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Holy Shroud of Turin
25 July 2013
The WWIII Stage is Set - Russia and USA fully arm opposite sides in Syria - video ~ link ~ The movement continues toward a 'beyond horrible' Third World War with 21st Century weapons-of-mass destruction...Armageddon!!!  Stirling    
Troops on the Ground?  General Dempsey's Five Options for War with Syria ~ link ~ We could have "hit" Syria over a year ago ... which would have been insane ... but now that Russia has deployed its battle fleet and vast resources in Syria, it guarantees that events will quickly become World War III ... this is NOT an is the setting of the stage for global warfare!!!   Stirling     
The Epic Fall of the Israeli State ~ link ~ Interesting article, however, I do NOT see the Rothschilds and their Ilk and Israel going 'quietly in the night'.  God is real and Satan is real.  The one thing that many analysis fail to factor in, is the spiritual aspect which in fact is the overriding element in what is really happening in the world today.   Stirling     

Israel is many things to many people, but it is failed state. It can not exist unless it shamelessly wages war on everyone not Jewish inside and outside her borders, she has failed because she was stopped in the autumn of 2012, she reached a limit, where her military enforcement arm, the United States refused to wage war against Iran.
Writers and historians should take note of Jewry’s behavior in this case and compare the policies of JFK that lead to his assassination, did Israel assassinate JFK over his policies concerning Israel? Michael Collins Piper thinks so, in his latest book Final Judgment he concludes that Israel is the prime suspect over the riff JFK was having with Ben Gurion’s nuclear ambitions.(2) Was the Israel nuclear program a way to blackmail the West into submission to Rothschilds’ demands? Is that why they had JFK murdered? Then we have the curious coincidence of General Dempsey’s plane being attack upon arrival at Bagram Airbase just after telling Netanyahu in Israel that the United States would not have Israel’s back if they attacked Iran.

A few Evangelicals think Netanyahu is the antichrist. They cite Bible verses, the proverbial antichrist suffers a “head wound” then recovers, Bibi’s suffered the loss as “head of state” in 1999 then recovered in 2009 becoming Prime Minister again. Add to this that he is the “first born”, he is the first Prime Minister to be born in Israel. He also speaks with the authority of the dragon, another antichrist attribute, he holds attention of the world leaders. He got his authority from the world’s foremost financial power, the Satanic worshipping Rothschilds (dragons). I second Kevin Barrett’s motion, Netanyahu for antichrist has my vote.(8) Netanyahu was originally called Ben Nitay (9)(anagram ANTI) and is a dead ringer for the “little horn” of Daniel, a leader of a small nation that holds the attention of all the world. Regardless of whether the antichrist title fits, I would argue that he actually isn’t that effective in persuading the world to do his bidding.

"Who authorized preparations for War with China?" ~ link ~ Stand back and look at the entire forest, not just the nearby trees.  The across the board movement towards WWIII is not an accident, nor is it something that just begun.  This is by design and from the perspective of human beings it is INSANE.  No logical rational sane person would seek to launch a global war with 21st Century weapons-of-mass destruction.  This is clearly a case of the super-elite following a demonic agenda that will result in the death of most humans and the destruction of human society in the near future!!!   Stirling    
Bolshevism and Zionism Are Ideologically Indistinguishable  ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.   Stirling    
The “highest possibilities of the European civilization” ended up being the highest crime probably in human history: Bolshevism in both its metaphysical and ideological form carried out the greatest mass murder, with more than ninety million deaths to its credit.
 But Bolshevism in its ideological form did not die out then. It has been reincarnated in two identical and Jewish revolutionary movements: Zionism and neoconservatism. Both are almost politically indistinguishable and, like Bolshevism, both seek to implicitly destroy Western civilization in all of its manifestations. Bolshevism was evil but the mass hysteria did not fully grasp the extent of its evilness until it was almost too late. Zionism’s evilness, on the other hand, is being displayed right in front of us, but no politician is brave enough to break its political power.  
 In a nutshell, Zionism does not care about the West’s future. It only cares about dominating the world and taking good care of Israel.  If 2,114 precious American soldiers die in Afghanistan, that is a small price to pay if you are protecting Zionism. If military intervention in Syria could cost the U.S. one billion dollars every month, that again is a very small price to pay. If poverty has risen at an astronomical rate in nations like Greece and Italy because of the economic collapse, we still need to move on with perpetual wars in the Middle East.
HAARP: Secret Weapon used for Weather Modification and Electromagnetic Warfare ~ link  
Mass Hunger Strike by California prisoners continues despite retaliation by authorities ~ linkAmerica has more people in prison than any nation on Earth per population.  That includes such delightful places like North Korea!!!   Stirling     
Time to Decide: Concentrated, Privatized Wealth or Shared Prosperity and Economic Democracy ~ linkIf the Human Race is to survive the power of the global banksters must be destroyed.  They have led the Earth into countless wars and economic crisis for their benefit but now we are headed towards our total destruction as a species due to their demonic based insanity.   Stirling     
Who controls the Global Economy: Do NOT underestimate the Power of the Big Banks ~ link ~ Actually it is the 'who' controls the Big Banks...and this is about 8 families, who constitute the Global Banking Cartel.   Stirling     
Most Terrifying 'What If' Scenarios Are Easily Solved ~ link ~ Easily in theory ... but getting the sheeple off their collective asses and on the same page and solving the problem is not so easy.  Good article, do take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling     
The first example of a frightening What IF scenario oft cited in the press is what happens if interest rates on the ten year Treasury bond go from 2.7% to 5.4% and then to 10.8% doubling our cost of interest on the federal debt twice from 535 billion dollars a year to 1.07 trillion and then to 2.14 trillion dollars a year? This is easily solved. Just seize the Federal Reserve and issue a non-interest bearing currency like the Lincoln Greenback. 
There are only two solutions to our problems. One is that we let the bankers seize all power, crash the currencies and the stock and markets so they can finish transferring all wealth from us to them. This will be followed in their dreams by the release of a series of plagues killing 95% of us and none of them. The other solution is that we seize all of the bank accounts and all of the real property, stocks, bonds,  jewels and bullion of the warmongering bankers. We cancel all government debt. We lower taxes. We cancel $20,000 in debts for every adult citizen. We issue a non-interest bearing currency and make both fractional reserve banking and government debt illegal. And we also release the technology the secret government has hidden from us in order create new industries and new jobs.

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hmmmm Elite hacker Barnaby Jack dies ahead of Black Hat event
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He had said one technique could kill a man from 30 feet (nine metres)