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     End of Days  
Time Is Running Out

12 July 2013
Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander), Dr. Bill Deagle and Chris Harris on the Nutrimedical Repost Show - audio ~ link ~ Click on "The Nutrimedical Report Thursday July 11 2013 Hour 3"
Egypt prepares for rival Ramadan protests - with video ~ link Supporters and opponents of the ousted Egyptian Islamist President Mohammed Morsi are preparing to stage large rallies in Cairo on the first Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan.
  Mr Morsi's supporters are gathering in their thousands in the east of the city to call for his reinstatement. Those whose mass demonstrations led to his removal by the military last week are expected to mass in Tahrir Square.

Egypt braces for fresh violence on first Friday of Ramadan ~ link ~ More than a week after the ouster of Egypt’s first Islamist president from power, Muslim Brotherhood supporters remain in Rabaa Al-Adawiya square in eastern Cairo to protest against what they view as a “bloody military coup.” The Muslim Brotherhood has called for supporters of the toppled president to take to the streets today to push for his reinstatement, sparking fears of violence. 

Supporters of Mursi’s ouster remain in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square, the symbol of the revolution, backing the military’s intervention and the interim presidency and government that were established earlier this week.

Egypt braced for more protests following prayers on first Ramadan Friday ~ link ~ Cairo is expected to once again see the worst of the violence, as both supporters and opponents of the former leader gather, and there have been nearly non-stop demonstrations at the Republican Guard compound where officials say he is being held.

On Thursday the US warned the interim leadership against “arbitrary arrests” of their political opponents.

Egypt: Duelling protests called for first Friday of Ramadan ~ link ~ The Muslim Brotherhood, the influential group from which Mr Morsi emerged, has vowed to keep protesting until he is reinstated, and has called separate rallies across Cairo. 

Tens of thousands of supporters of Mr Morsi gathered vowing to keep fighting for his reinstatement, as rival rallies defending his overthrow underlined Egypt's bitter divisions. 

Arab aid to Egypt reachs $12 BILLION after Kuwait pledges $4 Billion ~ link ~ How much of this "aid" is designed to bribe the military into staying onboard the Western/Israeli/globalists/GCC course on Syria and Iran and how much is designed to better living conditions for the Egyptian masses?  It is the rapid decline in living conditions in Egypt that is fueling the violence!  I suspose only time will tell us the answer to this.   Stirling    

Reposting from yesterday; My comments below  cover a little known aspect to the rise of China as a great manufacturing and economic power and who this has led us down the path that is destroying the Middle Class in North America, Europe and elsewhere:
Saudi ballistic missiles pointed at Israel and Iran ~ link ~ These are Chinese IRBM (intermediate range ballistic missiles) missiles with Pakistan manufactured nukes!!!  The Saudis paid for a large part of the Pakistan nuclear weapons program and received a few nukes in return.  The story on the Chinese IRBMs (which were liquid fueled but have been converted to solid fuel) is most interesting.  More than anything, it was the Chinese selling IRBMs to the Arabs that caused a 'deal' with the Zionist dominated West.  In return for no further such sales (and nuclear weapons sales) the West began shipping its manufacturing plants, with the latest technology, to mainland China and purchasing most consumer goods from the Peoples Republic.  This became the 'Greatest Mass Transfer of Wealth in Human History' more earth-changing event tied to the West doing Israel's bidding!!!  Of course, it has led to the denuding of most domestic industrial capacity in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc., and the gradual destruction of the Middle Class in all these nations!!!   Stirling     

Key "Free Syrian Army" rebel killed by Islamist group - with video ~ link ~ Ever notice how lately we are seeing a parade of media coverage on radical Islamist groups in Syria, Egypt, etc.  Before you have a proper 'fight to the finish' war with a nation/s you have to learn to fear and hate them.  It seems like the Christians are being educated to fear and hate this 2013 rising Islamist 'danger'...getting the Christians and Muslims to kill one who might want to do that???   Stirling   

Syrian "civil war" in disarray after "Al Qaeda" militants assassinate "rebel" leader, whose followers immediately vow revenge ~ link ~ Such a nice group of fellows...from the bowels of Hell itself!   Stirling   

And now they Want the Temple Rebuilt ~ link ~ That is one sure fire way to start World War III.   Stirling    
Haaretz reported today that one third of Israeli Jews want the Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem.

Apparently dozens of movements in Israel are attempting to change the status quo at  Haram Ash-Sharif, widely considered the third holiest site in Islam.  They aim towards a resurrection of the Jewish Temple at the site.   Some are reconstructing ceremonial objects used in the Temple in the past, while others are making practical preparations for its rebuilding, including a renewal of animal sacrifice. Others deal in political lobbying and with encouraging Jews to visit the Mount.

With Glass-Steagall Revival: A Call to Bust Up the Megabanks ~ link ~ US Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and others on Thursday introduced a new bill that revives the call to bust up the nation’s largest banks and financial institutions by once again demanding a separation between the traditional banking practices of savings and loans from the far more riskier behavior taken on by large investment, complex trading, and hedge fund operations.

The legislation, called the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act, is designed as the modern version of the Banking Act of 1933 (the original Glass-Steagall) whose repeal in 1999 many credit with ushering in the banking deregulations that spawned the housing crisis and financial collapse of 2008.  

Confirmed: Fracking triggers Quakes and Seismic Choas ~ link ~ All because of the mad quest for oil and natural gas...which would not be in demand at all if a number of free/almost free enegy devices and technologies had not been suspressed by the globalists who own Big Oil!!!   Stirling    

The fight over Food Stamps explained ~ link ~ Only the most narastic jerks would want to mess with people's Food Stamps in the middle of a economic depression!!!  Stirling    

House Republicans have dropped funding for food stamps and other nutritional programs from the Farm Bill – historically about 80 percent of the funding’s legislation.
It’s a move that upsets decades of political compromise on agriculture policy. How did we get here? What does it mean? And why do food stamps matter?

When did truth become a Conspiracy Theory ~ link ~ When the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists got control of 96% of the American mainstream news media!!!   Stirling     

10 Reasons why Obama has Lost the Element of Surpise to Use a Crisis to Bring in Martial Law ~ link ~ In my opinion. I do not see President Obama finishing his second term. I do think the election fraud committed did not reflect the real will of the people. The new scandals that are revealed daily in the alternative media and a reluctant mainstream press shows the dam is bout to break. This shows the desperation of the White House to distract the public with a war or a false flag attack  to divert attention away from the corruption in his administration. He is trying to catch people off guard to regain the moral high ground to and to restore confidence in his leadership.He is so exposed as a Chicago style thug and authoritarian trying to deceive the people.Because he has been caught, he has lost the ability to the savior rising in on a white horse when he created the crisis to begin with.

Here are the 10 reasons why Obama has lost the element of surprise and will not get away with trying to bring in a Police State.

Human-Animal Hybrids: Sick and twisted Chimeras are being created in labs all over the planet ~ link ~ Playing foolish and evil can you get!!!  Stirling     

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