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Holy Shroud of Turin
11 July 2013
Zionist link to Egyptian Army exposed ~ linkIsrael has always kept its close coordination with Egypt's military low key even though the Camp David Accords required some obvious interaction. But on the other hand the Israelis have actually defaulted on them as their own archives show they never had any intention of fulfilling any plans for a Palestinian peace. They figured they could always negotiate indefinitely, or not, and blame that on the Palestinians. No political entity in America would ever challenge them on their bad faith.
But their going public supporting the US subsidy to the Egyptian army was totally unnecessary. It was not needed since the Obama administration had already worked out a way to avoid cutting off aid through the interim government being set up right away with a call for early elections.

But the Israelis would never do something like this for no reason,  and that reason would never be for anyone else's benefit but theirs. So I must assume that they wanted to taint the Egyptian military as pro-Israeli to stoke the probability of more Muslim Brotherhood violence against them to crank up another Syrian style blood letting and destabilization...
US Senator Carl Levin calls for US military strikes on Syria ~ link ~ Another Jewish senator who wants to spend more American lives and money fighting Israel's neighbors, so that Israel can dominate the entire Middle East.  These bastards are nothing but foreign agents acting against America.  They will not be happy until they kick off the Third World War!!!  Stirling     
A prominent U.S. senator has called on the administration of President Barack Obama to attack Syrian “airfields, airplanes and massed artillery.

The influential chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Carl Levin (D-Mich.) who has returned from a fact-finding trip to the Middle East, also expressed support for arming the militant groups fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

“Increased military pressure on Assad is the only way to achieve a negotiated settlement in Syria, which in turn is needed to restore stability to a region that certainly doesn’t need any more instability,” Levin said Wednesday during a speech at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Levin conceded that the U.S. public opposes an increased involvement in the Syrian conflict and that there is “no consensus” on the issue on Capitol Hill.

Senator Levin and Senator Angus King (I-Maine) spent five days in Jordan and Turkey, talking to government officials as well as U.S. diplomatic and military personnel about the conflict in Syria.

The two senators also met with militant leaders including Salim Idriss, the leader of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA), and visited refugee camps along the Syrian border.

In a joint statement on Tuesday, Levin and King said the U.S. and its allies should arm and train the militants and consider “options for limited, targeted strikes at airplanes, helicopters, missiles, tanks and artillery.”

However they said they were not calling for American troops on the ground in Syria.

The senators noted that “doing nothing may be the worst option of all,” potentially destabilizing U.S. allies in the region, including Turkey and Jordan, and threatening Israeli interests.

In a letter last month, Sen. Levin, Sen. John McCain, a Republican from Arizona and Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey called on President Obama to take "more decisive military actions" against Syria.

A recent opinion poll conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that the majority of Americans, 70 percent, are against U.S. involvement in Syria’s unrest.
Can this man save America: New proposed legislation would repeal laws that brought the Surveillance State ~ link ~ Do go to the link and read all of this important article.   Stirling  

Your neighbors and coworkers are watching your every move. Remotely operated drones hover overhead automatically cataloging everything that moves. A faceless computer somewhere in the middle of a desert is recording every electronic interaction you make. Agents stand by waiting to violate your person and rifle through your belongings when you travel. Swarms of militarized police await their orders to come barreling through your door at the drop of a hat.
With the stroke of a pen they’ve defined you as a terrorist and authorized your execution. Then they gave themselves the mandate to arrest and detain you without charge or trial. They’ve even created a secret court that can determine your guilt without publicly presenting any evidence against you.
According to our government it is not only justified, but perfectly legal, and those in power often cite thousands of pages of laws and  regulations, all made possible by Congressional mandates like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act.

This is the police state in which you live.

It may seem that there is no hope in sight, that our freedoms have been lost.

But fear not, fellow Americans, as there are still those within our most hallowed institutions that understand what the future holds should we continue to pursue this path, and they are taking the beast head on.

If you reject the dark cloud of centralization, surveillance, and control that has descended upon this great nation, then this may well be your last chance to do something about it.
 'Joint Sea -2013' drill - Russian and Chinese navies - photos ~ link
How will Israel spend $300 BILLION in revenue from natural gas exports ~ link ~ May I suggest that American no longer needs to send money and arms to such a rich nation...hello, is anyone in Congress or the Administration listening?  I thought not!   Stirling    

