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"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "The Gulag Archipelago" (1973)
We are living in a propaganda matrix that is controlled by a tiny demonic global banking elite.  Their almost total control of the mainstream news media and most politicians allows them to do all types of PsyOps that in a normal society would 'never fly'.  Stirling     

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Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare

World War III is close.

The Boston Massacre, 2013-Inevitable Blowback, Bibi's Gift to an Insolent America, or Both? ~ link ~ Do read all of this one at the link!   Stirling   

And we can be rest assured there were (are) individuals whose interests were served that day in Boston, individuals who needed the carnage, chaos and everything in between to take place in the same way a dentist needs tooth decay to stay in business...

In fact, it can be accurately said that virtually the entire planet, weary from war and ready to move on to other issues such as life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness did not benefit from this latest event in any fashion…
…The entire world that is, except for one tiny section of highly-contested real estate lying along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean calling itself the Jewish state.
Ahhhh, an interesting development, surely. 2 individuals of Islamic persuasion and Russian nationality carrying out an act of terror in what is historically the birthplace of America, at a time when Israel is screeeeeeching like a Banshee for war against countries such as Syria, Iran, and possibly Russia, simultaneous to the American war machine beginning to sputter and stall…

Let us have no illusions then about this, i.e. Boston and its immediate aftermath. In places such as the United States and Europe, well-scripted political terrorism (coupled with plenty of special effects and riveting dialogue) is as necessary for the health of the Jewish state as fresh blood is to vampires. Anything–and especially anything ‘dramatic’–leading to an increased hatred for Muslims and thus the continued ‘clash of civilizations’ between Judaism’s 2 biggest competitors only augments Israel’s political viability and strength...

And of all the players involved in this, the one who is the most dangerous, the one most likely to engage in such behavior and with the most motive and means of carrying out something like Boston was none other than–
(drum role please)
Benjamin Netanyahu…
Yes, the same ‘Bibi’ who crowed how wonderful it was that 3,000 Americans lost their lives on 9/11 because of the political currency that would inevitably land in Israel’s savings account as a result. The same religious nutcase with a doomsday mindset and with the weapons of mass destruction to bring it all about who has not let a day go by without warning the world of the dire consequences of religious nutcases with a doomsday mindset getting hold of weapons of mass destruction…
The same Bibi who recently stated that the West–including those in Boston, Massachusetts–would be at war with ‘radical Islam’ for the rest of the 21st century…

What a Judaically-hypnotized world needs to understand about all this is that Netanyahu, despite his skill as a shape-shifter in appearing as an educated, sane human being when the cameras are on, nevertheless in essence is nothing more than a wild animal in an expensive suit. As mad as any rabid dog in the latter stages of its affliction, he is the political equivalent of the canine monster featured in the movie Cujo tearing a car to pieces in order to tear to pieces the woman and child hiding within it...

In short, Nutty Netty and the Likud government which he heads are the equivalent of silver-screen psychopaths all have come to know over the years from such films as Fatal Attraction, Cape Fear and/or Stephen King’s Misery all rolled into one, and with a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons that give teeth to this peculiar brand of messianic madness...
Aside from this however, the question that rookie investigators out to solve the mystery of the Boston Massacre need to ask is this–Was the threat to do bodily harm to the collective body of the United States not precisely the message that mad dog Milikovsky (Netanyahu’s original family name) conveyed just a few months prior to the bombings in Boston, where on the floor of the UN General Assembly he held up the infamous cartoon drawing of the bomb with the lit fuse, a bomb that looked an awful lot like the ‘pressure cooker’ bombs said to have caused all the murder and mayhem in Boston?
Indeed it was, and despite the fact that the entire world was laughing at what appeared on the surface to be cartoonish stage props, the fact is that it was a carefully-crafted warning to the world’s leaders that things were about to blow if he did not get his way…

