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Holy Shroud of Turin
10 July 2013
Today is the 14th anniversary of my late wife Michele's death.  She is with God now safe and happy.  Yesterday, I buried Nicky our cat and our last pet, she was about 21 years old.  
Tim Earl of Stirling   
The House of Rothschild ~ link ~ If you don't do anything else today, do take a few minutes to read all of this article at the link!!!  Stirling    
The Rothschild family combined with the Dutch House of Orange to found Bank of Amsterdam in the early 1600’s as the world’s first private central bank.  Prince William of Orange married into the English House of Windsor, taking King James II’s daughter Mary as his bride.  The Orange Order Brotherhood, which more recently fomented Northern Ireland Protestant violence, put William III on the English throne where he ruled both Holland and Britain.  In 1694 William III teamed up with the Rothschilds to launch the Bank of England. The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street- as the Bank of England is known- is surrounded by thirty foot walls.  Three floors beneath it the third largest stock of gold bullion in the world is stored.  The biggest hoard lies beneath the Rothschild-controlled Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  According to the excellent movie The Money Masters, much of this gold was confiscated from now-empty vaults at Fort Knox as collateral on US debt obligations to the Eight Families Federal Reserve crowd. 
Mayer Rothschild’s sons were known as the Frankfurt Five.  Amschel ran the family’s Frankfurt bank with his father, while Nathan ran London operations.  Youngest son Jacob set up shop in Paris, while Salomon ran the Vienna branch and Karl the branch in Naples.  Author Frederick Morton estimates that by 1850 the Rothschilds were worth over $10 billion.  The old axiom “money begets more money” certainly holds true.  Researchers believe that the Rothschild fortune today exceeds $100 trillion.

The Warburgs, Kuhn Loebs, Goldman Sachs, Schiffs and Rothschilds have intermarried into one big happy banking family.  The Warburg family- which controls Deutsche Bank and Banque Paribas- tied up with the Rothschilds in 1814 in Hamburg, while Kuhn Loeb powerhouse Jacob Schiff shared quarters with Rothschilds in 1785.  Schiff immigrated to America in 1865.  He joined forces with Abraham Kuhn and married Solomon Loeb’s daughter.  Loeb and Kuhn married each others sisters and the Kuhn Loeb dynasty was consummated.  Felix Warburg married Jacob Schiff’s daughter.  Two Goldman daughters married two sons of the Sachs family, creating Goldman Sachs.  In 1806 Nathan Rothschild married the oldest daughter of Levi Barent Cohen, a leading financier in London.  The Cohen family was now part of the club.

Today the Rothschild’s control a far-flung financial empire, which includes majority stakes in nearly all the world’s central banks.    
If we wish we make the world a better place and to usher in a new consciousness; we must study, discuss and expose the source of global warfare, depopulation schemes, oil-addiction, drug addiction, poverty and environmental degradation.  The head of the serpent is the House of Rothschild.
Foreign mercenaries fighting in Syria open fire at anti-siege protesters in Aleppo ~ link ~ Also see ~ link These bastards are disgusting in the is beyond shameful that the western nations are supporting such evil trash!!!   Stirling    
Syrian militants have used gunfire to disperse a protest by angry residents of the flashpoint city of Aleppo against militant's measure for preventing food, medicine and oil from reaching civilians in the western part of the city.

The protest took place on Wednesday in the city including in the Bustan al-Qasr District where foreign-backed Takfiris fired into the air to disperse the protesters chanting “the people want an end to the blockade.”

At least two million people live in the area which is controlled by the militants.

The civilians were demonstrating at a checkpoint that prevents supplies from entering the western part of the city which is controlled by the Syrian armed forces.

There are conflicting reports about possible casualties with some saying one person was killed

Residents in Aleppo's west say food prices have drastically soared as a result of the blockade.
Detained Turkish demonstrators go on hunger strike ~ link ~ The Turkish and Egyptian demonstrations are very much tied into the drive to cause and the drive to prevent a General Middle East War/WWIII.  There are powerful hidden forces at work in both nations.   Stirling   
Turkish demonstrators, arrested at Istanbul’s Gezi Park, start a hunger strike to protest against the extension of their detention period.

Almost 50 detainees went on hunger strike on Wednesday after prosecutors prolonged their detention.

The detainees identified as representatives and leaders of workers' groups had been rounded up on Monday.

The Taksim Solidarity Platform said they were taken into custody without any legal basis.

Christians tortured in the Sinai ~ link ~ Last I checked the Sinai was under the authority of Egypt and it is the Egyptian military that is allowing this...the same military that America has given over $60 BILLION to!!!  Stirling    
US to send Egypt four more F-16 fighter jets ~ link ~ A little 'sweetener' for the air force marshals, to get them to continue to cooperate with USA/Israel, and as payback for their efforts in the past.   Stirling    
Saudi Arabia and UAE to "lend" Egypt up to $8 billion ~ link ~ The real cause for the political crisis in Egypt is the ongoing economic crisis brought on by austerity fascism imposed by the IMF.  If, and "if" is a key word here, the money is spent to help turn the Egyptian economy around, it could really help to calm the political waters.  However, if most of the funding goes to line the pockets of the High Command and associated interests, then things will not get better.   Stirling     
China reports weaker than expected trade data ~ link  Bad sign for the global economy!  Stirling   

Exports fell 3.1% in June from a year earlier, indicating weak global demand for Chinese goods. Most analysts had expected a 4% increase in shipments.

Imports fell 0.7% from a year ago, showing a subdued domestic demand.

Giant banks take over real economy as well as financial system - enabling manipulation on a vast scale ~ link ~ It is us or them...and they work for Satan!  They are evil and rotten and corrupt to the absolute core of their existence.   Stirling    

Hero Fukushima ex-manager who foiled even worse nuclear disaster dies of cancer ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  May God have mercy on his soul.   Stirling     

The former Fukushima supervisor of damage control works at the tsunami-devastated nuclear power plant has died of cancer. His decision not to follow a corporate order prevented Chernobyl-like explosions of overheated Fukushima reactors.

UN presses Vatican for details on child abuse cases ~ link ~ What has happened to the Roman Catholic Church over the last 50 years is a classic Illuminati - globalist attack.  I had three cousins who were priests and were friends with many other priests.  But after Vatican II and the 60s, all types of people, many with serious sexual problems, were allowed into the clergy.  It has become so bad that many good men left because they simply could not deal with the immorality anymore.  The majority of people that I have known, who have been sent to prison, have been Catholic priests for sex abuse...and I find that outrageous!  Even more outrageous was the actions of senior members of the clergy (bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and popes) who covered sex crimes against children up and actually facilitated them by moving sexual predators around rather than turning them in.  The current church cannot be reformed without ending mandatory celibacy.  I have joined the Eastern Orthodox Church and our priests are 90-95% married men and we have very few cases of sexual abuse and sexual predators in our clergy.  Until and unless this new pope ends celibacy, I will NOT believe his PR and hype.  Stirling      

Huge python breaks into Queensland charity store ~ link ~ Now that is one big snake!  Stirling    

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