Saudi ballistic missiles pointed at Israel and Iran ~ link ~ These are Chinese IRBM (intermediate range ballistic missiles) missiles with Pakistan manufactured nukes!!!  The Saudis paid for a large part of the Pakistan nuclear weapons program and received a few nukes in return.  The story on the Chinese IRBMs (which were liquid fueled but have been converted to solid fuel) is most interesting.  More than anything, it was the Chinese selling IRBMs to the Arabs that caused a 'deal' with the Zionist dominated West.  In return for no further such sales (and nuclear weapons sales) the West began shipping its manufacturing plants, with the latest technology, to mainland China and purchasing most consumer goods from the Peoples Republic.  This became the 'Greatest Mass Transfer of Wealth in Human History' more earth-changing event tied to the West doing Israel's bidding!!!  Of course, it has led to the denuding of most domestic industrial capacity in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc., and the gradual destruction of the Middle Class in all these nations!!!   Stirling     
The background to the Lac-Megantic Disaster ~ link   

The death toll to Lac-Megantic Disaster now at 50 - link
The wheels are coming off the whole of southern Europe ~ link ~ Europe’s debt-crisis strategy is near collapse. The long-awaited recovery has failed to take wing. Debt ratios across southern Europe are rising at an accelerating pace. Political consent for extreme austerity is breaking down in almost every EMU crisis state. And now the US Federal Reserve has inflicted a full-blown credit shock for good measure. 
9 Plagues that are Collapsing Capitalism ~ link ~   Our capitalist system is approaching failure. Or, perhaps better said: Our marginally capitalist, partly-free market systems are approaching a massive collapse.
Not because of what capitalism is, mind you, but because the powers that be have bastardized it.
Capitalism can bear many distortions and abuses, but it is not indestructible.
And, make no mistake, the ‘capitalist’ system we have today has been massively corrupted, so much so that it’s sagging under the load... and will continue to do so until the proverbial straw breaks its back.

Strikes and protests against mass layoffs in Greece ~ link ~ On Monday and Tuesday, thousands of people marched to the Interior Ministry on Klathmonos Square in Athens to protest against the government’s dismissal program. On Wednesday, workers reportedly decided to continue their walkout for the entire week. A one-day general strike has been announced for July 16.

The workers are protesting against the plan of the government (a coalition of the conservative New Democracy and the social democratic PASOK) to shift 4,200 state employees to a so-called “transfer company” by the end of the month. The transfer company guarantees the workers 75 percent of their salary for eight months, after which they will loose their jobs. A total of 12,500 workers are to be outsourced and condemned to unemployment via the transfer company by the end of September.

Klarman Clarity: "If the Government (still) can't allow failure then we are indeed close to collapse ~ link ~ One of the most insightful comments explaining what happened last night, when Bernanke just killed all credibility that the economy may soon be able to stand up on its own two legs, comes from Seth Klarman who crushed the logic (or lack thereof) behind proclaiming any recovery in a world in which the only marginal factor preventing an all out collapse in the stock market and thus economy is, and continues, to be the Federal Reserve which has not only destroyed the market's discounting function, but with every passing day is taking over both the entire US economy (the Fed's balance sheet is now 25% of US GDP) and the US bond market (currently in possession of 30% of all 10 Year equivalents).
People living in caves as UK homelessness reaches 5-year high ~ link ~ The political class in the UK could care less, and the banksters actually enjoy hearing of such horrors.   Stirling  

Homeless men and women are living in a network of disused sandstone caves near the town centre of Stockport, Greater Manchester. There have been up to four people a night sleeping rough in the cave system perched on a 20-foot precipice overhanging a river, only a short distance from public view.

A report in the Manchester Evening News noted that Stockport in the north of England has seen a 42 percent increase in homelessness in just one year. Jonathan Billings, a project manager with the local homeless charity Wellsprings, said, “The number of people turning up each day for support has soared from around 60 to 70 to around 140 in the last three years.”

Luxembourg PM resigns over spying scandal ~ link ~ The tiny Grand Duchy shows how government leaders are suppose to respond when caught doing bad things.  Washington, London, Paris, etc. should take a lesson from Luxembourg!   Stirling   

Massive California prison protests enters third day ~ link ~ America has the most people in prison per population than any nation on Earth...that includes North Korea and any of the worst places that you can think of.   Stirling    

How the Food Industry is deceiving you - Part 1 - video ~ link 

Geoengineering: Full Spectrum Dominance - video ~ link 
New studies on H7N9 raise pandemic concerns ~ link ~ Two research teams that conducted a massive number of experiments on the new H7N9 influenza virus found more signs that it could be a pandemic virus, though their animal tests showed that its ability to spread through coughs and sneezes isn't as robust as seasonal flu.
The two studies are among several recent efforts to assess the threat from the new virus, which infected 134 people, 43 of them fatally, before tapering off in early June. Experts aren't sure if the virus has died out or if it has temporarily retreated due to warmer weather and perhaps the effects of outbreak response measures aimed at live-poultry markets in some of China's biggest cities.

'Moaning the Blues' - Jazz video ~ link 

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