And because of all this, Netanyahu looks like a shmuck and a shlemiel in front of his people worldwide, and the result of THIS is that his people–equally embarassed–are kvetching and breathing down his neck on a continual basis that goes something like this–
‘Bibi, baby, WTF??? The shwartze…da monkey in the White House–He’s makin’ a monkey outta you and makin monkeys outta da resta us…Why you lettin’ him do dis Bibi? Da Gentiles–day laughin at us every day… Very bad for bizniss Bibi, very bad…Gotta do somtin…somtin soon…’


Syrian War: US condemns Siege of Quasir ~ link ~ Of course it does ... but it was America and the West who caused the War in the first place and who continue the War with vast amounts of money and weapons and support for the hired mercenaries that they have flooded into Syria.  Stirling   

The US has condemned the Syrian military's attack on Qusair, a strategic town over which it gained control after a bloody siege.

The White House also called on Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah to withdraw fighters from Syria, where they have been helping government troops. 

Eight missiles "from" Syria hit in Lebanon ~ link ~ Most likely shot by the "rebels" (foreign mercenaries) at Hezbollah targets, as part of a strategy to expand the Syrian War into Lebanon.   Stirling    

How the Corporate News Media Spins the Story of the Turkish Protests and Intentionally Misses the Point ~ link ~ Every single corporate media outlet misses the point of the Turkish protests, subtly belittles the anti fascist movement, and claims the primary instigator of this was a park being demolished for a shopping mall.

Turkish situation proves slaves will be brutally punished or killed if disobedient ~ link ~ It is a big shock for everyone to realize the truth that, just like Syria, if the Turkish or the US population rose up a bit more than they are and became even more determined, then the tear gas, pepper spray and brutality would certainly turn into bullets, that is the way it is and has always been over millenia, except now it seems a little more sophisticated and people have been convinced that they are living in a democracy, but it is almost the complete opposite. It is a bitter pill to swallow and a painful realization for people to accept they had been controlled, manipulated and convinced that they were free, when in truth they were slaves to their government masters.
Democracy denotes freedom, and the people of this planet under the ruling oligarchs have oppression and slavery not freedom. There is no doubt that we are witnessing the awakening of human beings from a sort of amnesia, a great re membering from a dis membering, and the more the people wake up and realize they are trapped, the more they struggle and try to be free, and the more they struggle and try to be free the more the strangling hands of the tyrannical governments tighten their grip, because this system operates on debt and control of the population, not freedom. The system relies on slavery, and the slaves are waking up, ironically it is the brutality of the slavery which is waking us up. –

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan set to return as protests continue - with video ~ link ~ Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is to return to Turkey as mass protests against his government continue. Mr Erdogan has completed a three-day tour of North Africa as demonstrators turned out in Ankara and other cities, many calling for him to quit.

Turkish police in fresh tear gassing of anti-government protesters in Ankara ~ link ~ On Wednesday, thousands of protesters including union workers gathered near Kizilay square in the city and clashed with riot police who responded with tear gas.

Two major trade union confederations also started a two-day strike on Tuesday. The strike, which involves 600,000 union members, is a major public support for the protesters who are standing their ground despite police harsh crackdown.

Since Friday, tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrations have been held in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Mugla, Antalya, and many other cities and towns.

Thousands protest austerity measures in Spain, Portugal and Germany ~ link ~ On Saturday thousands have taken to the streets of Spain, Germany and Portugal to protest austerity measures in the debt stricken nations.  Protesters could be seen carrying banners saying, “No more cuts” and “Screw the Troika,” referring to the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the groups that bailed out a number of European Union nations.

Document reveals Verizon ordered to give NSA information on ALL US PHONE CALLS in Verizon System ~ link ~ Just in case you had some doubts about the Police State having arrived in America: IT HAS!!!    Stirling    

Monsanto: Boycotting the Criminal Pesticide Corporation that Makes Your Food ~ link ~ A brief history of Monsanto, and how to avoid giving money to the criminal corporation that is responsible for the mutation of Vietnamese people, the cancer that killed people from the pollution they caused in Alabama, and many other atrocities.

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