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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
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20 July 2013
'Unprecedented' 131 congressmen say Obama should give Iran's new President a chance ~ link ~ WOW!!!  That is major ...  that so many summoned up the courage to go against AIPAC's money and power to stop World War III.  I am positively impressed!!!  Stirling    

Thirty percent of members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed a letter calling on President Barack Obama to give peace a chance with Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani, Whispers has learned.

"This is the loudest call from Congress for diplomacy with Iran ever," National Iranian American Council Policy Director Jamal Abdi told U.S. News. "This is unprecedented."

US military prepares for chemical warfare in Syria ~ link ~ So much of what is happening now is a back and forth tug-of-war between those who are working for World War III and those who want to avoid it!!!  Stirling    
Poll shows Americans turning towards isolationism ~ link ~ Too bad Americans don't control their own nation.  The globalists/Zionists that do control America don't give a damn what the Americans want or don't want.  Until Americans retake control of their own nation, they are doomed to be simply sheeple controlled by others.   Stirling    

Israel's "New Army" will pioneer the combined use of expanded drone warfare with RFID/"National Biometric ID cards" ~ link ~ Global Slave/NWO State Beta Test!!!   Stirling   

The new “National Biometric Identification Card” will be available for all citizens.  It is a step towards high tech slavery for both the Israeli’s and Arabs alike although the Israeli government says it is only for a two-year trial period.  After the trial period ends, they will make a decision whether or not to further implement the program based on the results.  Ya’alon also said that the reforms “will help fighters operate with greater efficiency, while at the same time exploiting their human and technological advantages that will allow them to achieve victory in battle swiftly and decisively.”  Drone warfare was used in the Gaza Strip in 2012.  Last month the International Business Times, an online global news publication reported on a story called ‘Drones, Warriors Or Robots? Israel Debates Tomorrow’s Conflicts’ stated what Israel’s new direction is headed:

With no Israeli soldiers in the streets, unlike during the previous military campaign four years earlier, the buzz of the flying drones was a constant nightmare for people in Gaza. Around the world, that buzzing noise is not going away. Drones as war machines are here to stay, and Israel, together with the United States, is at the forefront of armed UAV development and use. In the last decade, U.S. drones have been sent on deadly missions to fight the war on terror worldwide, from Pakistan to Africa — and that’s only one aspect of the new, nonconventional way of fighting conflicts.
Australian War Games: US military machine out-of-control ~ link ~ Satan's minions, you know our "leaders", are required to give him more war and more war and even more war!!!   Stirling   
Weekend videos:
   The Khazarian Supremacy ~ link 
   Rothschild Zionism ~ link    

   David Icke: The Rothschild Zionist Agenda, New 
       World Order and ... ~ link 
   Rothschild controlled Alois Schicklgruber alias
        Adolf Hitler ~ link ~ Putting leaders into power 
        with name changes and uncertain backgrounds 
        is an old game for them...remind you of anyone?
   Not for the immature: Zionist Antichrist will rule 
        the NWO ~ link  

   Elizabeth Warren and Ben Bernanke Q&A July 18 
        2013 ~ link 
   Even more trouble brewing for Rupert Murdoch
        and News Corporation ~ link 
US Government will borrow close to $4 TRILLION this year ~ link ~ That is borrow $4 trillion from the privately owned Federal Reserve System that will make a bookkeeping entry and create same out of thin air and then loan it to the American taxpayers at compound interest.  It will add up to many more trillions, counting compound interest over years and the principal, that the taxpayers will have to pay back to the mostly foreign Fed owners.  Now, if we had just created our own money, which by the way is the only constitutional way to do it, we would NOT own anything.  About half of our tax revenue goes to interest payments on past "loans".  This crazy, illegal and unconstitutional system has been going on for 100 years as of this coming Christmas Eve.  It is only maintained by bribery, assassination, and blackmail!!!  Why do we allow it to continue???   Stirling      
Detroit in pictures ~ link ~ Sad, beyond sad.  This is what happens when you allow the worst criminal scum (Global Banking Cartel) on Earth to control things!!!  Stirling     
Mutant vegetables and plants from Japan - Caused by Fukushima nuclear disaster ~ link ~ This is evidence of spreading DNA damage caused by the on-going and spreading serious nuclear pollution from the mega-disaster at Fukushima!  It is spreading more and more and will eventually be in the entire planet!  Stirling    
Groundbreaking study finds Turmeric Extract superior to Prozac for depression ~ link ~ Yes, but Big Pharma can't make billions off of Turmeric, nor have the added benefit of killing many of those treated.  Stirling     

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