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Holy Shroud of Turin
Global markets crashing ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~link ~ link ~ link What happens tomorrow???  The wheels are beginning to at least wobble if not outright come off!!!  Stirling     
MERS SARS-CoV-like KSA Surveillance Concerns ~ link Description of the Outbreak
Between April 1 and May 23, 2013, a total of 23 confirmed cases of human infection with MERS-CoV were identified in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia (Fig. S1 in the Supplementary Appendix). All confirmed cases and 11 probable cases were part of a single outbreak involving four health care facilities (Figure 1)...
The paper clearly shows that MERS-CoV is readily transmitted to patients and HCWs and the number of infected contacts is markedly higher than the small number of confirmed cases.  Many of these additional cases would be identified through antibody testing, as was seen in the Jordan ICU outbreak, which would also significantly lower the CFR, which is much higher in KSA than the Jordan ICU cluster or onward transmission cases outside of the Middle East.

The paper provides dramatic evidence for similarities between the spread of MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV in 2003, and raises serious concerns about potential infections and spread linked to Umrah associated with Ramadan beginning July 9, as well as the Hajj in KSA in October.
MERS SARS-CoV-like Outbreaks in Al Hasa Hospitals ~ link ~ Although the index case is listed as having acquired MERS-CoV in the community, family members cite the hospital as the origin.  The levels of MERS-CoV circulating in humans is orders of magnitude higher than the confirmed cases, which is also supported by the export of cases from the Middle East to England, France, Tunisia, and Italy.

Thus, this cluster helps explain why the case fatality rate is 82% in KSA.  The biased testing of hospital cases and limited detection of milder cases has produced a CFR that is markedly higher than the Jordan ICU outbreak or the onward transmission cases in England, France, Tunisia, and Italy.

Similarly, the multiple transmission chains support sustained transmission, which WHO describes as "seemingly sporadic". 


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