that Jesus Christ will return to save the final third of humanity and that He will establish a New Heaven, a New Earth and a New Jerusalem after the Final Battle of Armageddon.     
More and more people are coming around to the realization that the direction that the human race is headed is clearly that as laid out in the Bible and that the time period is NOW. 
Tim Earl of Stirling     

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