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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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27 July 2013
Special Report ~ Egypt: Is a Civil War beginning?
Bloodbath in Cairo: Egyptian security forces shoot dead pro-Mursi supporters - 220 killed and 4,500 injured ~ link ~ Who Benefits from this???  Stirling  
Israeli Ambassador calls Egyptian General Al-Sisi a "national hero for all Jews" ~ link ~ You simply can't make this crap up!   Stirling   
The Israeli ambassador in Cairo has told a minister in the interim government that the people of Israel look upon General Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi as a "national hero". According to Israel Radio, the ambassador rang Agriculture Minister Ayman Abu-Hadid to congratulate him on his new post and said, "Al-Sisi is not a national hero for Egypt, but for all Jews in Israel and around the globe."

Israel is looking forward to the launch of new relationships with Egypt, said Yaakov Amitai, as well as joint efforts in the war on terror. His mention of "terror" is understood to be an oblique reference to President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters protesting against the coup which removed him from office. - See more at:
Egyptian Health Dept. reports only 29 Muslim Brotherhood protesters killed and 650 injured, says MB inflated today's casualties ~ link ~ Both sides are apt to be lying.  One thing for sure, massive amounts of blood is flowing in the streets of Cairo.   Stirling       

Over 100 killed and 1,000 injured as deposed president Morsi is formally accused of murder and conspiracy with Hamas ~ link ~ Security forces are reported to have started shooting demonstrators shortly before pre-dawn morning prayers at a round-the-clock vigil in Cairo being staged by backers of Morsi, who was removed from power by the army three weeks ago.
At least 74 dead and over 700 injured in Egypt clashes - with photos ~ link 
Egypt crisis: Deadly clashes at pro-Morsi Cairo protest ~ link  
Egypt unrest: At least 70 supporters of Morsi killed by security services in Cairo ~ link  
Egypt: 120 reported killed as violence erupts at Cairo rallies - with video ~ link  
Egypt crisis: Scores killed at Cairo protest - with video ~ link  


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check vid here,mid way on page...rebels in syria line up over 50 cap soliders then machine gun them to death...then post it to utube???is this what the net is these days???sport???utube still hasent banned it ,why anywhere from the rebels home page....

graphic warning

if blocked copy/paste this into google,2nd search entry jcb news


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welcome to planet earth