Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
17 July 2013
Former US President Carter: American no longer a functioning democracy (in German, use a translation software) ~ link ~ When a retired President says so, it is about time that all Americans wake up to what is happening.  We are a unconstitutional Police State, with (mostly foreign)  criminals in charge!!!   Stirling   
We are close now. Beyond the undeniable economic factors, the very fabric of American government is crumbling ~ link 
Are "Professional" Politicians the Problem? ~ link ~ The larger problem is that we have allowed the Global Banking Cartel to use their vast money to corrupt and control our electorial system.   Stirling   
Government in America now keeping track of everywhere you are driving ~ linkStalin and Hitler would be so proud!!!  Stirling    
Driving somewhere?  There's a government record of that ~ link ~ NOT the Land of the Free anymore!!!  Stirling     

Police Documents on License Plate Scanners Reveal Mass Tracking ~ link ~ We do NOT have to put up with this crap!!!  Turn off your television boob tubes and do something, to reclaim your nation from the fascist crooks!!!   Stirling   

Mark Zuckerberg runs a Giant Spy Machine in Palo Alto, California ~ link ~ Wake up Sheeple!!!  Stirling   

West losing on all fronts in Syria ~ link ~ Of course, the Syrian Army and people are fighting for their homes, their families, in their nation.  The foreign mercenaries are just paid goons who are getting their asses kicked.   Stirling    
Egypt clashes between police and Morsi supporters leave seven dead ~ link 
Bernanke: "Profit Recovery Has Preceded Job Recovery" ~ link ~ There is no job recovery, but the crooks at the top are doing very well indeed. Stirling   
Wall Street is drunk on Bernanke's "Free Cash" - video ~ link 
Foodstamps Are CORPORATE Welfare ~ link ~  An interesting way to look at it!!!   Stirling    
Hungary wants to throw out IMF ~ link ~ Good!  Stirling    
China may become top wheat importer after crops ruined ~ link 

Asir Mild MERS Cluster Raises Pandemic Concerns ~ link
WHO: Deadly MERS virus is not global emergency ~ link ~ Since the advent of genetic engineering, or what I call Advanced Biowarfare, we have had a large number of new viruses pop up.  Stirling     
Having heart surgery?  Make sure you have it on a Full Moon ~ link 

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