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1 July 2013

Egypt's Army gives parties 48 hours to resolve crisis ~ link ~ The Army is part of the problem.  It is largely bought off by Zionist/globalist directed and controlled American money (over a billion a year in US "aid").  The Egyptian people have woken up to the fact that the Arab Brotherhood is simply a globalist and Zionist front and that their lives have NOT gotten any better since the "Arab Spring" Revolution a year ago!  This reminds me of Abe Lincoln's old saying: "You can fool all of the people some of the time; and some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".  The trouble is the globalists/Zionists are so damn hyper-racist and arrogant that they think they can do anything and lie, steal, and kill and everyone else is so stupid that they will always get by with it.   Stirling   

Biggest protest in Egypt's history: Live Updates - RT ~ link ~ Keep in mind that if the globalists and Zionists, through their front organizations really do lose control of Egypt, that this will throw a real monkey wench into plans for a General Middle East War!!!   Stirling   

Live Webcast from Pre-Coup Egypt ~ linkAlso see ~ link

16 Dead and scores injured as MILLIONS take to Egypt's streets demanding Morsi resignation - with video ~ link ~ Millions spilled out on to the streets of Egypt to demand the resignation of President Mohamed Morsi on the first anniversary of his inauguration, with sporadic outbreaks of violence leaving over a dozen dead and hundreds injured.

 On Monday, protesters stormed and ransacked the Cairo headquarters of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood group. The HQ was the scene of violent overnight clashes between armed pro-government supporters barricaded inside the building and young protesters, who attacked the building with Molotov cocktails and rocks.

People's demands must be says Egypt's military chief ~ link ~ The Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said in a Monday statement that if political forces fail to agree to the popular demands, the military will offer its own road map to end the crisis.
“If the demands of the people are not realized within the defined period, it will be incumbent upon (the armed forces) ... to announce a road map for the future,” said the statement by al-Sisi.

He further said the Egyptian people have expressed their will with “unprecedented” clarity in their nationwide protests, adding, “Wasting more time will lead only to more division ... which we have warned and continue to warn against.” 

Argentina to probe Jewish ex-interior minister over AMIA bombing ~ link ~ Almost all "terrorism" events are False Flag and the most expert at False Flag events is the Israeli Mossad.  They will kill their own people for a PR advantage/story.  But the world is growing wise to this evil crap.  You can bet that the current Argentine government will face more 'problems' as punishment for outing what really happened.   Stirling    

An Argentinean court has ordered the probe of the country's Jewish ex-interior minister for his alleged ties to the AMIA Jewish center bombing which left 85 people dead and hundreds wounded.

The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday that the Federal Appeals Court in the Argentinean capital, Buenos Aires, last week ordered the investigation of Carlos Vladimir Corach for allegedly giving an illegal payment of 400,000 dollars to Carlos Telleldin, an auto mechanic who was among those charged in the 1994 bombing.

According to the report, Telleldin, who is accused of providing the car bomb that blew up the Jewish center, has not been indicted.

The three Appeals Court justices urged Federal Judge Ariel Lijo to probe “the existence of concrete allegations involving Carlos Vladimir Corach, which have not been investigated until now,” the report added

Enjoy your Double Bloomburger ... Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ It stands to reason that these twisted and poisonous snakes will destroy themselves, along with all of those who sold out to them, or were too stupid to ever make a connection between these acolytes of evil and their own unfortunate state. We KNOW that evil destroys itself. What we might not know is that evil comes into full bloom first. Evil raises the menacing specter of it's appearance of power in order to subdue our resistance to it. It is a specter though. It is an insubstantial wraith, whose only real power is its capacity to generate fear in you. It's hard to accept this, I know. It looks like some kind of enormous kraken whose tentacles stretch around the world. It's a shadow, pumped up to enormous proportions by a manipulation of the false light.


