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     End of Days  
Time Is Running Out
19 July 2013
Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on Dr. Deagle's Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ Click on 'The Nutrimedical Report Thursday July 18 2013 - Hour 1 and Hour 3.  The second half of Hour 1 has some really interesting information on a Quantum Physics experiment that Dr. Deagle and I did, only yesterday.  The topic is continued at the beginning of Hour 3.
Breaking: Syrian Army regains control over Aleppo al-Rashedon District ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  The murderous foreign mercenaries continue to have their butts kicked by the Syrian Army and people!  Stirling    

Russian Pacific Fleet getting several new warships ~ link ~ The General Middle East War, when it happens, is apt to be followed quickly by a wide war in the Far East and total Global Warfare/WWIII.  Stirling    

The Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet is due to receive new warships in 2014, reportedly for the first time since the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, commanders say.

“Rather large-scale deliveries of new equipment, new warships to the Pacific Fleet will start in 2014,” said Rear Admiral Sergei Avakyants in a Thursday interview with Rossiya 24 television network, as cited in a RIA novosti report. 
EU publishes guidelines barring all cooperation with Israeli entities over pre-67 lines ~ link ~ The Zionists, try as they will, simply do not have the level of power/control throughout the EU that they do in North America.  Too Bad, NOT!!!  The reality is that Israel is a hyper-racist warmongering shitty little country that needs to grow up and join humanity rather than trying to dominate it!!!  Stirling    
The European Union on Friday formally published new guidelines explicitly banning any EU funding of and cooperation with Israeli institutions operating in territories beyond the pre-1967 lines, amid vigorous Israeli objections.  
UK abandons plans to arm Syrian militants ~ link ~ This is a good example of what a vocal minority in Parliament/Congress can do.  This has not happened in the American Congress because so very few have the courage to stand up to the Globalists/Zionists.  Both Great Britain and American have very strong percentages of their populations against any more Middle East wars, but it takes people within the parliamentary/congressional power levels to 'throw a monkey wrench into the works'.  However, the evil ones are NOT throwing in the towel...see the next two articles immediately below.  Stirling    
Syria: UK must be prepared for war ~ link ~ The armed forces chief warns Britain must be prepared for war in Syria as the Defence Secretary says no option is off the table.

Britain must be prepared to go to war if it wants to end the conflict in Syria and keep chemical weapons out of the hands of al Qaeda, the outgoing head of the armed forces has warned.


Britain's Top Military Brass: The UK must be prepared "To Go to War" - "We Must Risk War with Syria" ~ link ~ Shameless evil insanity!!!  Stirling    


US Joint Chiefs-of-Sraff Chairman, General Dempsey: 'Tide has Shifted in Assad's Favor, Time to consider military force in Syria'  ~ link ~ That will begin the Third World War/Armageddon!!!  This is Satan's forces at work in the world bringing about the End Times and Final Battle!!!   Stirling     

Worldwide Zionist Stranglehold - video ~ link

Victor Rothschild was a 'Soviet' Agent ~ link ~ Actually, I would say that the Soviets were agents of the Rothschild Empire!!!   Stirling  
Humans NOT predisposed to War, New Study Finds ~ linkBut Satan and his minions are.  War is a three-letter word in direct opposition to another three-letter word, God!!!   Stirling   
Two months until the German elections and the Return of Reality ~ link ~  It could be interesting.  Stirling   
Allegations of Greed, Corruption brought thousands to streets in Spain calling for Prime Minister's resignation ~ link

