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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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 28/29 June 2013

Netanyahu and Kerry meet in Jerusalem ~ link ~ Translation: PM of Israel ... the man most likely to begin World War III ... and the Jewish Pro-Israel US Secretary of State meet to fleece the goy once again.  In American anymore, it is everything for the global banksters and for Israel and screw the American people!!!   Stirling   

US providing Israel with more arms ~ link ~ Sometimes we say it is aid, sometimes we say 'we are selling the arms' but we provide the money, and sometimes we say we are just 'keeping our arms' in Israel as a forward deployed arsenal.  Bottom line, America has spent hundreds of millions giving the best high technology weapons to tiny Israel because AIPAC and others bribe and blackmail our corrupt Senators and Congressmen.  In fact we have spent several times more on Israel than what we ever spent on the entire US Space Program!!!  This amounts to one of the greatest rip-off in history.  Stirling    

Woolwich message: Britons face grim legacy of 'peacekeeping' - with video ~ link ~ Let me make this very clear: The Woolwich "Attack" was a very poor FAKE ... it was a False Flag scam ... The man who was shown with blood on his hands ... and hands only ... from cutting a living man's head off in broad daylight on a public street ... is a poor and total fraud.   First off, such a decapitation ... if it were real ... would have sprayed the man with vast amounts of blood.  As it was, several frames later in the video ... which was NOT shown on television ... showed that the man's hands did NOT have blood on them ... it was electronically added to the early frames.  Also, the body (if it was a body) in the street did NOT have any pool of blood or any blood running down the street.  Sorry but that is simply NOT what happens when you decapitate a living adult sized human being.  In real life there is a LOT OF BLOOD and BLOOD EVERYWHERE!   The lying bastards don't even care to make a good effort to bullshit us, figuring that a high percentage of the population are so stupid or willfully ignorant that they will buy anything they say/do.   Stirling      

Are Al-Qaeda's Lebanese Affiliates Opening a Lebanese Front in the Syrian War? ~ link ~ The globalists/Zionists want a Regional War and World War III and want it soon, so the answer is a likely yes.   Stirling      

The US and its allies are working inside Lebanon to open a new front in the Syrian conflict. Lebanon has been sedated into a state of limbo by the lack of a government and the postponing of its parliamentary elections. Complicating matters, many institutional figures and military commanders have gone into retirement and the caretaker government is unable to replace them.

Hezbollah’s intervention into the Syrian conflict has given a boost to the Syrian government against the anti-government forces trying to overrun Syria.

This has turned the attention of the US and its allies onto Lebanon as a new arena of battle. Rockets are also being launched by anti-government forces from Syria, and even from inside Lebanon, against Hezbollah’s political strongholds and against Shia Muslim villages. The goal is to ignite the flames of sedition between Shiites and Sunnis inside Lebanon.

Mandela's passing the looming threat of a race war against South Africa's whites ~ link ~ The sad truth is that Mandela and the forces that he unleashed did NOT help the black South African.  Across the board the blacks have seen their economic situation deteriorate since Mandela took over years ago.  That fact, may not be politically correct, but sadly it is true.  There were a number of ways to empower the black majority while preserving the economy and legal rights of the whites, but the globalists had no intention of this happening.  What you are now seeing in South Africa, once a very rich nation, collapsing into utter chaos, with mass migration out of the nation, it the result of deliberate destruction by the Global Banking Cartel and Zionists.   Stirling  

Iran and Russia to hold joint Navy drills in the Caspian Sea ~ linkThe Russian and Iranian navies are planning to hold joint exercises in the Caspian Sea in the second half of this year, a Russian military commander said Friday.

Nikolai Yakubovsky, deputy commander of Russia’s Caspian Flotilla, made the announcement after a meeting with the commander of a group of Iranian guided-missile boats that were visiting the port of Astrakhan.

'New York Times' profile of group bent on sanctioning Iran fails to mention Israeli connections ~ link ~ The entire World is being led to utter destruction in the coming Third World War by a tiny minority and a much smaller global banksters elite.  Stirling    

Indefinite Detention is Patently Unconstitutional ~ link ~ OF COURSE IT IS!!!  That is part of the point of doing it, to trash the US Constitution and bring about a fascist police state in America, as part of the drive towards a satanic New World Order.   Stirling     


Legal Experts - Lets be clear: What NSA is doing is CRIMINAL ~ link ~ Also see this video ~ linkAnd now it is 'in your face'.  And you 'can't stop them'...that is the message the fascists want you to get!!!   Stirling     

How far will Obama go to 'Save the "Insurgency"'? ~ link ~ Obama is but a 'Front Man' ... the real question is 'what will his puppeteers have him do'?   Stirling    

Four people, including US citizens, killed in Egypt ~ link ~ I think that many Egyptians are realizing that the so-called Arab Brotherhood is simply another front for the CIA/Mossad.   Stirling      
Four people, including one US citizen, have been killed across Egypt during clashes between tens of thousands of opponents and supporters of President Mohamed Morsi, according to Egyptian security and hospital sources.

The sources said that an Egyptian protester and a young US cameraman were killed in the deadly clashes in the port city of Alexandria on Friday.

They stated that the Egyptian was shot and the American was stabbed in the chest near the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was set on fire by anti-government protesters.

More than 160 people were also injured during the clashes in Alexandria, Health Ministry spokesman Yahya Moussa said.

According to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, one person was killed in Morsi’s hometown, Zagazig.

One demonstrator was killed and five were others wounded after a gas cylinder exploded among protesters in the northeastern city of Port Said.

The Brotherhood said anti-government protesters had attacked and ransacked eight of its offices across the country.

In the capital Cairo, tens of thousands of pro- and anti-government protesters held separate demonstrations. The protests largely remained peaceful in Tahrir Square, around the Defense Ministry and in front of the presidential palace.

Earlier in the day, Egypt's leading clerics warned of "civil war" and appealed for calm as tension grew ahead of mass rallies planned by opposition to unseat Morsi. 

Massive protests grip Egypt amid 'growing security crisis' - with video ~ link ~ I believe that future historians will look back on this as one of several preliminarily WWIII events between the two sides: The Global Banking Cartel - Zionist Alliance and the Russian/China/Iran/non-Zionist Axis.  Guns and various weapons are being used by the protesters.  Stirling    

Tens of thousands of supporters and opponents of President Morsi join protests across Egypt with violent clashes between the rival parties reported in Alexandria, where police used tear gas as at least two people were killed and nearly 90 injured.
Security forces used tear gas to break up clashes between rival protesters in Alexandria, according to MENA news agency. According to Minister of Health Mohamed Mostafa Hamed, 88 people were injured there. One man died after being shot into the head. 
France "struggles" with recession, high youth joblessness ~ link ~ The French people are doing the struggling, not the bought-and-paid-for political whores/political class.  They have the second Jewish Rothschild puppet President in a row.  The French people are being destroyed along with the rest of Europe and North America for the demonic New World Order!!!   Stirling    
Rick Santalli: Europe's Road to Insolvency - video ~ link  

The Process of QE-Driven Bubble Bursting Has Begun ~ link ~ Global Derivatives Market Has Already Suffered A Staggering $300 Trillion of Losses, Fed Lost $151 Billion in Bond Values, Gold Drops Below $1,200, Smart Money Is Heading For The Exits!!!

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Anonymous said...

Russians now retract and deny the statement about the evac from syria.

June 27.

So what gives? How can such disinformation be spread with such speed and precision? :)

It will be a while untill the real senders of such a message will be revealed.