Portugal Finance Minister resigns ~ link ~ Rat leaving a sinking ship!   Stirling   

Eurozone Crisis: Portugal's Finance Minister resigns as Greece starts crunch Troika talks ~ link ~ If there were real reporting in the mainstream news media and real politicians representing the voters instead of the bought-and-paid-for/blackmailed clowns in office, Europeans would have long ago revolted and stopped this insane Austerity Fascism, which is nothing but robbing the masses for the benefit of the tiny super-elite.   Stirling     

Bailed-out Portugal's Finance Minister resigns ~ link  ~ Portuguese Finance Minister Vitor Gaspar quit the bailed-out country's government Monday, officials said, amid mounting pressure for the government to ease its austerity policies.
Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva's office announced Gaspar's resignation on its website and said he will be replaced by Secretary of State for the Treasury Maria Luis Albuquerque. Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho's office confirmed Gaspar's departure in an email.

France is plagued by bankruptcy and mass immigration - Marine Le Pen ~ link ~ She, and her father before her, are the only real major opposition leaders in France.  Both the current President and the most recent former President of France are Jewish Rothschild puppets that have done all they can to sell the French nation and people down the river.   Stirling   

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen believes her National Front party is going to come to power later in the decade and vows to overcome the burden of EU unity. Immigration, economic problems, the military, and gay rights all shape her agenda.

We are hunted down in all circumstances because we express an opinion that is different from the one-way track of thinking developed by the European Union,” Le Pen said on RT's SophieCo, believing the institution itself to be deeply undemocratic, and noting a surge in the popularity of patriotic parties across the disillusioned continent.

Le Pen heads up the National Front, France’s third-largest party, and has been making concerted efforts to grab France back from European unity which she argued has not done the country any favors.


Germany to charge UK and USA over spying ~ link ~ This scandal is getting real legs, interesting.   Stirling   

Germany Federal Prosecutor's Office says it is preparing to bring charges against US and British intelligence agencies over large-scale spying operations on EU offices, a new report says.

The British daily The Independent reported on Sunday that Germany’s Office of the Federal Prosecutor is preparing charges following “fresh allegations that the [US and UK secret] services spied far more extensively than thought on German phone and internet traffic.” 

Rio police clash with protesters near Confederation c'up match - with photos ~ link 

North Korea deploys improved artillery on border with South Korea ~ link ~ This gives them longer range and much greater firepower to deliver over the largest metropolitan area in South Korea.  That firepower includes not only fuel air explosives but chemical warheads that could kill millions in the first hour of any war! One more potential War Theater to WWIII 'getting ready'!!!    Stirling      

19 Brave firefighters killed in Arizona firestorm ~ link ~ link ~  May God have mercy on their souls.   Stirling    

Teenager beats tech giants to launch world's first smart watch that makes calls and comes with a built-in camera ~ link ~ When I was a kid, there was a comic series in the Sunday newspaper named Dick Tracy and he was a detective who had a wrist TV phone.  Now half a century or so  later the technology has arrived!   Stirling     



Anonymous said...

Assad is their asset as is Putun and the Iranian Ruking class - the Game goes deeper ur blog

Anonymous said...

Russian Forces to Provide “Security” At US Events

FEMA signs deal with Russian Emergency Situations Ministry to “exchange experts”

As part of a deal signed last week in Washington DC between the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and FEMA, Russian officials will provide “security at mass events” in the United States, a scenario that won’t sit well with Americans wary of foreign assets operating on US soil.

This suggests that events designated as “National Special Security Events” by the Department of Homeland Security, which include the Super Bowl, international summits such as the G8 and presidential inaugurations, will now rely partly on Russian authorities to provide security.


Anonymous said...

Breaking news (17 pm):

Portuguese foreign affairs resigns and more is coming on ...

Anonymous said...

It's quite sure that portuguese governmet falls today, at 20pm, prime minister gives a speech. New election coming next October.

Nightmarish reality because if the socialist party is coming to power again... WOW NO, expenses will increase!!!

Anonymous said...

Portuguese government:
Prime Minister does not resign and will not accept the resignation of the coalition