Former President and Commander-in-Chief: America is No Longer a Democracy ~ link ~ As I said on the NutriMedical Report Show yesterday, no former American President has ever even come close to making such a statement.  This is earthshaking but it was reported in a leading German publication and on the alternative news media but NOT by the globalist/Zionist US mainstream news media...not at all as far as I can tell.   Stirling   
If your Spanish - Move to Norway ~ link ~ What if you don't even have the money to do that???  Stirling   
As the nations of Europe argue over and over that France is not Greece, Portugal is not Ireland, and reality is not fantasy, Bloomberg has in fact quantified just where each of these troubled nations stands for the next five years. The bad news for the Spanish - facing demands for Rajoy's resignation over the graft - is that they have the worst five-year outlook of all European nations. Worse than Portugal, notably worse than Greece, and dismally worse than Bulgaria. On the bright side, Norway - with the best outlook by far over the next five years - looks attractive (or closer still Luxembourg.)  
Is China preparing to back the Yuan With Gold? - video ~ link  ~ That would be a real Earth Changer!!!  Stirling   
Detroit will NOT see anyh improvements soon - former US Senator Mike Gravel - video ~ link ~ He says Detroit will not really come back for at least a generation!   Stirling    
Detroit becomes the Largest US city to declare bankruptcy ~ link  
Bernanke "The Only Game in Town" - Really? ~ link ~ Last year, Senator Schumer (Democrat, N.Y.) famously told Fed chairman Ben Bernanke "You are the only game in town." Really, Senator? What about the real economy? Bernanke and the Fed's machinations are indeed the only game in town for the parasitic financiers, but unnoticed by the Senator, America's real economy is innovating away from the dead hand of the Fed and its toxic spew of free money to the predatory class.
There's actually three games in town: the financier game the Fed is playing that will end in collapse, the Federal government's borrow-and-blow trillions of dollars game that will also end badly, and the real economy, where millions of people don't give a rat's rear-end about Bernanke's latest attempt to placate the financial Monster Id he has created

Peru to provide FREE SOLAR POWER to its 2 million poorest citizens ~ link ~ Great...this is something that many many nations should be doing!  Stirling    

Double your money! UK private security as terrorism vector ~ link ~ The widening of the spiral of fear and increasing demand for 'protection' creates an international protection racket cartel, indistinguishable only in that they call themselves 'legal', from organized criminal gangs.

UK security firms Serco and G4S, are described as ‘indispensable’ to Britain's criminal justice system, have been overcharging the government by 'tens of millions of pounds' for criminals who had long finished their sentences or been dead for years. 
The overcriminalization problem: Congressional Research Service can't even list all federal crimes ~ link ~ This is simply way to create a slave state, where anything can be a felony that can send you to prison for years, or send you to a secret prison without a trial or attorney or appeal.   Stirling   
Indeed, the number is so incredibly massive, that the Congressional Research Service told a congressional task force that they simply did not have the manpower and resources required to create a tally of all criminal offenses outlined in the federal criminal code.

According to Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.), “Today, there are roughly 4,500 federal crimes on the books. And still many more regulations and rules that, if not abided by, result in criminal penalties, including incarceration.”


Vatican prelate in 'gay romance' with Swiss Guard ~ link ~ Until and unless the new pope ends celibacy in the priesthood and flushes out the gay majority in the Roman Catholic clergy, he will have untold problems.  Until and unless he ends celibacy, he is NOT a true reformer, just another PR shrill spinning things.   Stirling  
The Vatican's "gay lobby" was back in the headlines on Friday after the alleged exposure of a homosexual prelate appointed by Pope Francis to a key position at the Vatican bank.
The Italian weekly L'Espresso said prelate Battista Ricca had gay relationships during his time at the Vatican embassy of Montevideo in Uruguay as well as an affair with a Swiss guard which ultimately saw him sent back to Rome in disgrace.
Ancient Mars river may have flowed into huge river ~ link
All Corn Syrup Contains MSG ~ link ~ Processed free glutamic acid (MSG) is deadly and it’s unlabeled in hundreds of foods. One of the tricks played by the food industry is the deceptive insertion of “no MSG added” on food labels. While there may be no “extra” MSG added, there is sufficient amounts through processing and hidden within many ingredients which cause havoc to our health. One those ingredients found in many foods is corn syrup.
Major GM food company Monsanto "pulls out of Europe" ~ link ~ The Human Race wins one in Europe!!!  Stirling   

Monsanto, one of the world's biggest and best known genetically modified crops companies, is effectively pulling out of Europe, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Mild UAE HCW MERS Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns ~ link 
2013 Crop Circles - Mid-Season Gallery - photos ~ link  
Scientists have spotted more evidence that an enormous ocean on Mars covered much of the planet's surface billions of years ago.
The latest clues were found in photos from NASA's powerful Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter circling the planet. The images show what appears to be an ancient river delta, which may have emptied into a vast Martian ocean that inundated up to one-third of the Red Planet long ago, a new study reports.
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